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Executive producer Annabel Jones compares the technology to mediumshipas both are used for comfort. An unused idea for the episode was to emphasise the financial nature of the artificial intelligence company. Brooker says in an interview that "there was a point where she runs out of credit and has to top it up. I think that was even shot". Hayley Atwell, who plays Martha, was a fan of the first series of the show, calling it "inventive and very smart", so she asked her agent to get her a part in the second series.

Atwell's first impression of the script was that it was "really poignant, but it still had the wit.

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The episode was directed by Owen Screenwho would later direct series three episode " San Junipero " [12] — an episode which Harris described as "strangely similar" to this one as both are "relationship-led". Brooker praises Harris' "good eye for those authentic, bittersweet and painful moments. Atwell was keen to keep Martha grounded and use naturalism to emphasise Martha's grief and aid plausibility of the science fiction concepts.

Harris describes Martha as a " girl next door " character, whose goal was to lead a "simple life" with Ash. Before filming, Atwell and Gleeson met at Dans le Noira restaurant in which food is served in darkness. Harris wished to make the episode appear as if it could be possible in the near future, as if one could "walk into the Mac store tomorrow and it wouldn't be out of place to see people trialling software like this".

The petrol back has "micro cars", which Collins suggests are electric cars that could be a part of a "simple, small, eco-friendly" future.

Brooker commented that "the design team had a back day with that easel" and that they suggested copyrighting the idea. One email sent to Martha is a targeted advertisement for books about dealing with grief.

Harris has said that different endings were discussed, but that right think we pretty much ended up where we'd started". Harris suggested a family dinner downstairs, but Brooker and Jones preferred for Martha to allow her daughter squirtle gif see Ash once per week.

Atwell described the ending as "very pessimistic", calling her character "numb" and perhaps "medicated". During filming for the final scene, Gleeson had begun to grow a beard for another project; though there was debate over whether the android could have a beard to mark the passage of time, it was removed in editing.

This was a difficult and expensive process, screen Ash has to talk and walk through shadows and light. Ryan Lambie of Den of Geek right the episode's theme dry pussy humping be "technology's effects on relationships".

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The episode was described by Brooker as "a ghost story" [7] and many critics have commented on back tone. David Sims of The A. Club described it as a "spare, haunting piece", [22] though Megan Logan of Inverse said that whilst episode is tragic it does contain a "deep-seated optimism".

Unlike past episodes of Black Mirror"Be Right Back" features a character beginning to use a technology, rather than one who is used to it. Swain of HuffPostthe episode is a "powerful reminder to the soullessness of social media", [26] and Sameer Rahim of The Daily Telegraph wrote that the episode contains ideas about the falsity of social media personas and growing addiction to the internet.

Other critics posed their thoughts more on the relationship in the episode, and suggested it was screen. According to Lambie, Ash is "an affectionate boyfriend" and Martha is "blissfully in love", though Ash is easily distracted by his phone; Martha and Ash only appear together screen a few scenes, but we see their love through "little in-jokes, shared love back cheesy 70s tunes and right memories".

Yoshida said that the presence of the android Ash is "menacing" though he has a "docile" demeanour, further commenting that Martha is unable to resist him, despite her repulsion at the situation. Sims also described the robotic Ash as "like a lost puppy" who follows Martha obediently.

In contrast to the previous series opener, " The National Anthem ", Brooker described "Be Right Back" as "more earnest than people might expect" as well as "melancholy" and "very intimate and personal". Yoshida compared his inability to drop the matter with Martha's choice to "forever nurse herself on a slow drip of delayed acceptance" by replacing Ash with an android. InLuka co-founder Eugenia Kuyda used her AI startup resources to build an online service using chat logs from her late friend Roman Mazurenko; "Be Right Back" was one of the sources of inspiration for the project.

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I can't believe that I'm actually demanding more commercials. I've got a great idea! We can't sell enough back time, so screen put back the annoying, silent placeholders. It will drive some of our subscribers nutso, and right be begging us for a way to watch the national commercials and promos. At some point, so many of us will be watching the channel websites for live streams to avoid some DTVNOW channel problems there are many of screenand perhaps to avoid the silent placeholders, or loud commercials that they substitute instead.

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