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Remember when Ramona Singer said that one of her friend's naked photos surfaced, and her daughter, Avery Singerheard about them at school from one of her classmates as her whole beef with Bethenny Frankel about her past nude scene in a movie began?

Well, Real Housewives of New York City fans, we now know who that friend is, and she's someone near and dear to our hearts. As you may recall, Ramona memorably walked off the set of Janet mason 's Season 1 reunion as Alex discussed her photo shoot in the buff that had recently come to light, visibly upset about the revelation.

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She goes, 'Mom, people are showing me naked pictures of this woman that you're with on this new show it was our first seasonand they're all asking me about it," Ramona recalled on WWHL. I mean, then, 10 years ago, my God, I was, like, frigid. Alex, who made her triumphant return to the Bravo Clubhouse Wednesday night, then asked Ramona if she thought that dinner in the Hamptons with the RHONY crew this season would be "the perfect time" to bring up something from Bethenny's past.

But it makes me laugh.

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It really does. Here are excerpts from their recent interview : One of the hardest things you probably had to deal with last season was the nude photos of you that got out there. Edit Delete.

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Sonja Morgan Permalink: I used to be classy, now I'm trashy. Hours spent in trying to find the gallery or any photos showing nudity only came up with deleted pages and errors.

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It's a safe guess Alex and hubby Simon van Kempen might have gotten their lawyers involved. A number of photos from the shoot were however found, though Alex's bits and pieces are covered up with stars, smiley faces etc, you still get the idea of what the photos look like. Those are below and slightly NSFW.