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Granny used to work for the Government granny do lots of secret, exciting things which she wasn't allowed to talk about. She still liked bbc do exciting things but after base-jumping off the Gherkin in London Granny realised she had broken her hip.

Her grandchildren, Shearer and Reginald, had to take her whining and grumbling to hospital. Not being active made Granny miserable at the best of times but being in hospital made her unbearable!

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Back at home in Granny's flat she told her grandchildren that she had been given a golden hip replacement. Shearer and Reginald did not believe bbc until Granny showed them a note from the hospital doctor saying it was made of 24 carat gold.

Shearer and Reginal were amazed and couldn't wait to tell their granny friends. At school the following Monday morning the two children told their friends of Granny's adventure and new hip made of gold.

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They did not realise that the new supply teacher, Mr Mumble, was listening too. When Mr Mumble granny teaching he was a robber. In front of the Bbc, Granny reveals to Ben that the jewellery in her box is supposedly plastic and that she had made up her biography when she had realised how boring Ben thought she was. Granny dies, and her jewellery box is donated to charity. Ben reads at his local newsagent's that a jewellery box worth millions had been anonymously left at a charity shop.

Granny's legacy is remembered, all the way through to Christmas.

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Gangsta Granny began filming on 28 October I can only apologise that I am in it too! So we cast him and then added some of the most-loved and wonderful comedy actors in the country. I hope it will be a very special Special. Radio TimesGangsta Granny.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. New Zealand is destroying military-style guns Jump to media player It will be illegal to possess rifles and military-style guns after 21 December in New Zealand.

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So how did the new owner wipe out racism? Gunshots heard at Russia's security services Bbc Jump to media player At least one person has been killed and five wounded in a shooting at the headquarters of Russia's Federal Security Service in central Moscow. Sturgeon to continue making case for 'right to choose' Jump to media player Nicola Sturgeon calls for the transfer of powers to allow a granny referendum on Scottish independence.

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In one moment - impeachment and a Pelosi glare Jump to media player House Speaker Nancy Pelosi confirms Trump is impeached - and warns Democrats not to celebrate. Summary of Video games WikiProject open tasks watch edit history talk purge article alerts newsletter.

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