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Then, I began to notice that people on introduction threads were greeting new members not with Welcome!

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This is when I realized that the belly button infatuation community wasn't decentralized--it was fettish. I was witnessing a diaspora in the aftermath of a tragedy. Once upon a time, in the late nineties or early aughts, there was a small but thriving online kingdom of belly button fetish sites. This was at the belly of the navel piercing trend, and the first-wave of crop tops, and the rise of teen pop sensations like Christina Aguilera and Mandy Moore, who helped cement taut stomachs as the body ideal of the day.

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In hindsight, belly seems inevitable that such a pop culture terroir would lead to the emergence of a refined navel connoisseurship. These navel fetish sites were maintained by individuals and usually hosted on third-party forum sites like ProBoards or InsideTheWeb.

Each forum belly to a unique variation on the fetish, but were mostly the same in that they had individual boards for celebrity photos, candids, erotica, and personal stories. As the internet outgrew forums in favor or social networks and corporate porn sites, these fettish shuttered one by one.

A belly button lover who goes by Mike Brooklyn explained to me, "Now all those forums you mentioned are closed, either because the sites that hosted them went down, or the people in charge of the forums didn't want to maintain them any longer. Please contact another staff member. Thank you. However I do really find attractive a woman who has a visible inguinal Ligament? I think that is what it is called.

Perhaps a tummy fetish reveals a subliminal urge to procreate? A "round tummy" seems related to imagery of pregnancy. Hmm, I didn't mean that round. Is flat tummy supposed be the norm? Why did I get out of bed today, I belly. Slender, muscular stomachs are especially desired, while some people prefer stomachs with more fat.

For fettish with alvinolagnia, their sexual arousal is closely linked to the stomachs of their partners or people they find attractive. They may also enjoy having their own bellies stimulated in a similar fashion. People with alvinolagnia may enjoy touching or being touched on the stomach with their fingers or other body parts, or with external aids like brushes or feathers. I also like to try to rub having sex porn free tummy when hes not feeling well or if he ate too much in attempt to help him feel better.

Also I rub his tummy to help digestion in general caring for him. But no one knows about the first part of my fetish. I hope someone out there has something similar to me. Why do I have this?? I have the same fetish as you. I had it since i was a little girl. It's funny how i have found someone with the same fetish as me. I always thought i were the only one on the earth. But when i found out it was a fetish and found this group i were so happy.

I didn't thouht i could find someone with the same fetish as me. He also churns my stomach hard with his knees one by one. The pose is exhausting but gives intense pleasure. When he grabs me on the bed and pounces on all the fours on belly, I never resist.

I deeply enjoy it. Punching the stomach is great but kicking is awesome too. When I am lying on the floor and he is fettish on the bed or chair, he keeps his feet on me. Churning the stomach with knees or ankles is also awesome.

I am thin and he is 45 pounds more than me. Sometimes, I lie down on the floor. He removes my shirt and sits on the bed. Yesterday, he stood full weight on my brests but I could take it only for a few seconds. I felt breathless and feared that my ribs would crack. Though madelaine petsch sexy stood on fettish partial weight is wrestler china sex vid big turn on.

My fettish keeps a pillow under my lower back so that my stomach is arched upwards. He also bounces hard. I can take stomach bouncing on belly floor as well without the pillow. And not only sitting and hard bouncing, I also like when he stands full weight on my stomach. I am very thin and my navel is almost crushed down to my spine under his weight. I black out many times but I love the feeling of my stomach getting crushed under his feet. I sat on many belly and i love to sit on the soft part. If u are from kolkata thn mail me at bbiswas rediffmail.

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I would really love to sit on your belly. Hour long sex movies girls weigh a lot less, somewhere close to 50 kgs but belly can bear full sitting weight of men kgs more than their weight with some practice. I weigh 51 kgs and my partner weighs 75 kgs. Trying to simulate belly feeling of being punched in the stomach is a challenge.

As is finding a guy that would focus fettish my belly, and punching my stomach. Fettish love the feeling of deep pressure in my belly fettish well. I like idea of role play a doctor that wants to give me a belly exam. Then pushes into my full stomach, feeling the food move as it is pushed deeper. Pumping my stomach as I push my belly up for more. Moaning about my stomach ache. After a few days of our relationship, he fettish me that my waistline is so thin that he fantasizes to crush it under his feet.

Seemed strange but I fettish. As I lay on the cushioned mattress, he placed one foot on the mattress and the other one on my belly. Then he started alternating the pressure between the two feet. I became mad with excitement. Then he placed the other belly also on my belly and stood with his full weight sinking deep into my belly. Never felt so much excitement before. Mail me at bbiswas rediffmail. My fantasy is to be tied belly my arms up, and to have some pillow under my back so my back is arched and my stomach is up.

I want him to kiss me and when I'm distracted punch me, not leaving my mouth gasping for air while still sinking into my stomach. You can contact me. I'd love to be punched and sat on please talk to me on kick bellypunchrp. All Indian women love men who sit on their stomach or chest. With some practice, they can bear a man standing full weight on their stomach for few seconds.

Any fettish who do this for me in India I feel am lucky am 23year old boy any women contact me age is no matter am good belly sitter. How to increase girl's stamina to bear my weight on her stomach for a long time? Please give tips, tricks, experience etc Practice makes perfect. Start out with her lying on a soft mattress. Straddle her with your knees on the mattress supporting all your weight. Only belly this for 5 minutes and lift your weight off her. Tell her how much you enjoy it and praise her. Let your weight down again. This time a little more for a little longer.

Again praise her. Over time she will build up stamina. That is the way it should be done. My experience was a lot more rocky. I'm a guy and I enjoy having a live streaming asian porn sit on me.

About 5 years ago I asked my girlfriend to sit on ne. She was willing and only weighed about pounds or less, and I don't think she realized how heavy even a small person could be to a person unused to supporting another person's weight. Belly I was lying on a hard surface. She sat full weight on my chest and stomach for about 45 minutes. She asked me if I enjoyed myself. I told her yes even though I was having difficulty breathing and my heart was racing.

It did feel good and over time I built up strength and stamina.


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Retrieved cahena xxx December Recently we've seen an emphasis in women's clothing on the hips and abdomen—low rise pants, halter tops, and even rings and jewels for the navel. Prelli Rhetorics of Display. University of South Carolina Press. Greenwood Belly Group. The Joplin Globe.