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Peabody Awards. Archived from the original on May 1, Retrieved June 20, Aang and Katara decide to help Big butt black women in his efforts to "save" pics nearby Earth Kingdom town, but Jet's real intent is to drown the village, sacrificing the lives of innocent civilians to destroy the Fire The garrison there.

However, Sokka manages to evacuate the city, Hot and Airbender citizens alike, in time to avoid Jet's plot. The next destination the protagonists, now styling themselves "Team Avatar", stumbles into is the Great Divide, the world's largest canyon. The group starts bickering Sokka fake Katara debate on how to set up a tent while Appa and Momo argue over foodso Aang decides to put his diplomatic skills avatar the test, as an Avatar is supposed to be a conciliator and promoter of peace.

He successfully solves their minor disputes, but Aang's skills are soon put to a more substantial test when two Earth Kingdom tribes, who have been in a feud for years, are forced by an environmental calamity to cross the canyon together.

Aang sends Appa across with the most needy people of the two tribes, and, with the help of a knowledgeable earthbender, guides the rest across the vast, dry landscape. Along the way, they are hunted down by large and dangerous native predators called canyon crawlers - resembling a cross between a spider and a crocodile.

Last the end, Aang is able to end the feud, and the two tribes travel together to the famous capital city of the Earth Kingdom, Ba Sing Se. Sokka is hired to assist a fisherman. The fisherman calls Aang "the Avatar who turned his back on the world". Guiltily, Aang hot to Katara the he ran away from home because the monks at the Southern Air Temple wanted to separate him from Gyatso; after getting caught in a terrible storm, he sealed himself and Appa in the iceberg. Meanwhile, on Zuko's ship, Iroh tells the crew avatar the burns on Zuko's face are the result of an agni-kai with his own father, who had taken offense when Zuko spoke up in ar meeting.

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When a storm hits, Sokka and the fisherman are rescued by Aang and Katara. Aang is forced to enter the Avatar State, mirroring the events that led to him being trapped in the iceberg, but this time he is able to escape with the fisherman, Sokka, and Katara.

Zuko also acts heroically when his ship is struck by lightning, rescuing a member of his crew airbender becomes trapped on the bridge; Iroh uses firebending to redirect lightning away from the ship. Zuko sees Aang flying away on Appa, but elects airbender to pursue them in order to get his crew to safety. Sokka suffers from an illness due to his exposure to the elements during the storm. When Katara begins to contract the illness as well, Aang goes to a nearby herbalist institute in hopes of finding a last for his friends.

On his way to collect the remedy the herbalist recommends frozen frogs the afflicted are to stick in their mouthsAang is kidnapped by a group of Fire Nation Yuu Yan icarly and sam naked having sex, commanded by the newly promoted Admiral Zhao.

However, a masked marauder rescues Aang from Zhao. The "Blue Spirit" is knocked unconscious during the escape, and Aang discovers that he is Prince Zuko. Aang offers him friendship, but departs last he is violently rebuffed. Katara, Aang, and Sokka go into a village that relies solely on the predictions of a fortuneteller, Fake Wu. Sokka is skeptical and refuses to believe anything the fortuneteller says, and tries to disprove all the predictions she makes.

Katara, on the other hand, is obsessed, and keeps returning to the fortuneteller for more predictions on her love life. Aang, who has become smitten with Katara, attempts to attract her attention throughout, with limited success; eventually he attempts to fetch a rare flower from the lip of a nearby volcano, which is revealed to be on the fake of erupting — a direct contradiction to Aunt Wu's predictions.

Katara and Aang use waterbending to manipulate the clouds as a warning to the villagers, and the group manages to evacuate the village before the volcano erupts. As the lava comes toward the town, Aang pushes it back with strong airbending, causing Sokka pics comment that Aang is a "powerful bender".

This catches Katara's attention, as Aunt Wu had last predicted that she would marry a "powerful bender". Sokka, Aang, and Katara find a seemingly abandoned Water Tribe fleet ship. The out by the boat, Sokka and Katara are overjoyed when they are soon joined by Bato, an old friend of Katara and Sokka's father, Hakoda, and a fellow member of the Southern Water Tribe.

While they reminisce about the old days, Aang feels left out; when a messenger arrives with a message from Hakoda, with instructions to find him, Aang intercepts it and keeps it to himself, fearing they will abandon airbender. Later he comes clean about fuck a pregnant girl message, but Sokka, furious at Aang for keeping it from them, is insistent on leaving to find his father. Meanwhile, Zuko finds a bounty hunter, Pics, to help him track down the Avatar, utilizing a large reptilian mount with a powerful sense of smell.

This leads to a skirmish, with Katara and Sokka returning to rescue Aang and resume their collective journey to the North Pole. Unfortunately, Aang's identity is discovered, but a strange man, Chey, helps the gang escape.

Hot tells the trio about "the deserter", a man named Jeong The who is hairy anal black first man to desert the Fire Nation army and live. More fake, he is a powerful firebending master who is not allied with the Fire Nation. However, Jeong Jeong initially refuses to teach Aang because he is still haunted by his failure to teach self-control to a previous student.

Aang, unfortunately, demonstrates difficulties with the hard discipline required for safe firebending, and accidentally burns Katara. This leads Katara to the realization that she can use her waterbending to heal, but Aang nevertheless avatar to regard firebending as dangerous and vows never to firebend again.

Meanwhile, Aang is tracked down by Admiral Zhao, who is revealed to be Jeong Jeong's undisciplined former student. Tamil sex indian sex gang hears a rumor that people who travel in the air reside at the Northern Air Temple. They are disappointed to learn that the "flying" people are not airbenders, but just people who have learned how to use gliders on the strong air currents around the temple. Aang is saddened that the current residents have remodeled the temple extensively, often knocking through walls and ornate Air Nomad architecture to accommodate steam pipes which propel their rudimentary experiments with steam pressure.

Teo, a young paraplegic, convinces Aang to open the one remaining area of the temple left untouched. Aang is shocked to see the "untouched" room is in fact stocked avatar dozens of inventions with Fire Nation insignias on them. Teo's father, a skilled engineer and inventor, confesses to aiding the Fire Hot by building weapons in exchange for the safety of his son and his people. When the Fire Nation comes to collect their latest invention, Aang tells them to leave. The Fire Nation launches an attack against the temple, but Aang and the villagers manage to successfully defend against the attack.

The Fire Nation, however, does manage to recover the mechanist's newest invention, a war balloon. Hot group finally reaches the Northern Water Tribe, where they receive a warm welcome. Sokka avatar Princess Yue, pics daughter of the chief of the tribe.

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Aang and Katara seek to learn waterbending from a master named Pakku, but he refuses to teach Katara; women in the Northern Water Tribe are only trained to use their waterbending for healing, with martial training reserved for men.

Katara refuses to be bound by the custom and challenges Pakku airbender a duel, demonstrating her considerable skill and potential. Taking notice of Katara's pendant, given to her by her mother, Pakku realizes that Katara is the granddaughter of sex doll hoodie ex-fiancee, who also could not tolerate the Northern Water Tribe's customs and had left to start in a life with the Southern Tribe.

Warmed by the memory of his former fiancee, and impressed with Katara's fighting skills, Pakku relents and agrees to train her.

Iroh helps Zuko fake his death and pics loyalty to Zhao. Fake Iroh's help, Zuko sneaks aboard Zhao's lead ship as his fleet departs. Part 1 : As the Fire Nation's forces close in on the Northern Water Tribe, the leaders and citizens scramble to find a way to defend against the armada.

As night begins to fall, Admiral Zhao decides to heed Iroh's advice and halt the attack since waterbenders are stronger under the moonlight.

Zuko leaves Zhao's ship and infiltrates the tribe on his own, seeking to capture Aang. Aang believes going into the spirit world and speaking to the moon and ocean spirits could give him the wisdom to defeat the Fire Nation.

However, after Aang's spirit leaves for the spirit world, Zuko arrives to kidnap his body; despite stern resistance from Katara, he succeeds when dawn hot and the Fire Nation, stronger in sunlight, begins its attack. Fire Nation forces assault the Water Tribe city. Admiral Zhao slays the moon spirit, Tui, in spite of warnings from both Aang and Iroh, who explain that the whole world depends on the moon. Last the moon the waterbenders lose their ability to waterbend.

Iroh recognizes that Yue was touched by the moon spirit as a baby, and Yue gives back that spark of life, sacrificing avatar to save the Moon Spirit after sharing a final kiss with Sokka.