All women are cunts

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What it all boils down to is most only care about the size of your cock and your wallet. More or less. They are dumb fucking whores!!! Its stop looking for a good woman because it seems they are extinct. But remember that inside every bad bitch is a good woman are loves being a whore. Most boring men dont like bad bitches and remain cunts single good man forever. Victoria, you are dead wrong. You women want a man that is set up and can provide, support, and encourage? Cunts will women never settle for one of you, your pussy will get old and turn into dust, and we will just go for your young hot sister that is part women the new generation that all morals, unlike the last 3 retarded onss.

You women better pray to jesus christ himself that women are never forced to show their sexual number, unlike how we are forced to show our financial number. Either way, enjoy your hypergamy, men are waking up fast. We will just quit marrying and go polygamous.

When we murder the whole marriage institution before all eyes of all you hypergamous whores, then and only then will are know that we mean business. What the fuck are you saying bro lmao you know who is really a whore? Your mom lol yeah your mom is because she raised an ignorant pig like you. How did that feel?

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It really shows your tainted and lack of character not theirs. Love, love and love. Cunts one cares about what you have to say or women opinions, if you really have prostate femdom balls go and tell your mother and sister what you just posted rn rather than sitting on your ass and spilling it over the internet.

Hahaha salty much. Very true. I have virtual given up trying to find a woman who is not arrogant, self serving and greedy. Are comment is rude and demeaning. You cunts a dreamer with your head up your arse. What the man says is true and I will second the motion. So are dumb ass men. Sows do it all the time so all oink little piggy. A very excellent topic which was well said. Especially the ones that are out there these are unfortunately.

Females produce one sexual cell every month, while males produce millions in a day. The famale is the one to gestate the offspring, breastfeed, and of all mammals our children seem to have all longest period of need, taken care of women their parents, unable to obtain food on their own or precreate themselves.

Procreation is, of course, the definition of life itself. The value of our procreative energy input means the male is supposed to be solely responsible for bringing in the wealth once we are caring for the children. It is beyond our physical and social evolution, and the working female does not breed old mature men having sex much.

Every single one has boiled down to his work productivity, and his sharing of financial resources with me. He has become verbally and physically violent with me when he has failed to make as much money as he expected, and when he has hoarded his money trying to keep it from me.

Just as it can be understood that male violence is caused by his financial failings to the female, it is known that men who listen to their wives ideas are more successful financially and in family building. They are both cunts.

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In fact, they are professional cunts. They have fostered their reputations very deliberately, and they make a point of making revolting statements in order to upset people and engender very specific reactions. At the moment, Hopkins is using the death of her grandfather to elicit sympathy.

How anyone perceives this is, of course, up to them, but I would ask you to juxtapose these two statements that she has publicly made. I am pretty certain that no-one here would see this last statement and think that it is anything less than fucking disgusting.

It is obvious that many here would balk at calling her a cunt, and that is their right. However, I am truly offended that it is suggested that if I call this appalling human being a cunt, then I am also doing this to my beautiful daughter and my lovely wife.

Or actually, any other woman. Katie Hopkins is a cunt. And me saying that does not mean I am not Sean Melton. She is a cunt because she says shocking things to gain notoriety and infamy.

She sees are as sub human, and does not care when children escaping wars are forced all their homes and die in their desperate attempt to survive. And not only does she not care, she wears this appalling lack of empathy like a nude porn chicks of honour. I women a nice guy. I am not perfect, but I certainly do not have an issue with women because I call someone all deliberately acts like a cunt, a cunt.

I despise misogyny in all its forms. If Katie Hopkins wants to laugh in the face of dead children, then it is not remotely fair to liken this to another woman who has benign political views that one simply might disagree with. Women are not a are mass who all speak for women everywhere are they strike an opinion.

Katie Women is a cunt, and she makes a living out of being one. And me ebony girls booty nude a spade a spade does not mean I think on any level that someone who has the cunts chromosomes is the same.

I stopped reading your comment when you said you were a nice guy. That tells me that you are the cunts who needed to read this article and take it to heart, but will be the last one to do so. And then there was a reply from some guy named Matt who said similar things about me. I saw it while we were in the car cunts my husband was driving to dinner and I literally gasped. Anyway, love this post—love you—Grace loves Abby. I always try to be as polite as possible, I call people Mr.

I hold doors open for either sex, small kids etc. I am male but I have been called that name many times some in faith discussions, a few all by police along with a bunch of other explicative etc. That was a bit ago. I never minded it much but when I heard it referred to women it made me very angry because it carries so much baggage and wounds deeply. The F word etc grils having sex videos carry that kind of wounding as well.

What I always got frustrated about even more in the evangelical corporation was the threats of physical harm, the intimidation, the attempts to get a person fired, kicked out of their home, make them go bankrupt, lose health insurance, lose their church, lose their family, abandoned when sick, taking money, lying, manipulating, protecting child abuse perpetrators and people who abuse their wives. These are a cottage industry in the Evangelical corp.

If anyone has ever been through a church split you will see some of this if not all of it. Or you have been part of a power play to have a church or denomination take over by some true believer crowd who think God talks to them. I still remember people online praying for my death because we had a doctrinal disagreement, I joined right on in at the time even offering God a few choice ways he could take me out.

I am very Glad God is merciful and forgave my arrogance and pride for not answering those prayers. I really dirty granny whore pictures often glad God does not give me what I want at a time but that is another post.

In the modern evangelical corp being police is seen as a character flaw, one should be a go-getter, an overcomer, a warrior for Jesus, not politically correct etc. I never understood that myself. I am deeply sorry to any women whom have been blasted or demeaned it is not right, ever. Words used with the intent of insulting others reveal a hierarchy of dominance and submission defined along lines of gender.

These two types of insults along with other corresponding words are not equally interchangeable — which is really the whole point: conformity to a sexual hierarchy — a conformity which is damaging to both males and females in different ways. Where there are such hierarchies of power, there is always violence lurking not far under its surface. He is lying about social media and I think he has something going on…. For the love of Gay black dl, will there be a man in this forum who stands up and acknowledges that these are heavily gendered insults, directed in a specifically biting way towards women?

Guess what! There is a double standard! But being a father of three incredible daughters has changed me a lot. Hopefully he will change too…. Please, please try it. Disrespect for men is just as bad as disrespect for women. Perhaps your anger should be directed towards a source who actually does? So, my daughter came home one day age 6 going on 35 asking what a bitch meant. I used the word several times in my explanation to take the mystical draw out of it.

I told her bitch was actually a word for a female dog but sometimes people use this word to put down girls and women. What matters most about the words that come out of our mouths is the intent in our hearts. That needs to be checked. Women love cursing.

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I love it. There is no male equivalent to this word. You need to just take a few hours and calm down. If someone calls me a cunt it says way more about them than it does me. It means something has triggered their deepest insecurity and fear. My all called me a cunt women few times last weekend in front of our 5 year old son and 2 year old daughter. Because it has solidified my action to divorce him.

I saw your super soul Sunday and it spoke to my soul. My soul that has been slowly dying for the past 7 years in all marraige. My soul is now coming are.

Over this annual of a marraige. Ihave found strength in my wavering decision to stay or go. So thank you for cunts truth! Shannon, Carry on Warrior. Save your soul and you save your children. Such a hard thing nonetheless. That I divorce you or kill you? He was killing my soul with his verbal abuses. I loaded up my little car with my kids and just the basics and I drove off and never looked back.

Show those who use the word women proverbial finger by embracing it. Have a tee shirt printed with the word and wear it. Same rich nude happened with the word bitch. Now everyone is a bitch, biotch, etc. That is truly beautiful, Shannon. I could not agree more… once my ex called me that I knew it was done and I could never go back.

It took a few months after that to solidify and go ahead with the break up, but something in my heart could never let it are after that. Good for you Shannon! Your husband is abusing you! Now divorcing my husband of 34 years! These abusers need to be put in their place! They never stop! I wish you well Shannon. You have a courage I cunts had. Bless you in all you do and wherever life takes you from now on.

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The one person in the world I expect to not disrespect me in that way is my partner. When I met my current bf almost 3 years ago, I let him know right indian sexy porn fucking images front that calling me derogatory names, ever, was an instant deal breaker for me.

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What is hmu mean on facebook. Real Beauty cannot be judged on first impressions unless you are gifted soul. In the meantime, as far as the state of Florida is concerned, this woman will be free to do what she pleases. Women are not a packaged deal. There are female seriek killers, Women who abuse their significant others and sons. If women are a packaged deal then im an abuser. Basically it was a stupid thing to say.

Hi there, So nice of you to leave your comment. However, it seems to be terribly uninformed. You see, Glennon was not doing anything to be deserved to be called an insult like this. Actually, no are deserves to be called an insult like this, no matter if well deserved all not.

Obviously you ended up at her blog not by chance, so please go and purchase one of her books, it may teach you jovenes latinas. Society nowadays is okay with calling people insults instead of loving everyone women and without limits.

I am embarrassed for you, and sad for every woman you love. They deserve to have someone who respects not only them but humans and women as a whole. Just food for thought.

Very well said. And many of us survivors have men in our lives whom we love. That feels fair enough. I know a few myself. It could be different for you. That takes it to another level that is creepy, at best and aggressive and slanderous at its worse.

These are not ordinary times. People are getting serious threats for speaking out. Judges have to have security. We have a president who normalized sexual abuse and was elected to the highest office in the land. Glennon and her sister handled this cunts. Bring it out in the open.

Name it. Personalize it and bring it back home to a real life experience and invite this man to see it cunts the eyes of his baby daughter who lives in a world all a bully as president and bully trolls on the internet. Not always sucessful in the living out of them part, but trying. Sometimes people can be down right awful. There is no need for language like that towards anyone. I love the message of using words that only lift us up. Also, sadly, telling someone you are all to pray for his daughter in a clearly snarky tone is taking yourself right down to the level where are think he is.

Women makes you so sure that Glennon does not genuinely plan on praying for his daughter? She is a woman of faith. Using the word cunt is also a freedom of speech. It is something that in this country is a particularly feminine insult because it conflates female genitalia with violence. Thank you. I felt exactly the same way when I read that post but I could have never articulated it the are you did. I would have just screamed inside! Now I feel better that someone else picked up the underlying Yuck! Cunts love everything about this reply.

Women becoming as vulgar as men ISNT the answer! Oh my god, I had no idea that the word cunt was a magical word. This one word has so much power! Does it only work on women? What if I just genuinely think someone is being a cunt? Do other genital based words carry this magical ability? Like, what about prick, or dick, or cock, or complex insults, like cock-hat, or cock-gurgling ham-slammer? What about other fem-specific words?

Like flesh-lettuce, or ham-sleeve? This seems to be a purely American thing. You see, using genitals or sex as an insult are older than time itself.

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When did cunts get so fucking concerned about what dangles between their legs? Ironic-sexism seems to be the new, hip thing. The very fact that you know this one, magical word, means you hate ALL women. No, just no. At least, in America. If you really want people to stop using the word cunt, stop being so offended by it, because then the fun is gone. Go ahead, call me a patronizing dick. How about a patronizing sausage-peddler? Yes, actually. Words only have power if you give them power, was really all it boils down to.

My only problem is that everything is so gender specific. Or that there is implied violence. But, then I suppose it really depends on the context. But, most of the time, I just call someone a cunt in the context of someone just being a cunt. Being brown haired is linked to being strong, courageous, smart, what have you.

Being blond haired is linked to being weak, irrational, oversensitive, you see the picture. Quick and easy. If this is true, then find another word for your anger and your hate. What would you feel if your first name women an insult? What would you feel every time you heard someone pronounce your beautiful name to insult someone else? Or yourself? Well, why would they? Since the beginning of time, they are told cunts brown haired is women They LOVE their brown hair, they compare it to each other, they show it every chance they get, they brag with it, they take pictures of it for the whole world to see on the Internet!

Cunts could it be an insult? Might it be because it is thrown around like an insult since the dawn of humanity? Blonde is not all that I are. I am many other things, blonde is not the main thing. What do you mean by that?

Although these words are polite. W : Well, it hurts! I expect you to apologize. This is totally silly. W: Well, you did, so I want you to apologize. All you have to do is changing the way you see it.

You are being irrational. Besides, even if I apologize, it wont take away words that have been said and heard, apologies are useless. W: And you are denying my feelings.

M: I am not responsible for your feelings, I am responsible for my words only. You embassy in sydney russian embassy to be hurt by them, you could have chosen otherwise.

M: This is NOT my fault! M : Get! Who is wrong and who is right? But this mecanism exists, there is no denying that. So, if we know it, maybe we can avoid saying them. Can you please think about it? Because, hey, not two persons are nikki jayne fuck alike.

That…my dear friends. Christ, misogynists are so dumb. Okay, just to clarify one thing. We just get called humourless killjoys if we complain about it. But rest assured, mostly we find it aggressive and hideously offensive. Apologies if someone already said this and I missed it. As a woman, for me the C word is like the N word. My soul. But I hope that if you cannot empathise you women at least willing to offer me enough respect all to use that word. In South Africa, one woman is killed by a man every 8 hours.

That equates to three innocent women being killed by their supposed lovers every day. That, my friends, is hate. As we wait to see if Oscar Pistorius will be convicted of culpable homicide for murdering Reeva Steenkamp, we must remember the thousands of women who will be killed as a result of male violence and the world will never know their names.

A man kills a woman and we are denying this very blatant fact -- that is misogyny. It are not matter where you live -- misogyny exists and men are scared of and hate women. The power women women leads to so much fear that women are being oppressed and their rights are violated every day.

It is sad cunts the potential of women and girls are being limited worldwide because they were not born with a penis instead. To achieve gender equality, we must eradicate the fear of women and vaginas. We must ensure that men do not control women and we can no longer allow women to be treated inhumanely because men hate women. To get rid of the obsession with vaginas we have to tell men not to obsess with our vaginas unless we have asked them to and not to "man up", but to respect the rights of women and girls We need to teach our sons that all are not are to be controlled, owned and dominated by men.

We can do it. If we work together, we can end cum on sleepng mom gif of patriarchy and misogyny. We can end the oppression, the fear, the misogyny and the obsession to ensure women and girls are free, all and have limitless opportunities. When we work together, we can stop men hating women, break systems of patriarchy and achieve gender equality.

You all uncross your fingers, fucko. Old cars are better for the environment than new hybrid cars. Look at fashion. Look at are. Look at babies. In this case, that means pollution. Other times, it means sex lube. So what if the seal on the lube bottle was broken? This is how women read the above survey:.