Black tragedy to a dancer in la

But we can understand it all right — it describes the emotional condition that Canadian actor and theater director Jonathon Young experienced after his young daughter, niece and nephew died in in an accidental fire. Shocked, wordless, traumatized. Stuck in a looping, neverending hell.

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That was his Betroffenheit. Young, who wrote the text and stars in the piece, and Pite, who choreographed and directed it, aimed for and achieved a more enlightening conclusion.

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Dancer Jermaine Spivey, who moves with a miraculous exactitude and articulation, is introduced as a kind of doppelganger for Young, jerking through pointed gestures as the voice on the PA annunciates each word. Finally, Young attempts to numb and escape his demons. He dons a wig and an electric blue suit, and he joins the dancers in a tap dancing, Vegas-style floor show, symbolic of a spiral into substance abuse and addiction. The set and tacky costumes designs by Nancy Bryant are exchanged in Act 2 for a nearly bare stage, loose clothing and fierce, pure movement.

Pite captures the look of people attempting to stay upright on a rocking ship through her roiling and physically heroic phrases.

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Christopher Hernandez flies through extreme positions almost faster than the eyes and mind can process. Dancers David Raymond, Cindy Salgado and Tiffany Tregarthen were equally impressive, as was Young, who is decades their elder and just as accomplished and committed.

A giant pillar stands center stage, reaching up into the fly space. The dancers only occasionally pay it notice; Pite choreographs around it.

Black Tragedy to a Dancer in LA 1

Young returns at the end and a recorded narration attempts petite young schoolgirls fucking wrap things up, to present meaningful conclusions.

It was unnecessary. In one piece, Brown asked viewers to stand in a circle. While an audio recording of a man begging police for his life played, Brown danced in the center. He also gave several viewers slips of paper with instructions — they were to call out derogatory names when prompted. Other dancers such as Marquisa Gardnerknown in the dance world as Miss Prissy, and Deidra Cooper, known as Krucial the Liberatorkrumpan energetic and emotional dance born on the streets of South L.

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By hosting street dance activism workshops in L. Last year, Bell and her collective hosted a workshop at Pieter Performance Space, where around 30 people learned social dances and how they could also use their art to create change.

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