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This show had seen a teen Brooke Hogan struggling with her father who was overprotective. While Brooke Hogan had been working on the second album, many personal issues led to the cancellation of the show, Hogan Knows Best.

Although her parents had made many appearances throughout, it focused on Brooke Hogan and her music.

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After the end of Brooke Knows Best, Brooke Hogan had pursued a career in the field of acting, and she had made many appearances in movies and TV shows. Brooke Hogan had been released from this show after one year, and Brooke Hogan had starred in the L. Slasher in the year, These sexy Brooke Hogan bikini photos will make you wonder how someone so beautiful could exist.

Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Brooke said she feels as though she has no Mom and that Hulk is taking everything well because he is handling it the Christian way.

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She said her Mom raised her well and she is happy for that. Brooke admitted she practices safe sex. She said she really likes Hulk's girlfriend and that she was worried about her dad until she got to know his girlfriend. Brooke said she was on the pill and is responsible with her boyfriend Staxx. When Howard asked if Staxx ever tried to get her to do a sex tape she said, "That is what mirrors are for. Brooke said it was on Bubba and basically acknowledged that it was true.

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Howard asked about any Playboy possibilities and she said she wouldn't rule it out but her fans are too young now for her to do it. A caller said Raphaella lily offered Linda grand to take a drug test and Howard and crew kidded, "Where would he get that money from?

Still, she wouldn't fully admit to anything. More plugs for "Brooke Knows Best," and Brooke mentioned she has a nude scene this year in the show and that she is fully shaved. Howard brought up that obviously it was blurred but now footage can be out there of her nude.

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Brooke said yes, and she was comfortable nude and plugged her CD released on June Get exclusive audio, first-look insider news, Forum access, member blogs, more Interview Highlights. Brooke Hogan claims she lost her virginity to someone who appeared on "Hogan Knows Best," admits she has breast implants, says she's never seen Hulk Hogan smoke pot Jun 4, - AM.

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