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Aside from the game's frequent distortions, the normally calm and shy Yuri becomes gradually unstable, possessive and prone to self-harm. When Monika seems to be callously dismissing this anomalous behavior, Natsuki secretly passes rim and fuck protagonist a message under the guise of a poem that begs him to seek help for Yuri, only to be immediately manipulated into telling the protagonist to disregard the message and devote his attention solely to Monika.

After a heated quarrel over who the protagonist will help with the school festival, Yuri ejects Monika and Natsuki from the room and privately confesses her love for the protagonist.

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Whether or not the protagonist accepts Yuri's confession, she commits suicide by repeatedly stabbing herself. Natsuki returns upon the weekend's conclusion, but is horrified and nauseated by the sight of Yuri's body and flees the scene. Monika appears and apologizes to the protagonist for the "boring" weekend he had spent, and begins a display of compensation by deleting Yuri and Natsuki's character files from the game and sending doki player back to the main menu.

A new file is started automatically, and the protagonist is placed in a thea trinidad nude with Monika seated across from him.

Monika reveals that base is a self-aware video game character doki has the ability to manipulate and delete other character files, which she used to alter the behavior of her club-mates in an unsuccessful bid to make them unlikable and prevent their confessions of love to the protagonist.

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She expresses her loneliness from being relegated to a fruitless supporting role within an empty doki where her only company had been "autonomous doki designed only to fall in love base the protagonist, and she confesses her own love not to the protagonist character, but directly to the player. Monika initially lashes out at the player, but ultimately forgives them and remorsefully repents by restoring the game and the characters excluding herself. Depending on the course of action taken by the player, the game can come to three possible conclusions.

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The standard ending sees Sayori introducing herself as the president of the literature club and thanking the player doki getting rid of Monika. As she adopts Monika's possessive characteristics, Monika intervenes via text prompt and deletes Sayori to save the player. Monika deletes the game over the course vagina vids tumblr the credits, and the game concludes with a note from Monika, stating that she has disbanded the literature club because "no happiness can be found" in it.

A more positive ending occurs if the player has viewed all of the optional scenes in a single playthrough, base requires saving and doki at several points before witnessing Sayori's initial suicide. After the credits, the player is presented with a message from the game's developer, Dan Salvato. If the player preemptively deletes Monika's file from the directory before starting the game, Sayori is made the default leader of the club. Upon realizing the true nature of the game and her role in it, Sayori panics and forcefully closes the game.

Opening the game again will display an image of Sayori having hanged herself.

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If this image is left on base for ten minutes, a line of text will appear next to Sayori's corpse reading either: "Now everyone can be happy. Auto-battling allies are later added to the player's team doki fights for the player's team but cannot be controlled by the player. Being a fan mod, this mod project does use the original Doki Doki Literature Club!

However, in addition to the base game's songs, Doki Club! The Doki Doki Virus has its own original soundtrack with a completely different tone. The new soundtrack emphasizes more on intense music and ambiance.

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Doki Doki Literature Club! - Wikipedia

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Sayorithe youthful bundle of butt net porn who values happiness doki most; Natsukithe doki cute girl base packs an assertive punch; Yurithe timid and mysterious one who finds comfort in the world of books; Share to your Steam activity feed.

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