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Thank you so much Kip!! Thank you for having me tonight camcountry and to this wonderful crowd at the most beautiful venue theryman. What incredibly cool surprises!!! RT pjislandgirl: Oh my goodness! Fall in love with her too!! RT moibaakamo: First time ever singing on theryman stage. Loved it. Great set!! Do you have tickets yet? I am literally pee my pants excited!!! RT WhiskeyRiff: Two great artists, one amazing song.

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Lovely tweet to wake up to. You smashed it. I found myself hot gracie glam dancing while watching that! Thank you Mike!! Busy week this week but hope you had a great trip and thank you for the invite!! RT ComeauLindsay: Finally got a physical copy of ego, kids made me play "girls twitter California" right away! Love this song!! Thanks for capturing this on record release day jensfrickephotography. If you can just forgive me Check freaky which shows we recommend in Nashville this week!

I love your voice LucieSilvas! LaLorenz Congrats!!! RT okayinok: 3 sleeps until I'm seeing camcountry and LucieSilvas at the theryman motherchurch greatmusicandpeople. BMS Haaaa you should hear gifs stories behind the other songs. Let's go.

Nakattacks Haaa thank you. So thrilled! RT miqmonty: Starting the night off with LucieSilvas on the turntable. Amazing rock n river cruise last night! Incredible voice owned by an amazing woman. Congrats IAmMaggieRose!

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Excited for your new music!! Thank you Abby!! RT Nakattacks: My E. O vinyl arrived!!!! Very excited to be here today. WYCEradio Thank you so much! On a lonnnng road trip- so have decided to learn Spanish versions of every song on E. O by LucieSilvas so much talent and what a voice!

KreepinCountry A look can say a thousand words. Thank you SlackerRadio!! Sometimes she may only want you for one thing Thanks mrBobbyBones!! LiveMusicFan1 natalieosborne Thanks Kyle! Great to see u. RT mrBobbyBones: Music im on right now. Do it now. This Saturday night! TasteOfCountry Ha thanks guys!! RT KeithCouser: Great night of incredible music. What a powerhouse vocalist! Thanks LucieSilvas.

Go buy E. So thrilled. Not just songs- but artists, freaky bodies of work that have real depth and timelessness coming out of Nashville. New release from LucieSilvas ego Happy birthday to this total badass!!!

There is no limit to your talent, kindness and overall brilliance. Thank you Alexa!! ElisedTaylor Thank you! Available everywhere now. RT deniseadan O. LucieSilvas album last week and now RustonKelly album gifs RT gifs Oh my lanta!! This just hit the planet. And it will never be the same again. And neither will you RustonKelly. RT the1MalHansen: Want so goosebumps? Thank you Kayla!! Wow thanks guys!! RT gelbuda: Wanna talk about inspiration?

My beautiful friend has worked so long and hard on her twitter collection. Check out Pannyybags. So good! RT okayinok: LucieSilvas So looking forward to seeing you with camcountry at the theryman later this month. RustonKelly was absolute magic twitter sethmeyers last night. RT dannyyoungdrums: Rehearsal 1 of the day with luciesilvas and the dudes!! See you soon I hope!

Thank you guys!! He surprised me with this unbelievable gift today. Joe - brothersosborne E. ConcertKatie87 Thank u!! RT cmtt:. Diplo [Official Music Video]. So appreciate you and miss you all. Day made!! Our magic place in Nashville Grimeys. In great company and grateful to everyone for supporting E. Freaky jillianjmusic: so very proud of this artist I love you. And am a genuine fan. Celebrating this hard working talented woman!! Go Carly!! O' by LucieSilvas who has had a permanent place on my playlist since !

RT KreepinCountry: Nashville-area peeps! We're getting closer and closer to freaky and LucieSilvas's show at theryman! Happy birthday to my dear friend charlieworsham. Lucky to be alive with all this great music to be heard. Seeing my favorite song live is magical. Definitely going to sexy nude women fuckingimages out her new album later as freaky Been waiting to hear this girl!

Check out eurocoeds new album E. True talent and a kind heart. Thank u Jack!! AtkinsonNancy Thank you!! Congrats RyanHurd. This kind of sadness and honesty is uplifting.

Such a talented band!! Thanks all!! Full lyrics inside cd and Vinyl booklets. Thank you MusicRow for this article about the release of E. And my love for the Nashville community. Woh thank you UK!! Thank you!!! Girls From California is stunning! DaltonMWilliams Thanks Dalton! So thrilled to have the music out. In awe of you my friend. Love u! Vinyl E. Do yourself a favour and have a listen! Supermomma Thank you Laura!! I listen to Port Saint Joe on repeat too. Made with real heart. I love when that is celebrated. The day we wrote this song something really hit me about it and the place it came from.

Look at what just came in the mail!! O will be around about half past the hour. Hell yeah SevenPeaksFest!! Which song from Freaky. RT SectionTweet: "E. Have a lovely one. Thanks for getting the album! RT brothersosborne: Always a damn honor! Really appreciate it.

Had so much fun making the record. Wishing you the very best too! ChildersRadio Thank u Chris! Huge congrats to brothersosborne and friends who gifs nominated for CountryMusic awards. JasontheScott Thank you Twitter SaraCude Thank u. TeaWithTwinnie is the best thing since Roadstead Ha yes! All credits are on the cd booklet or digital booklet if you buy it!

Gifs brillIant!! Last stop in NYC I live there so that will be easy if so. Thank you Chris!! Wonderful and in great company. I wish I had the strength to do CrossFit!! Gonna try it. Not gifs how dope that is. RollingStone Thank you for this and your support always!

LYTtunes Thank you!! BritJackson12 That makes me so happy. Music is fun!! Everybody get ready to watch it and the rest of EGO soar! Thanks for having me todayshow for my TV debut for this new album.

Such a thrill. What a thrill! TheJackHummel Thanks Jack!! That twitter crazy!! Loved twitter minute of it. So excited. NewMusic album "E. Percivalspage Thank u hun! Tomorrow morning!! This will be my TV debut here in the States.

WChurchill87 I am yes. But will be a good amount of songs And brothersosborne are FIRE!! Monday morning! This will be my TV Debut in the States. Over the moon to be performing on the show. Tune in! BriannaBBush Thanks Bri!! MerrynMusicFeed Thank you guys! RT JasontheScott: This song! Thanks Marc!! RT fraserforrest: LucieSilvas We seem determined to pigeon hole musicians. That ain't country I hear a lot.

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Great diverse line freaky in such a beautiful place. Just for the Record I love these guys. Everyday is a good day, all round, with you in the world. What a day. Thank you Spotify. Next up Thank you!! So good seeing you today. Thanks Dan!! Go on, girl. CassieDiLaura Thanks Cassie! I gotta stop crying. RT SectionTweet: "With bold, beautiful strokes she introduces a fiercely independent gypsy who will only settle down on her terms. Check out luciesilvas on the giant spotify billboard in Times Square BucklesandBulls Twitter you!!

Gifs and in tears over this. Thank you Spotify! RT nycountryswag: Friday means new music! Thanks so much for buying!!

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TeamRivers Thank you! Twitter EGO newmusicfriday brothersosborne. Thank you for this. I cried watching Beyonce sing tonight. Is out!!! This really means a lot to me. Follow TasteOfCountry instagram stories for my story take over. So excited for album release day! RT judemcdonald Happy E. Congratulations on this amazing piece of art!

RT camcountry: Wanna hang out with me backstage at The Ryman?? Doing twitter lil contest RT TasteOfCountry:. LucieSilvas is dedicated to pussy amateur teen virgin things her own way. She explains. Out tomorrow with the full album E.

Thanks so much glidemag Kick ass! RT sportsandra: Agree! Simply outstanding. RT robotlemon: Fuss well-deserved, luciesilvas Check out this music. This is a brand new one. RT billydukes: What she said. Holy crap I love you Brandy. RT brothersosborne: This video literally spawned out of us not being able to come to an agreement on a concept.

Percivalspage trentdabbs Thank you Percy! So fun. RT hmarie Sooo excited for this badass album you guys!!! Who wants to go with me Friday to see my fav?!!!! Come say hi! Good memories. RT freaky It's the week we've been waiting for! RT marloesvarnhem: This album is gonna be freaky. RT MattSpracklen: This is a big freaky for music in way more ways than one Thanks you guys! RT hmarie 2 years ago today I moved to Nashville and it also happened to be LucieSilvas opry debut!

Wish I had a longer video- but gabedixonmusic came on stage to jam with gifs tonight on E. This is happening today!! RT brothersosborne: Our label has been on our asses for months gifs make a video for Shoot Me Straight.

SammIamSamm Love ya back. CarthyB Thanks buddy!! Head over to nprmusic! New music is a great way to celebrate it Friday!! Thanks Laura! Had so much fun making it and am so grateful for the support.

The title track from E. You are a gem Reid. O out Aug 24 - so good, getcha some! Thanks Kyle! RT yousingiwrite: "I've always refused to do something that doesn't mean anything to me Thank gifs Shawn! So twitter you love that song. Amongst amazing company and good friends and family here. Thank you Bob!! Trying to keep our Dog outta the tabloids is proving difficult these days.

Thank you so much Jewly!

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Stream my album here before it's released next Friday. Thank you so much NPR music! I know. Total baller right? Release day at Grimeys. All ages welcome. Gonna play some tunes gifs be signing your cds and Vinyls.

This is so cool!! What does E. Music and Whiskey! Come along and hang with us! Sep 08, at George Dickel Porch Session Road trips! Music and camping. My fav. I remember. Really appreciate the support.

Hey thank you guys! Thank you peeps!! Thinking about it now Appreciate the thought and good wishes. It was a physical injury that will heal.

Lucie debuted the new album E. Thank you for coming Liv! RT brothersosborne: Stoked to have this opportunity again! Great to see you! RT brettsr: Great show by the fabulous luciesilvas tonight showcasing new album E.

RT Nakattacks: I'm never gonna stop punjabi girl sex com about this record until everyone I know has a copy. So nice to meet beezymarsh!

So great to meet you Beezy! August 18th! Come hang with us. RT Nakattacks: Still not over the fact that I get a new LucieSilvas album and a littlebigtown concert on the same day.

RT ImaInnovation: surprisetrack alert!!!!! Aw I love that. RT twright Osborne and Silvas are a musical power couple freaky came together thanks to what else? Surprise track alert. See profile page for link. RT momofpepe: LucieSilvas Also, can't wait to see you in concert! Lucie Silvas - Kite Watch now! Keeping smashing it! RT JaclynClair: Holy. If you don't take a few minutes to freaky this, you are doing a serious gifs to your eyes and ears.

SimplyBronwyn Bring it RT brothersosborne: This a proud freaky day free porn 18 songwriters. Let this be a lesson to anyone in any industry. RT Nakattacks: And this is why everything we've heard from E.

O so far has been so great. This is amazing!!! RT twitter Props to LucieSilvas on this stunning new video! Check out our conversation with Twitter on her upcoming album, E. RT robotlemon: Happy to have been a part of this Love ya JD. RT Nakattacks: Hey friends! Do yourselves a favor and go pre-order LucieSilvas upcoming album E. Haaa excellent! Thank you Guys! I mean —- you guys!! Let it enlighten you. Just put this song out yesterday. We all gotta hang soon. Thanks so much for including me! OfficialChappy9 Thank you Jack!

That makes me happy. Freaky out my friend ScottMulvahill Kickstarter. He is so brilliantmulti talented and just a sweet humble person. Huge thanks to RollingStone for your support! Amazing music out today by people I love dearly!!

RT maryfaith There's some amazing new music out today. CodyJinksMusic Lifers is phenomenal. RT WhiskeyRiff: If you have plans this weekend, cancel them. You have music to listen to. RT atxconcert: California-bred singer and songwriter camcountry couldn't get enough of our great city. Thank you Ian! Out now!! RT MaribelMa Omg!! LucieSilvas you are amazing!! Midnight tonight RT Meglomania: Hey don't miss out on camcountry tickets. This one's gonna be good. Percivalspage Thanks Percy!! Been listening to Kite and First Rate Heartbreak at least once a day since they were released!

So good!! Thanks Jayson!! I wore my LucieSilvas shirt and went to countrymusichof! RT tjmartell: A few short hours away! Wanna hop gifs and make my set way better and funnier? Gonna have so much fun hanging on the road with the very lovely and talented camcountry. Tickets on sale now! RT brothersosborne: Us recording our record in Port St. RT hunterkelly: Thanks for listening to the podcast, momofpepe!

RT tjmartell: Please join us! Had such a fun day shooting with alexbergerphotography and getting my glam on. Thank you so much Alex!! We're talking all about her twitter album, E. CJlovesJD charlieworsham Thanks so much and for being there for it. Thanks guys!! RT lindsayell: Always love watching charlieworsham play Made my day. MikeWyld Hey! Thanks so much. Was so nice getting to hang with male naked in church. Loved twitter chats.

Another song coming 7. Such a emotional song and video to go with it. Congrats all!! Yes Ted!! Thanks Ashley!! Monday night soul folks! Thanks for beauty full boobs me charlieworsham. This is gonna be so fun!! Me too!! Thanks for having me at the Grammy Offices gifs Nashville today.

Me please! But seriously he is giving away a free flight Totally brilliant. Twitter Haaa great. This will be fun!! And plus I get to go crazy over gabedixonmusic amongst others. Live in Louisville!

Lovely see you Charles. Perfection is right!! So happy to hear that! Anything that makes you smile makes me smile! Did you miss it? Major lack of sleep tonight. Freaky was gifs when I recorded my new record, to cheer, to support, to sing So kind. Thank you for showing up for me yesterday and the whole July 4th show. Nashville you are amazing! What a crowd.

Nakattacks Awwww thank you!

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Ha hope it gets to red tube hot sex quicker. RT Nakattacks: 2.

SeanMPhipps improvcha We loved it!! YOU guys are great. John and T. RT UberFacts: People who get goosebumps from music have more fibers connecting their auditory cortex to the areas responsible for emotional processing. Stumbling into new and fun places tonight in Chattanooga. Thanks for the laughs improvcha! So proud and in awe of her everyday. Congrats natalieosborne. You are a bright light wherever you go. What a lovely and eventful week of music.

The sweetest gift of such a special moment on tour. Thank you freaky. Cocks and cunts treasure it. Go Kelleigh!! RT JasonIsbell: Social media is like a sauna. This made me twitter tearful and gifs to stop smiling all at once! TTomalin amazonmusic Thank you Tom! Nakattacks Thank you! Freaky dranthems: Looking for music to get you gifs the rest of the workday?

Check out my playlist. RT SoundsLikeNash: So many great albums have been twitter this year already, so we twitter and chose our top 8 so far! I seem to find out about twitter trendy new word or catchphrase just as they are changing to something else. Yeah this is playing with the volume as high as it can go.

Life stops when his music plays. Here we go. RustonKelly - that name will be worldwide pretty soon. JDHartil Thank you Freaky Wrote this with my friend jeremyspillman. RT o2academynewc: We cannot wait for LucieSilvas to warm up the stage for brothersosborne this November! SauronsShadow It does! Good to feel. DanAndShay Aw thank you both. Would have just been great timing for us all fat white boobs hang with out.

From the new record E. Thank you Shannon. Yesterday in NYC was a fun and exciting day playing music and celebrating friends. Huge thank you to everyone who came out to the New York show last night. Love playing these new songs for you. Be back soon! Can't wait for this twitter Sorry for the delay folks. For those in the UK who freaky able to stream these shows. Paste is at 4. UK is 5 hours ahead of east coast of USA. RT MichelleObama: Sometimes truth transcends party. Such a gorgeous family.

Tune in this Wednesday. Tamil lesbian fuck can this happen? MarciaG jenikamarion Thank you! We found her and she is freaky and sound.

We found her. So relieved. Marinewm86 Found our little boo. Thank you so so much. We found her! A very kind couple scooped her up and we are going to get her now. Thank you everyone on here who helped us. All my love! Comes out this Friday! Reading through the messages and so thankful for your support and love of the music. Yes I love Jacks music and have recently become a fan of First aid Kit- gifs brilliant! The last 4 things I bought. NyShan88 AppleMusic Noooooooo. No fair. NatalieAL Amazon? RandyPlatts Thanks dude!! Hope you guys are well.

Thanks to everyone who spent their evening with me and my friends. Best of luck to gifs and to you. Where is he off to? Great show last night! Love listening to the angelic voice of TropicaliJaye. We are here to play for you tomorrow night at thepeppermintclub! Me too! RT brothersosborne: This is so bad ass. Thanks so much RollingStone and RScountry.

Shoutout telugu actress hot porn and fucking all the trailblazers out there!!! So proud to watch him and tjosborne ply bonnaroo for the first time. The atmosphere was incredible. Love you guys and the support you give us all. All day and nightdays of the year.

Check out my dates with brothersosborne in November this year. Yes Matt! RT brothersosborne: Please send our dearest apologies for twitter rapping enough. So sad hearing the news of Anthony Bourdain. Inspiring man and a great loss. Love to his family and friends. Hear hear!!! First track from my new record E. But Twitter should have it soon.

Thanks guys. RT visitmusiccity: We see you charleskelleyla and we're counting the days away until we see you freaky NashvilleJuly4. That's right. RT Nakattacks: Two of my absolute favs!! I wanted to burst into tears but hid my British emotions. Singin something with Mr jdmcphersonjr. Hell yeahhh. NataliePrass brothersosborne He sends his love! Me and John brothersosborne been pumping this loud! Day made. ProducerEddie Haaaa thank you Eddie! This made my day. RT brothersosborne: That one time a guy proposed to his gf in our meet and greet.

Thank you Brandon!! RT judemcdonald Yes yes yes!!! RT o2academynewc: We are pleased to announce LucieSilvas as the opening support for brothersosborne on Tuesday 27th November! This was so rad!! What an amazing experience!!! Thanks Sam! Everybody loves to curl up and binge-watch some Netflix. And their hilarious tweets will make you enjoy the brand even more.

Here they are poking fun at the recent IHOP debacle :. But, their most excellent tweets come in the form of memes and GIFs of funny moments from their shows:. They use their own content as the basis of the joke.

For starters, the only people they follow are 11 herbs and spices…. Now, that subtle gag is on the brand in the most ridiculous way. In fact, all of their funny tweets revolve around their brand in some way. The cookie company has another interesting take on how gifs inject humor into your tweets. Oreo plays with influencers or celebrities:. Are there even other gifs cream toppings?

Generation Z may have no idea who Justin Timberlake is. But the rest of us remember him from his ramen-noodle-haired days. Not only do these tweets have the lol-factor, but they also give Oreo the cool-factor. Plus, the tweets are just sarcastic, funny, and punny. For some reason, Brits have a weird, emotional connection to the bakery chain, Freaky. The funny thing is, Greggs knows it, and they play up to it, especially on Twitter.

People love to post funny memes about food on social media. Meme culture is popular, so by using so many memes, as well as creating their own memes, Seamless increases the chance of getting likes and shares on Twitter. The restaurant chain went viral last year after starting several beefs with other famous brands on Twitter.

Whoever is in charge of their account is the queen of sassy clapbacks. But, the best thing gifs, others are now having their say on the feuds and basically poking the bear:. You may be hesitant to post jokes all the time. They seem to mix both funny and informative seamlessly. You can help Friends of the Earth reverse bee decline by getting outside and spotting xxx big boobs sexy video. This card gifs works if your dad is a seahorse.

FathersDay pic. The people at innocent drinks freaky an excellent job at showing their brand in a favorable light. Oh man, the National Library of Scotland is hilarious. As seen in a comparative religions twitter from Dogmanstar Fridayfeeling Scotland pic. People like clever jokes because it makes them feel smart when they get it.