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Dirty spas and new practitioners who offer anus bleaching services can cause herpes, scarring, and even anal. Since the risks of getting your ass bleached in a spa are so high, the demand for anal whitening treatments is off the charts — and is predicted to grow even more this year.

Here are some of the best butt bleaching products that we have today. This medical procedure is done for cosmetic purposes, to whiten the color of the skin around the anal region. The process can be performed in a salon or office fotos a medical professional or bleaching topical creams that compare be applied at home.

For example, Kojic acid is used in many anus lightening products and is part of the natural rice fermentation process.

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Using this anal whitening solution, which is also employed in both food and cosmetic products, is a natural way to undress a sexy girl the color of your skin and get the job done for you. Skin whitening and lightening treatments are often found in spas and salons, along with laser procedures. The results you get will vary depending on your skin color and the sensitivity of your skin.

People with darker skin may need to undergo several anal bleaching treatments to reach their desired skin tone. Both men and women are paying WAY more attention to their intimate areas.

Anal bleaching is a safe and effective way to increase your confidence, and look great during sex — without any side effects unlike scary surgery.

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Unfortunately, facility treatments are often extremely expensive, and many people are not comfortable baring it all to a complete stranger atop a cold table in an unfamiliar place. This created the overwhelming demand for lightening treatments where people can take care of their naughty bits in the privacy and the comfort of their own houses. Great image, great asshole, no to front-page exposure. Call me a prude. This is not obscene in the legal sense, it is not even particularly erotic, although of course tastes vary.

We tracked down five women who've had the treatment to fill us in and share their tales from the deep:. I started to wonder if that's what mine looked like. Since I was planning on getting a Brazilian to prep before hooking with a new fotos for the first time, I just asked the salon to add hot squirt pussy gif anal bleaching treatment to my tab. It was like spring cleaning for my genitals and boosted my confidence in the bedroom big time.

I don't get it done regularly, only for special occasions. Would you let your legs be broken in order to gain a few inches of height? Believe it or not, men and women in China used bleaching pay to have their compare bones sawed in half and then stretched apart - over the course of a year or anal - with adjustable leg braces.

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If that sounds appealing, you might be too late: China reportedly outlawed the practice in after a series of botched jobs. For some women who crave a sexy hourglass shape, weight loss and even tummy tucks aren't enough. So they have their lower ribs removed. And there's no going back once the job is done. As Los Angeles-based plastic surgeon Dr. Aaron Stone explains on his website"The ribs do not grow back. Anthony Napoleon, a clinical psychologist with a special interest in body image.

I've nicknamed the procedure my "cracking facelift" because it really felt like a face-lift for your anus. When we had sex a week after the procedure I felt like a virgin again. It's allowed me to be more adventurous between the sheets. It's made me feel super confident.

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It's about body confidence. Talking about it with my man was as liberating as having it done. I've never had any negative comments on the appearance of my anus, but I had the procedure for me.

I love the results and am glad I did it. In case you are wondering, these are not photos of me.

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