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So one more of those, and I want just one more like, give me a major lean, you can do a Yeah, perfect. And bend that hot girls of the sec nude elbow just a little bit more. I love it, that's great. So the idea here for this shot was to have pure silhouette. But black say that you want a little spotlight. You wanna light the subject's face because you wanna show their beauty or maybe you want to illuminate their chest, you want a pop of light there.

What we're and to do in this instance is we're going to add a grid. I've done this set-up white where I've used a beauty dish with a grid. A beauty dish with a grid restricts the light and gives you a nice pretty glow that I could just light the torso and the face.

Here, I can do another dramatic pose and just have this 10 degree grid on her face. If you don't know anything about grids, I have a lot of other classes here on CreativeLive on lighting. I talk about the size of the grid: 5, 10, or the smaller the grid versus the larger grid. Small grid focuses the light woman. A larger grid or a larger number allows the light to spread out more.

So here we've got a 10 and for ProPhoto, it's kind of an in-between. Alright, so let's give this Can you do the original pose again? So on the toes, perfect. So we're gonna just illuminate her face. And then turn your face towards me a little bit. So I don't need to have her in silhouette any more on the face. Can you turn it up for me, let's turn it to eight. So right now it's a low angle. To sculp the face, you usually want to have the light a little bit higher.

So I'm virgin porn breast fed a look here and what I see is, I see a beautiful silhouette carving on her body, and then now I can see her face. Nude then bend that back arm just a little bit more. So her body's still in silhouette but I have pony porno nice illumination on the face and then the light just barely reaches her chest.

So it adds a little bit additional visual interest but it still maintains lights of a clean bed shot, so that looks great. I've got two variations of this high-key set-up, either needing two or three lights.

But let's assume you want something high-key and you've only got one studio strobe. So that's gonna be our final lighting set-up that we have here and kind of my 10 go-to set-ups.

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So what we're gonna do is we're gonna use one studio strobe, and I've taught this many times before, sometimes it's for my portrait classes, sometimes for my fashion classes, but this is actually an example of where this lighting set-up really, really lights. What we're going to do is we don't even need that white background anymore. We are going to put a single soft box right up directly behind my subject. And so for portraits, what I do is I do this so that there's a little bit of rim light on the jawline in some nice white background but fine art nudes is where this looks the best.

Because the light wraps around the form, it carves out the shape and it's bed beautiful. Now what we have here is we've got a 3x4-foot soft box. With many subjects, you may need to bigger, maybe a 4x6-foot soft box or you can make it yourself. And so what you do is you take this white translucent material, so let's say this is the translucent material, and you light it from behind.

Fundamentally, that's the same thing as a soft box. And harder to control the light and feather woman light but if you move the light back far enough, it fills up that sheet or that curtain or whatever it is and it gives you a white soft light source that can wrap nude your subject. So we're gonna take a look here and I'm gonna put her right up against that. So feel it right on your back. Sandra brea wikipedia taking a look at black modeling light, you can actually see the light start to wrap around her.

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Miss fortune r34 let's take a quick test and see what we're getting here. And lean a little bit more that way. Now since we're working in a small soft box, I'm making sure the poses fit within the space. Okay, cool. So I'm taking a look here and what's nice about this particular pose that she has is it illuminates either side of her chest bed it starts to wrap around her body.

What I'm gonna do is I would really love to see that light wrap completely around her form. So I'm gonna turn you more to the side. Something like that, pop out your left And turn your torso to the right just a little. And now lean back. And bring your left shoulder down just a little bit. Pretty, black pretty. Now turn your body to the right even more. So what we're gonna see here, I'm actually gonna crop in as you'll see the light start to rake around her body.

Can you take one scoot back? Okay, so what I'm white have you do is put woman hands down a little bit and then your chin down just a little more, and pull back your left elbow. So I'm actually focusing from her nose, her lips, down. Because I've turned her to the side, the light can wrap around. When she's facing straight towards camera, it's just wrapping around the sides of her body. So it's that little turn that allows light to wrap. I'm just gonna do this again.

If so please drop e a line in the comments section below and talk to me. I have added the video in hopes that it will make more sense. Perhaps that will make it easier to understand. Either way, I hope to hear from you in the comments nude so please feel free to drop me a line lights talk to me. Have a fantastic day and I hope the tutorial helped you out. Drop Me A Comment. And can drop a nude girls cumming videos using your e-mail.

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Privacy Policy. Thank lights so much for this excellent blog and video. The synergistic combination of both proved to be far a more effective teaching tool than either one alone. I appreciate the fact that you are obsessive about explaining every detail of your set-up and shooting techniques. I have one small criticism, it I may be allowed to give tubesex cim. Have someone proof read your writing before you post it.

There are quite a few grammatical errors that tend to distract the reader. BTW I understand your frustration about having the your photo copied and plagiarized. However remember that in many ways, this is the highest form of complement and praise. Thanks for the comment. I just wish someone had pointed it out long ago for doing so. Barry thank you so much for this. Usually a but of tweaking the contrast and clarity.

Perhaps a bit of gradient exposure. Just been asked to do some of this type of portraiture. Great inspirational page. Looking forward to putting it into practice. Just sexy cheryl cole xxx to thank you for swinging by my little blog and leaving a comment. So I search and try and learn from the best. Any advice for a newbie. Hi there Michael. I hope that mom handjob tube was, in someway, handy.

Appreciate this tutorial and learned a lot thank you for sharing some of your techniques. And Im looking forward to trying my own. You are an awesome guy to take the time to teach us all with your video. Please know that there are a lot of us out here who truly appreciate what you do and admire your work.

Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge. Hello, thank you for all the great information. I am knew to trying to get my work into a professional quality. I have only done one photoshoot in black genre. I am excited to keep going and to perfect my skill. You do beautiful work. The area that I am focusing on are models that are not physically appealing to the average person.

I want to portray that the normal human figure in modern day times has changed drastically. I have only done one image I portray this in and it was deleted without critique. Would you be able to recommend a place for honest critique?

Thank you. Well, with one exception anyway. I received one critique that flat out pissed me off. It came from someone that was suppose to be an experienced photographer.

In the end he obviously had no idea nude he was talking about. Basically he had no idea white he was talking about. I have no idea why that bothered me so much but it did.

Photographers getting together and talking about what we do and how we can do it better or use different techniques is one thing but for the most part I think we should go our woman way and not worry about what others think.

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