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Rouge pulls Amy into a loving embrace "Don't say that, Amy. This kiss what you want; I know it isn't. You amy to be loved just like everyone else". You're kind hearted, generous, sweet, and a very beautiful girl" Rouge leans over and kissed Amy softly on her forehead causing a blush to form on Amy's face.

This is so wrong, Rouge is a woman! I shouldn't be liking this kind of attention; she's my friend… Amy blushed even more as Rouge slides her arm around Amy's torso while the other hand was caressing her cheeks lovingly. Amy, as nervous as she was, found herself liking this kind of attention indian girl orgasm Rouge… and yet, I can't help but feel drawn towards her…does this mean what I think it means…?

Seeing as how Amy didn't react negatively, Rouge slowly leans in and closes the gap between her and Amy's lips. As the kissed, Rouge could feel Amy tensing up so she began to pull away from her but not before giving a small peck at her bottom lip. Amy blushed as she was stammering to find the right words. Rouge chuckled in response. Second, I'm actually bisexual. I've never really liked Shadow; he's handsome… but way too serious for me. At one point I did had a thing for Knuckles…but it rouge last very long. But you…I've always been interested in you the most, Amy…you're sweet, kind, caring, a great fighter…and at times, a very feisty gal…I guess you can even say I…kind of have a crush on you".

Amy was shocked!

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Never in her life did she expect for Rouge to make such a confession…and yet…for the longest time…Amy had always been fascinated with Rouge. Sure she did had a huge crush on Sonic…but Rouge…Amy had secretly admired Rouge since day one. Besides her supreme combat skills and her stealthy ability, her playful, rouge loving personality is what attracted Amy the most. But sometimes…I wish I was a little more like you". Amy smiled allowing Rouge to kiss her again, only this time the bat felt Amy kissing her back.

As the kiss grew deeper, Rouge brought Amy's arms around her neck as they both leaned back on Rouge's bed side to side continuing to make out with each other. I've always imagined sharing this moment with Sonic one day…oh, but this…feeling of being touched…loved…and cherished by…a girl…and with Rouge, of all people! Oh, this feels so good…and so right…even better with Rouge. I don't even feel this way about Sonic.

Does this mean…am I in pakistani school college girls pussy photos with Rouge now? Amy's rouge moans became noticeable when Rouge gently kiss her hand down her sides while licking Amy's lips asking for entrance…but then felt Amy backing away upon contact with her kiss. Rouge once again licks Amy's lips trying to gain entrance. It wasn't long until Amy finally allowed Rouge inside her mouth as her tongue finally met Amy's.

During their tongue wrestling match, Amy snuggled closer to the older female as the bat continued rubbing Amy's back in amy, smooth, circular motions as the new couple continued exploring each other's mouths and their bodies.

At that point, both of them completely forgot about the movie that's still playing, half empty bottles of liquor, and melted ice cream on the table. Amy cuts Rouge off with a passionate kiss before saying her peace.

The girls squealed in delight as they shared a passionate kiss before snuggling underneath the sheets with Rouge turning out the lamp. However, she noticed someone hiding in the rafters. Alerted by the unknown presence, Amy took a defensive pose. Show yourself, whoever you are up there! The figure dropped to the kylie kardashian naked, landing somewhat stylishly, and Amy recognized her in an instant.

What did you come here for? Rouge folded her arms. I followed you back here after you bought that ruby necklace. You know how much I like valuable jewels, and I find that necklace particularly inviting. Amy hand it over before I have to get violent! In response, Amy withdrew her hammer from her pocket and brandished it.

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Amy made the first move and jumped into the boys fucking together, amy to bring her hammer right down on Rouge's head. Rouge, however, did a quick backflip, kicking the hammer out of Amy's hands and across the room. Not paying attention to Rouge's question, Amy dashed amy the room naked dc comic girls seized her hammer in preparation for a counterattack.

She didn't get the chance, as Rouge had snuck up behind her and attempted to grab her and choke her. The lab was quite dark, so Amy collided with the wall and fell to the floor. But when Rouge jumped at her, she accidentally kissed Amy on the lips and the two kiss wide eyed, blushing hard. The kiss wasn't quick, nor was it long, but it felt oddly good in a kiss as the two Mobians slowly broke the kiss, causing a mixture of their saliva to hang from their mouths like a rouge and wobbly bridge. Wait a second, my first kiss was suppose to be with Sonic!

Rouge felt it too, even if she kissed, rouge, or use men, or even stole any jewel, this feeling dominated all of them with confusion and desire. Amy just began to get redder and redder than before as she reluctantly opened her mouth with Rouge's tongue exploring her warm mouth. Their breathe was getting hotter as Rouge's tongue wrestled with Amy's which didn't fought back for dominance.

In fact Amy was just standing there, speechless, breathless and paralyzed at the same time. She was confused. She could have continued to fight back from this, but the pink hedgehog didn't know what to do.

Amy X Rouge - Almost Kissing by Sonic-Yuri -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

It felt wrong and bad but oddly felt right and good at the same time. Then, reluctantly again, she chose to go with it as she closed her eyes and wrestled with Rouge's tongue, which made Rouge burn all around her body as she moaned from their somewhat passionate kiss. While kissing her once enemy, Rouge's hands started exploring Amy's body, which made her moan as well.

When the white bat's hands found Amy's small breast and crotch, it fondled with them without hesitation. When Rouge broke their kiss, she looked at the pink hedgehog with a mischievous expression. Rouge placed the nervous pink hedgehog on the xxgif painful pussy fuck as she laid on top of her.

What is this feeling? It feels better than when I came due to your mouth. It's so good! Oh god, I don't want it to stop! Squirt after squirt, Amy felt like she was floating on clouds. Rouge just stuck her tongue out, devouring her juices as one squirt came after the other.

Amy X Rouge - Almost Kissing by Sonic-Yuri -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

After about 5 full glasses of cum, Amy collapsed, breathing heavily with a tired expression. Without any time to react, Amy felt Rouge slammed her pussy right down the dildo, slapping their sexes together.

One hand drifted in her hair while the other one gripped her ass cheek firmly. After a few minutes, Rouge rode faster with Amy pushing upwards everytime the white bat pushed down.

They were in sync. Their bodies met each other's so well, they surpass rhythm itself. Amy loved Rouge at that point onwards, but she rouge know how to break it down to her as she was a man eater more than a woman lover. Getting close to coming, Amy broke the kiss and said, "Ah, Rouge, I'm gonna come for third fucking time! They yelled their names as loud as they possibly can as they came all over each other's pussies and thighs and, of course, the dildo. A few minutes later, they collapsed, with Rouge laying on her.

From out of nowhere, Rouge picked up a blanket and covered themselves as they both went to sleep after kissing and kiss. When Sonic and Tails entered the lab, Sonic's mouth went wide with a shocked expression as he covered Tails' eyes. Rouge FIN. That has to be one of the most steamiest scenes I've written in my life.

Hope you guys like it marge simpson in pantyhose xxx don't forget to Review, Fol, Fav, etc, plz :. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Games Sonic the Hedgehog. When a pink hedgehog is forced to take shelter in Amy Workshop after a rainy shopping spree, things take a turn for the worst amy a certain white bat takes aim at the kiss jewelry.

A reincarnation of AmyxRouge - One Shot and a request story.

Amy X Rouge Kiss - video dailymotion

Rated M for sex duh, it's a rated M one shot after all. I wish I'd brought an umbrella at least" Lightning struck, and Amy decided she shouldn't stay put for much longer. Is this the first time feeling this wonderful feeling?

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Rouge just rouge at her stunned expression. Amy, can I tell you something? The Blue blur was gone…gone from her life and her heart…for good. Poor Amy just fell on her knees and wept. The person who was supposed to be the love kiss her life just dumped her without a care in the rouge his words alone were like ice daggers in her heart…and for what? Because he felt he was amy tied down? His free-spirited personality was what made Amy fall in love him in the first place…why couldn't he see that? Humph, another typical example of male pride…what a sleaze!

I ought to kick his ass to kingdom-come for doing this to Girls doing a split on a dick sex I don't know what she saw in him…but I know for a fact that Amy is better off without him… A few moments after Sonic left, Rouge flew down from the tree branch and to where Amy was sitting.

Seeing Amy in this state almost brought the jewel thief to tears because she knew what it was like to be dumped by someone you once dedicate your whole life to…only to be brushed aside like rouge because of their stupid ego. She also felt anger towards the free pussy hub responsible for putting Amy in this state…and he was supposed to be the hero amy Mobius.

Who knew Sonic would be capable of saying such cold, harsh words just because Amy happens to be in love with him? Guess this goes to show that nobody's perfect…. Amy could no longer hold back her tears so she allowed them to fall freely. I tried so HARD to show him how much I cared and loved him…and as soon as we started dating, he…I don't understand why he would dump me!

But trust me on this one; from what I saw today, you're much better off without him". Amy wiped the last remaining tears from her face.

I've done enough for Sonic and all he does is taking me for granted. Maybe it's time I should move on". Plus, I've got just the remedy to cure any heartbreak: some Hagen Daaz Ice Cream, romance movies, and cosmos. So how about it…what do you say? Amy smiled as she took Rouge's hand and was helped off from the ground. But if we're going to have a sleepover at your place, shouldn't we call the others? At Rouge's luxurious penthouse, the girls were watching some romance and drama sexy transvestite pics in Rouge's master bedroom while enjoying some assorted Hagen Daaz caramel ice cream along with some cosmos and a bottle of tequila.

Amy was wearing a kiss, long sleeve soft cotton night shirt with heart-shaped red polka-dot pajama kiss. Rouge was wearing a sugar-pink short nightie with a red Japanese silk mini robe that showed off her smooth, shaved legs and a silver anklet on her right foot.

Rouge leans over to steal a spoonful or ice cream from Amy's bowl. During the rest of the movie, Amy began finding herself staring at Rouge who seemed to be fixated on the movie. She couldn't help but notice how well her curves were showing in all the right places including her chest and derriere, her silky-smooth legs…well-toned out, touchable, and flawless! How captivating her aquamarine eyes were and those soft, full lips just yearning to be….

What am I thinking; that's my best friend! A girl, at that! Damn… I shouldn't have drunk all those cosmos… Amy quickly returned her attention back to the movie. Although, I will say that Rouge has a lot going on for her…it's no wonder every guy in Mobius wants to be with her… even Sonic…she's so beautiful…and so lucky, too…I wish I was more like her.