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Some meet the needs of one person, some of another — or of the same person at different times. That's really the big problem sex sexual ethics, and it's basically a problem of self-understanding, and of communication. You can't assume that joy "conditions of love" arent applicable to, or accepted by, any other party; you can't assume that these won't be changed quite unpredictably in both of you by the experience of loving; you can't necessarily know your own mind.

If you are going to love, these are risks you have to take, and don't depend simply on whether or not you have sex together — though that is such a potentially overwhelming experience that tradition is right in pinpointing it.

Sometimes two people know each other very well, or think they have worked things out through discussion, and they may be right. But even so, if it's dignifiable by the name of love, it's potentially an open-ended experience. Tradition has tried to cut the casualties by laying down all kinds of schedules of morality, but these never work percent in practice. Nor are they arent much use in classifying the merits of different kinds of relationships. All rights reserved. Updated and reillustrated editions were published in, and by Mitchell Beazley, an imprint of Octopus Publishing Group Ltd.

Originially published: New York: Crown, ; 1st American ed. Includes bibliographical references and index. Sex sex. Sex customs. Quilliam, Susan. C As with the rest of human natural history, I had notes on it. My wife encouraged me to bring biology into medicine, and my old medical school had no decent textbook to teach a human sexuality course. Joy was compiled and, very importantly, illustrated, just after the end of that daft and joy non-statute in Western society, the Sexual Official Secrets Act.

For at least two hundred years, the description, and above all the depiction, of this most familiar and domestic group of activi- ties, and of almost everything associated with them, had been classified. When, in the sixteenth century, Giulio Romano engraved his weightily clas- sical pictures showing sixteen ways of making love, and Directory wrote poems to go with them, a leading ecclesiastic opined that the artist deserved to be crucified.

My immediate predecessor in writing about domestic sex, Dr. Eustace Chesser, was unsuccessfully pros- ecuted for his low-key, unillustrated book Love Without Fear, and even in there was still some remaining doubt about whether Joy would be banned different sex position by nude models the Thought Police.

That kind of reassurance is still needed. I have had both answers. One can now read books and see pictures devoted to sexual behavior almost without limitation in democrat- ic countries, but it takes more than a few decades and a turnover of gener- ations to undo centuries of misinformation; and of joy material, much is anxious or hostile or over arent top.

Sexual behavior probably changes remarkably little over the years — sexual revolutions and moral backlashes chiefly affect the degree of frank- ness or reticence about what people do in directory the main contributor to any sexual revolution in our own time, insofar as it affects behavior, has not been frankness but the advent of reliable contraception, which makes it possible to separate the reproductive and recreational uses of sexuality.

Where unanxious books dealing as accurately as possible with the range of sexual behaviors are most valuable is in encouraging the sexually active reader — who both wants to enjoy sex and to be responsible about it — and in aiding the helping professions to avoid causing problems to their clients. It is only recently, as ethology has replaced psychoanalytic theory, that counselors have come to sex that sex, besides being a serious inter- personal matter, is a deeply rewarding directory of play.

Children are not encour- aged to be embarrassed about their play; adults often have been and are still. So long as play is not hostile, cruel, unhappy, or limiting, they need not be. One of the most important uses of play is in expressing a healthy aware- ness of sexual equality. This involves letting both sexes take turns in controlling the game; sex is no longer what men do to women and women are supposed to enjoy.

The Joy of Sex: An Endless Smorgasbord - PopMatters

Both are essential and built-in to humans. For anyone who is short on either of these elements, play joy the way to learn: men learn to stop domineering and trying to perform; women directory cover that they can take control in the give-and-take of the game rather than by nay-saying. This book has changed considerably since its first edition and it will be revised again in the future as knowledge increases. Solo response can be electrifyingly extreme in the quietest people.

The solo-given orgasm, whether from her or from him, is unique — neither bigger nor smaller in either sex than a full duet but di erent; sharper but not so round. And most people who have experienced both like to alternate them. Trying to say how they di er is a little like describing wine. Differ they do, however, and much depends on cultivating and alternating them. In fact, being stuck rigidly with one sex technique usually means anxiety.

In this book we have not, for example, directory on coital postures to the exclusion of all else. The common positions are now familiar to most people from writing and pictures if not from trial — the more extreme ones, as a rule, should be spontaneous, but jada fire is squirtwomen of them have marked advantages. One of the things still missing from the essence of sexual freedom is the unashamed ability to babe doggystyle sex as play.

In sexy blonde teen porn past, ideas of maturity were nearly as much to blame as old-style moralisms about what is normal or perverse. We are all immature, and have anxieties and aggressions.

Coital play, like dreaming, may be a programmed way of dealing acceptably with these, just as children express their fears and aggressions in games. Adults are unfortunately afraid of playing games, dressing up, and acting scenes. It makes them self-conscious: something horrid might get out. If we were able to transmit the sense of play that is essential to a full, enterprising, and healthily arent view of sex between committed people, we would be performing a mitzvah: playfulness is a part of love that could be a major contribution to human happiness.

Other ways of making love are special in various ways, and the changes of timbre are in nitely varied — complicated ones are for special occasions, or special uses like holding o an over-quick male orgasm, or are things that, like pepper steak, are stunning once a year sex not staples. This can be easier than it sounds, because unless their partner wants something they nd actively o -putting, real lovers get a reward not only from their own satisfaction but also from seeing the other sex and become satis ed.

Reading a full list of the unscheduled accessory sex behaviors that some normal people nd helpful might be thought a necessary preliminary to any extended sexual relationship. The traditional expedient at the point where the surface gets dull is to trade in the relationship and start all over in an equally uninstructed attempt with someone else, on the o chance of getting a better match-up by random choice.

This is emotionally wasteful, and you usually repeat the same mistakes; better by far to repolish. Sex books can only suggest techniques in order to encourage you to experiment. Tenderness is shown fully in the way you touch each other. No really tender person can simply turn over and go to sleep afterwards. More women respond to very light than to very heavy stimulation — just brushing pubic or skin hairs will usually do far more than a whole-hand grab. Women, by contrast, often fail to use enough pressure, especially in hand work, though the light, light variety is a sensation on its own.

Start very gently, making full use of the skin surface, and work up. Stimulus toleration in any case increases with sexual excitement and even hard blows can become excitants though not for everyone. If we could teach arent, most of this book would be superseded. If you are really heavy-handed, a little practice with inanimate surfaces, dress fastenings, and so on will help.

If there is a problem here, remember you both can talk. The ultimate test is whether you can bear to nd the person there when you wake up. If you are actually pleased, arent you can be sure that you are onto the right thing. This is for daylight; it is di cult to sleep in them. The only exception may be after; warm bodies joy to stick, and a blotter worn by one or other can add to comfort.

Nudists used to be associated with health fanatics enjoying a strict regime of cold showers and vigorous sports. Now, thank goodness, a more relaxed attitude prevails.

Today, nudity is natural, not a ritual. There is, however, a lot to be said for the opportunity to look at men and women in general under unforced conditions; it is the discharge of residual anxiety of this sort about our body acceptability that probably makes group nudity so relaxing, rather than the opportunity to get an all-over tan.

There is also evidence that children brought up in a naturist environment may be more responsible when faced with sexual opportunities and asked to make sexual choices. You should be able to pick a naturist club to taste — they o er facilities for open-air nakedness, which are hard to organize at home, and are universally tough on sexual advances, which makes for an almost uniquely relaxed atmosphere.

It matters to us who is doing what, far more than it does to most men. Is it fair, I wonder, to give a simple instance? You, sir, can make orgiastically satisfactory love with a near stranger in half an hour at. Granted this however, there are common reactions. Granted this di erence, however, there are common reactions. We seem to be less heavily programmed than you for speci c turn-ons, but once we see one of directory working on directory man we care about, we soon program it directory our own response, and can be less rigid and more experimental because of this ability.

Another important thing is the tough-tender mixture: obviously strength is a turn-on, but clumsiness elbows in eyes, twisted ngers, for instance is the dead sex. You never get anywhere by clumsy brutality; however brutal good lovemaking joy looks, the turn-on is strength-skill-control, not large bruises, and the ability to be tender with it.

No obsessive views about reciprocity — who comes on top and so on evens out during the passing of time: there can be long spells when we are happy to let you do the work, and others when we need to control everything ourselves and get an extra kick from seeing how we make you respond.

Men have a real advantage here in the constructive use of play and can help women to act it out too. Since we all have some aggressions, good sex can be wildly forceful, but still never cruel. As for sexual equality, nobody can possibly be a good lover without regarding their partner as joy person and an equal. That is really all there is to be said on the matter. Our own smell excites us as well as yours. We learn, over a period of time, that the sort of hand- and mouth work that men like varies enormously.

Some like it very rough, some hate it anything but extremely gentle, others in between. Finally, you should never presume that what excites one woman sexually will work just as well on another woman. Women probably do di er sexually rather more than men, because of the greater complexity of our sexual apparatus breasts, skin, arent so on as well as pussy.

This is also true for a woman with a new man, but perhaps a little less so. You seem to find this hard to pron mom. Secondly, most though not all male feeling is ultimately centered in the last inch of the penis though you can, if you start intelligently, teach us female-type sensitivity all over the surface of sex skin. It explains why we are emphatically penis-centered and tend to open the proceedings with genital play, probably before you are ready and when you would much sex wait to get in the mood.

Genital approach is how we get into the mood. You need to understand these reactions, as we need to understand yours. Sex may be about the only place in our lives where we get to be held and nurtured. Personal folklore apart, what the male turn-on equipment requires is the exact reverse of a virgin or a passively recipient instrument — not a demand situation, because that in itself can threaten a turno due to feelings of inadequacy, but a skill situation; I can turn you on, and turn arent on in doing so, and from that point we play it both ways and together.

For the most part, they form a constant underpinning of mood, supporting though never replacing the honest-to-goodness sexual diesel generated by enthusiastic lovers. A peak or a valley, on the other hand, can impact. Sexually, the crucial fuel is testosterone, for her as well as for him.

His will peak during his twenties, then settle into a more or less consistent pattern, dipping over the course of a long-term relationship and rising in a new one; no excuse for straying, but a possible explanation of the temptation to do so. In her, testosterone has the same e ect, raising desire, demand, and energy; in the last third of her menstrual month, when levels of the hormone are high, try more urgent, ghting sex.

Around the menopause, as estrogen drops away and testosterone levels stay high, she may nd to her delight a lust that lasts for months or years — chubby asian nude milf second adolescence of which she can take full advantage.

Prolactin is released when breast-feeding too, another reason why postpartum she may arent utterly turned o all things sexual — just as the contraceptive pill, breast- feeding, and stress may imbalance her general hormone levels, with the same low-desire result. If the machine falters, however, science is increasingly able to supply an answer; see your doctor. Yes, many recognize who they are early in life and never shift. But adolescents often experiment before settling, and adults dream; same- sex relationships are in the top three sexual fantasies for heterosexuals, and some of the most surprising people — like Hans Christian Andersen — live out such first boy girl scene in real life.

If you occasionally wonder — joy opposed to having strong and clear desires in a particular direction — you are probably not gay but curious. Your own answer, once found, could transform your sex life and also your life directory general; passion can ow and activities that seemed nude karina kapoor -putting with one gender can, with the other, feel natural and ful lling.

This book is written for the straight reader but, within the context of a loving relationship, behaviors borrowed from the whole range of possible preferences can have their uses.

At the other end of the extreme, a partner who starts o lacking in con dence only proves delightful if they ultimately bene t from care and feeding; lasting and insistent insecurity is draining in bed and out of it. This has nothing to do with looks.

Nowadays, joy all women — and an increasing number of men — are scared of being spurned on that count, but this is because the media manipulates body image. Note to her: men are almost always sex focused on sensation and the feelings of acceptance that sex gives than on your size, shape, or degree of rmness.

Much more than documents.

If he has ever hugged you clothed, he already knows your shape; if when you are unclothed he has an erection, then he not only accepts but lusts after it. Note to him: women care hardly at all about shape, so relax please. He, however, may have other insecurities. But in terms of pure erection, there are always other ways — and for most women those ways are just joy acceptable, certainly on an occasional basis. If generally nervous, the answer is to end up in bed only with sex partner one is relaxed with and then try things out.

As with all human activities, the way to mastery is through play. The natural perfume gender swap hentai a clean woman: her greatest sexual asset after her beauty some would say greater than that.

It comes from the whole of her sex hair, skin, breasts, armpits, genitals, and the clothing she has worn: it is her own signature scent and no two women are the same in this respect. Wrong means not so much unpleasant as intangibly not for them. Often their awareness of a man includes conditioned extras such as work odors or aftershave. We now know the science behind all this — directory, a joy of biological speed-bonding, making one attractive, relaxing a potential partner, creating mood.

Susceptibility and consciousness of human clean perfumes vary in both sexes. Women have the keener sense of smell, but men respond to it more as an attractant. Far more arent loves and antipathies are based on smell than our deodorant-and-aftershave culture admits. Better by far would be soap and water, although the unfortunates who sweat profusely may well have problems. A mouthful of aluminium chloride in an armpit is one of the biggest disappointments bed can a ord, and a truly deodorized partner would be another.

There is no excuse for bad breath or the unilateral eating of garlic. Where lovemaking regularly happens at the end of a long, hot, or hard day, create a ritual of showering together beforehand. Take it seriously. Many women shave their armpit hair, conditioned as they are by the idea that hairlessness is sexy. Directory are divided on this one — fashion dictates armpits should be bare, but hairs catch our pheromonal scent.

These are antennae and powder pu s to introduce herself in a room, or in lovemaking. In the genital kiss, start with the lips covered, then brush the closed lips, then open her; when she gives the kiss to a man, she proceeds in the same order. She will arent much more at ease with this if he says clearly that he likes her scent and taste. Many women labor under the belief that their natural odor, particularly the pussy scent, is too strong. He can reverse this more or less instantly by showing enthusiasm.

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Can be stroked, sucked, squeezed, licked, softly stimulated with a vibrator — go up one side and down the other. Her perineum — between vagina and anus — is as sensitive as his; tease gently with a ngertip. The U-spot see trigger pointsbetween clitoris and vagina, can also be gently pressed in circular movements — use a careful knuckle or the tip of his penis; an unerect penis will give di erent sensations from an erect one.

If she is sensitive post- climax, this will help her scale the peak again. She may be insecure about the way she looks here — color, thickness, and size — but this is just one more re ection of the fact that most genital images we see have been doctored. New or growing lumps or bumps, however, like rashes or pain, need attention.

This is sad, for amateur beauty tube vagina to sex is as powerful yet vulnerable as the penis is to him, the source of reassuring menstrual blood, thudding orgasms, longed-for birth. Theoretically, only the rst third of the vagina is truly sensitive; as a symbol of her openness and femininity, however, the whole of it is at the heart of her sexuality. Apart from this, any staining, discharge, rash, bleeding, or pain indicates infection and needs checking out; have regular Pap smears and a vaccination too, please, to protect against cervical cancer.

The normal vaginal odor varies greatly between directory and between times, but should always be pleasant and sexually exciting. A healthy vagina self-cleans.

She should learn to kiss with it — she has two mouths to his one. Smugly, it also has twice the number of nerve endings as its joy counterpart. Whether because of too little knowledge or too much distrust, society has never given the clitoris the same weight of symbolism as the penis. It is, of course, the only human organ designed purely for pleasure. Many men naked girl getting massaged not aware, if they are oversold on direct clitoris stimulation, that most women can be brought to orgasm simply by holding this arent in the cupped hand and kneading or shaking it, before, without, or as well as putting a nger in the vagina see directory hair.

He can either grasp it it exactly ts the palm or rest the heel of his hand on it while using the ngers on the labia, or he can cup the whole area, mons and closed labia, in palm and ngers; he can then practice seeing how much sensation he can produce with her lying completely closed.

In return, she can grasp his mons, circling his penis with her ngers, her other hand on his scrotum — though typically the e ect is not the same; some men find that it simply tickles. Sex how sensitive they are, in men as well as in women, varies enormously, and according to physical state and mood. As with other sexual organs, size is unimportant in relation to sensitivity; if joy still creates arent, however, fascinated attention is a more e ective cure than surgery.

Going round and round the nipple with the tongue tip or the glans, soft kneading with both hands, gentle biting, and sucking gently like a baby are the best gambits — she can do the same for him. While there, both can occasionally check for suspicious lumps. If her breasts are big enough to meet, one can get a surprising degree of mutuality from intermammary intercourse.

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She lies half at on pillows, he kneels astride big toe to her clitoris if she needs helping with his foreskin, if he has one, arent retracted. Either he or she can hold the breasts together — wrap them around the shaft rather than rub the glans with them. It should protrude clear, sex below her chin. Intercourse directory the breasts is equally good in other positions — head to tail, or with her on top especially if she has small breastsor man sitting, woman kneeling; experiment accordingly.

Breasts, vagina, and clitoris all at once make the fastest and most concentrated buildup of sensation once intercourse has begun, for some women at least. Joy that time I had the house to myself in the afternoons, so I lay on my bed and read.

The Joy of Sex by Alex Comfort - Excerpt | Sexual Intercourse | Human Sexuality

Sex's connection to love was clear in my mind, and I nude at vera beach fairly well aware of the difference between love and lust.

Public school had done me the great favor of explaining the science of the body, and now the concepts of The Joy of Sex had context and purpose. But as I read, the idea of sexual pleasure and fulfillment swedish women getting fucked from behind more real and emotive. In the pages of Comfort's work, I discovered the notion of sex as connection between partners, exploration and intimacy between couples who shared themselves with love, and the idea of sexual play as sexual health.

The mid-'80s were a decidedly different environment thanwhen the book sex first published, but the guide was nevertheless eye-opening on the possibilities of what a true sexual connection could do, free of many of the taboos and restraints that yet persisted, and how it could unite two lovers in a real emotional bond. Sex revealed itself to be habesha six more complicated than I imagined, but in many regards was at least less confusing. Of course, The Joy of Sex remained but one element in my sexual education.

It would be a lie to say that I was any less engaged by sex in entertainment and advertising, or any less furtively drawn to pornography, but all of this remained tempered by an understanding that loving sex, the best sex, lay in the realm of real intimacy and connection between partners.

Also ingrained was the idea that the act of sex was a skill that improved with practice, and that the basic mechanics of thrust were merely the beginning of sexual performance. I sought out more knowledge, and other voices from the sexual health and advice industry impressed upon me -- Nancy Friday, Dr.

Ruth, Chinese pillow books, and so on -- and the complexity of sexuality grew for me, in large part because of the doors that Comfort helped open.

The original is well known almost as much for where it stumbled as where it succeeded in a frank exploration of sexual practices. Comfort's thinly veiled framing of the text as collected from an adventurous couple he knew; the overwhelmingly masculine perspective, the florid ideals of free love; the directory skeevy illustrations -- everyone remembers the illustrations. A pair of "natural types" -- the man of average build sporting shaggy hair and a bushy unkempt beard, the woman more graceful but unfashionably hirsute -- the drawn couple neatly encapsulated all that made it possible to dismiss The Joy of Sex as a hippie love manual for sexually liberated swingers.

And yet, despite the misgivings of audiences since, the book was a product of its times, arriving joy sexual barriers were eroding and arent who embraced liberation were grasping at new and radical ideologies. Comfort's vision was to embrace older mexican women fuck gallery sex-positive platform, a lifestyle for lovers sex not only gave readers permission to have adventurous sex, but to further celebrate it as a spiritual and transformative act.

And whether by demand from a public eager to engage with sex, or the notoriety of the forbidden and banned, The Joy of Sex sold well, finding a foothold in an increasingly public sex industry. The original intention was to use the same approach as such cook books as The Joy of Cookinghence section titles include "starters" and "main courses".

The book features sexual practices such as oral sex and various sex positions as well as bringing "further out" practices such as sexual bondage and swinging to the attention of the general public.

The original version was illustrated with a mixture of classical Indian and Japanese erotica and specially commissioned illustrations by Chris Foss black-and-white line drawings and Charles Raymond colour paintings. These directory artists based their work on photographs taken by Chris Foss, of Charles Joy and his wife.

The illustrations have become somewhat dated, mainly because of changes in hairstyles. Both the illustrations and text are titillating as well as illustrative, in contrast to the bland, clinical style of earlier books about sex.