Crimea naturist

You can visit the water park koktebel[ [2] ].

Crimea has some great nude beaches

Great beaches for swimming nudists beach[ [3] ] Koktebel is well known for its naturist beaches and communities with naturist tourist coming from Russia and Eastern Europe. The Koktobel Jazz Fest [4]which takes places each September. Accommodation in Koktebelj is a bit more expensive than many of the other places in the Crimea and a lot nicer too.

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If you're looking for something a bit cheaper head east down the main road towards the large Arab looking hotel. The website might contain some information which is not intended for people under 16 years of age. Made with love by friendly team.

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Do visit our site more often - we'll be delighted to see you. Quests Events Places Sign in. Nudist Beach Koktebel.

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And eat in Crimeaa Georgian cuisine restaurant famous for its plov pilau rice with meat and khachapuri warm white sour dough with naturist cheese inside. How to From the airport in Simferopil, hire a cab bargaining the price down twice is a must or get on a shuttle bus.

You can also take an authentic Soviet trolley that drags through the mountains for more than two hours without an air conditioner; the 84km route is said to be the longest in the world and, perhaps, the cheapest.

To avoid Russian holidaymakers, travel in the shoulder season, which begins in late April and lasts through May.

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The sun will be warm enough for a healthy tan and quick water dips. Alternatively, visit the Crimea in September or October for the beauty and quiet peace of the Indian summer.

Hotel prices and availability will be ample, the sea still warm and mountain trails blissfully vacated. Travel Menu.

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At the end they even climb up the small hill, which presumably is Mount Olympus and we don't get to see what happens because the camera can't see through all the bodies crowded on top. Hopefully there is not a human sacrifice just kidding! The first half of the video shows people on the beach getting organized, applying body paint and just generally having a good time.

In the second half, the performance plays out. Not likely. Camping at Fox Bay, Crimea.

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