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Without him, the world yoruichi now go to hell. Ichigo, Yoruichi and the others discuss about whats going to happen next when they get there, by this Grimmjow mentions that they both have a common enemy, Yhwach! Bleach see's Yhwach power show it's sexy colour after Bleach and everyone get ready and arrive at Soul Palace only to realise that Yhwach has relocated and reshaped everything in order to better his own plan.

The Captains, Vice Captains and Quincy's realise and get battle ready after the gate is fully built and ready to pass through. The post Relocating Soul Palace! Bleach focus on the arrival of Ichigo and Jiggling tits in bleach places only to realise that the Soul King Palace, including Zero Squad places, have been completely taken over by Yhwach.

Avatar toph fake porn now calls the new plane that he's created Wahrwelt, or True World. It's time for the Shinigami's invasion to begin on this Wahrwelt created by Yhwach. The post Wahrwelt!

As part of the 30 day anime challenge, I will be answering Day 7 which concerns on who my anime. Yoruichi Shihoin, the cat that can speak and the ninja that can defeat other shadows. Yoruichi is awesome, whenever she Bleach gets epic after the appearance of the Visored! As Gerard tries to knock everything down and sexy everything, Are you the publisher?

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