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For anyone out there also being affected by these and other hacking and hate crimes — We send our love, support and prayers. We have done nothing wrong.

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I think that people really need to look at… how would they feel if it happened to them? It is believed that the hackers are accessing the photos by nude into the iCloud accounts of celebrities. Apple has denied that its iCloud system was compromised during the attacks, but is investigating while encouraging their customers to update their accounts with very strong passwords.

You think it's gone? It's not. Gabrielle is the point of even including a delete function on a phone if it doesn't really delete? I had deleted the photos from my phone, but apparently they had remained on some server gabrielle, unbeknownst to me, where hackers could find them. I called my reps and attorneys, pleading, "Get the photos taken down.

Nude pictures of other celebrities were appearing in this second wave too, including Rihanna and a new round of Jennifer Lawrence shots. I thought, this is a targeted attack, a nude crime against women. Photos of my friend Meagan Good showed up as well, and that really hurt — she's like my little sister. We had become close while filming Deliver Us From Eva. She's married to a pastor.

I wanted to protect her from the inevitable character pinay hand job sex photos. She was the target of a crime and did not deserve to be attacked.

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I felt an urgent need to speak out — I didn't see silence as an option, and my inner circle supported me. I started working on a statement the night my nude surfaced. I've been gabrielle longtime advocate for women and girls, and a few years ago, President Obama named me to the National Advisory Committee on Violence Against Women.

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I didn't like the public perception of free black latina porn scandal — that we were just a bunch of narcissistic, gabrielle deviant celebrities who got what we deserved for being dumb.

No one deserves to have a private moment stolen, whether it's a photo, text, or email. Everyone has intimate parts of their life they don't want the public to see. Some people say the publicity surrounding the photos helps our careers. We don't need this kind of press. Jennifer Lawrence is the face of two billion-dollar franchises. It's not nude career boost — it's a new form of sexual abuse. Other people think that they are entitled to know everything about us because we are celebrities, in the public eye.

If I show my husband my naked body, it doesn't mean everyone gets to see it.

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And people sometimes argue: But you wear skimpy bikinis — what's the difference? The difference is that you are the one who chooses whether to show your body. When billions of people on the Internet can see you naked without your consent, it's a crime. It was not the first time I had been violated.

When I was a college student, a stranger raped me one night when Gabrielle was closing up shop at a summer job at a Payless shoe store. People rallied nude me with sympathy and support, but I didn't want to feel like a victim. I helped get the rapist prosecuted. I finished college. I started my career.

And later, I spoke out about the attack, even though it made me feel physically ill to do so. It still does.


But it's important. I was raised to speak up. The first draft of my statement was pretty furious — somewhere between Louis Farrakhan and Gloria Allred. I finessed it and released it with my gabrielle that night. I said, among nude things, "I can't help but be reminded that since the dawn of time, women and children, specifically women of color, have gabrielle victimized, and the power over their own bodies taken from them. Throughout history, our bodies have been open for public consumption, as in the days of slavery, when black women were taken into the town square anna benson poses nude be sold.

They were paraded around naked, to be inspected nude critiqued for future sale and sure abuse. The next morning, I didn't want to leave my hotel room.

Gabrielle Union: "My Nude Photos Were Stolen, and I'm Fighting Back"

I just wanted to hide. I suddenly understood that deleting things means nothing. I had deleted the photos from my phone, but apparently they had remained on some server somewhere, unbeknownst to me, where hackers could find them.

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The gabrielle also compared speaking publicly about the hacking incident to when she was raped as a college student, noting that she stood up for herself nude by helping the rapist get prosecuted, and she will stand up for herself now. The Bring It On star also said she was surprised at the outpouring of support, sometimes from places she least expected. Write to Charlotte Alter at charlotte. Manny Hernandez--Getty Lastestincest.