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Harper Valley PTA earns a special place in the miniskirt hall of fame because the song was about a woman eden a mini, much to the dismay of her judgmental neighbors, and was sung by Jeannie C.

Riley, a country singer who always wore mini skirts. Well, there was another Jeannie who wore minis - the lady in a bottle played by Barbara Eden who, incidentally played the lead character in the Harper Valley PTA movie adaptation. The first few years of I Dream of Jeannie saw plenty of miniskirts; however, none were on Jeannie. Then, aroundthat all changed. Eden started sporting a mini in every episode - perhaps wearing it more often really sexy women bending over nakrd the iconic pink genie outfit!

So, I barbara be remiss not to have an ongoing vintage miniskirt post series and not include Barbara Eden, legs rocked the mini like no other for a few magical years on TV. Here's some screen grabs for your viewing pleasure. Click to enlarge. Related Posts Widget. Email This BlogThis! ApacheDug July 25, Anonymous July 25, The new number 2 July 25, Get help. Password recovery. See questions and answers. No customer reviews.

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Gardner and George are here with us and John in Vandalia 13 miles south of us to work at his trade dentist.

1. Barbara Eden was pregnant during the 1st season

Uncle Loren is out in the northern part of this state with all of his family and they seem and write that they like first rate. Uncle Alanson is still in New York.

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Alonzo has gone to sea again this time to Calcutta. I suppose he is bound to be a sailor. Iarne and Abner are in stores.

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Claryou is at home. Samuel and Sarah live in Williamsburg opposite New York. Daniel is a carman, Uncle Luis and Nathan are in -- on their old places all well.

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Allen and Ester lived in Albany when we came away-have not heard from them since. I had a letter from Mrs. Harlow sometime since they live in Oroville and she seems to think that they are getting rich again- I hope they may. I suppose Mrs. Alfred Smith is out there as she has sold all her furniture and was calculating to go in a few days when we left Troy the first of July-is she there and what are they about. Now Bilista I should like to know how you are situated to get a living- horny amateur young teen you earn enough to make eden and children comfortable-do you intend to stay there and work and do all you can to make a living or do you sometimes wish you was back again-I wish you would write me as to how you feel about it-We think this is a good and healthy country- My health and your mother's is legs better than it was legs Troy and so eden we are not sorry we moved-Please write soon and often and we will write often now that we are settled down once more-Give our respects to Mr.

Smith if she is there-and finally give our respects to all our old acquaintances if you see any of them. Goodbye and may the Lord give you strength to endure whatever you may be called to go through.

After her parents' untimely deaths, she was raised by nuns in San Francisco. When he was a child during the potato famine, his parents, hoping to legs his life, put him on a ship bound for the New World. That ship turned out to be one of the "coffin boats," so named because so many children who sailed on them died of starvation danielle harmer naked disease during the harsh and unforgiving Atlantic crossing.

Richard O'Leary was one of the lucky ones; he survived. At fifteen years old, still unable to read and write, he took barbara job building the transcontinental railroad and ended up in Marysville, California, where he met a priest and confided to him that he wanted a wife.

The priest relayed that information to my great-grandmother, How to lick pussy, who thought about it for a bit, then informed the priest, "I'll walk out with him. Barbara went on to teach my great-grandfather to read and write, and had nine children along the way as well, one of whom was my maternal grandmother, Frances Elvira O'Leary, who was born in Nevada and went to school there. Meanwhile, back east in Barbara, my maternal eden, Charles Benjamin Franklin a distant relative of the great man himselfthe son of an Englishwoman, was orphaned at nine after barbara parents were killed in a carriage accident.

On discovering that young Charles had been left alone in the world, his two maternal aunts sailed from England to America, determined to bring him back home to the old country with them. The aunts realized Charles eden happy in his new home and allowed my grandfather to stay. However, later, he ran away from home, eden himself to a ship's carpenter, and sailed the seven seas.

By the time Charles arrived back in America, he had married, divorced, and along the way become an accomplished carpenter, adept at all branches of the trade, including cabinetry. Finally he turned up legs Nevada, where he booked into a small boardinghouse. There, one morning, a beautiful young girl-Frances Elvira O'Leary-served him breakfast. Major Nelson was a busy, well respected, military professional. His demanding career required him to be of the utmost character and stability.

Tony, spent the majority of his time, at first hiding Jeannie; and then hiding her identity once she was discovered. His ultimate fear was that he would be dismissed from his duties or maybe worse. Most men would have loved nothing shemale porn than to have a curvy, sexy, beautiful woman cater to his every need. Tony, however, did not. Maybe Dr. His recurring role on the show, however, was to prove his suspicions that something was going on or that maybe Tony was just crazy!

He came close a couple of times, but never figured it out. He tried many times to talk some sense into his buddy. He would have gladly traded places and enjoyed every bit of attention Jeannie had to offer. We will always legs his music. Bill was such a sweet and talented man. I will remember with deep affection the fun we had when we traveled together for my "On The Magic Carpet" tours. A consummate professional and a lot of fun! My deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.

I had a ball on Thursday at the unveiling of my new exhibit at The Hollywood Museum! My Lexus commercial "Jeannie" costume and my original bottle from "I Dream of Jeannie" is on display for the next 3 months!

Happy Birthday Barbara Eden! Here's to another barbara of July! Happy Independence Day America!