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Continue Slideshow Teairra has been getting humiliated every season by a man. She was too angry at Teairra for her to supposedly be ok with Tee being the 3rd place. Ummm Teairra I don't think you should be admitting to breaking Akbar's car windows on camera sis…. LHHH Teairra and this acting… pic. Teairra said she is hiding from the public. Power couple offer fans incredible opportunity to train with the fitness buffs T 'It's only possessions!


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Back in the US, we find Apple working on her relationship with her formerly absent father.

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Apple asks him for advice about working with Shun Love. Who knows, but anyway, Sex Apple seems mighty interested in what Apple is doing the minute she mentions that she is considering signing a contract with Shun Love.

However, we all know what show this is so we all know that Papa Apple decides to go see Shun Love anyway. Brooke reiterates that she thought Moniece was akbar passing out and even tells Moniece that she jacked her song. Moniece said that she had switched doses of some medication and it messed her up and tape tells Brooke to take the song and flourish.

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Teairra shows up just as Moniece is chatting about her. Someone was sitting behind their car recording this entire thing. This is nuts. Teairra says she did still love him and that she went for closure only to find out that he was just trying to finesse her so that she would drop the lawsuit.

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Then she says this is none of their business anyway. Because if you recall, TT dragged them into it and some of them were even at the press conference.

Nikki confronts Solo Lucci at the studio to confront him about the rumors he has been spreading about sleeping with her.