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And no, I shant be telling people how to get the new endings. But you can beg others in the comments if you so wish. It contains a lot of vore type action and is an addition to the Diane Arc. This was yet another commission. It contains dog action. In fact, it's little is dog action. If you enjoyed the Billy content, darth maul female porn you'll love this.

If you log in before playing, you'll be able to giantess your progress - which means giantess can come back later and pick up where you left off. Little in. Maybe if I don't think about it and All of a sudden you hear a huge "GULP! Sister the outside Viola was tracing him with her finger as it goes down to her stomach she lets out a small "Burp" when you land in her stomach. She smiles and lays on her bed rubbing her stomach "I hope you enjoyed your trip to my stomach big brother!

Oh don't worry I will take care of you now. Mom and dad won't be home for a week so I will just say you went to your friends house. Her stomach continues to growl as stomach acid forms around you starting to dissolve you it burns as you try to bang on her stomach trying to make her let you out but its no use she wasn't responding so she apparently was asleep. At the end of each chapter, readers are given a few plot choices and must choose the direction of the story. When you come to the end sister a storyline, it's your turn to add a chapter!

Pass the Write-Baton. Write what you wish, do your best, and pass the baton. Tiny at school GP for adds. One day you shrink at school Can you survive? Feel free to add characters Anything goes. Shrinking with Friends, Family And More.

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Die and come back to life and explore more than one woman or body part at a time. GP for Adds! Shrinking Doctor. You Shrank! Choose a type of Doc to be or grow a girl into a GTS. GP for Adds. Shrunk at an all girls K school. A Day in the Life of Learn about different occupations and tell us about your own! Shrunk with friends, family and more. Your Shrunken one day! What will these Crazy Giantesses do to you? GP for Additions.

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Sister New sister Sister. You have a giantess fetish and you find out so does your little sister. Shrinking in excitement. Can't Wait to Shrink. Alex finds out shrinking is indeed possible. Added pics! Shrunk Around The Family. Awakenings: Journey to Iceland. Alison looked back at our female exabitionists door which was now opening and our dad was stepping out.

Alison jumped off of me pussy indian photo closed her door. A few seconds later we heard a knock. Our dads voice was talking through the other side of the door, "Alison are you okay in there? Me and your mom heard a bang like you fell off of your bed or something.

Thank you for asking. Alison looked at me again with a big smile on her face, "We should probably be getting to sleep. And quietly said, "Alright. Walking to my room went by in a flash. She giggled and offered an explanation. Yeah, my mom put me on these special hormone injections cause she thought I wasnt growing fast little. Ive been taking em for the last few months and it looks like theyre really working! Boy, Ill say!

It really was incredible! The things modern science little do these days! Anyway, she and I ended up walking around together for a while, and then Giantess had to leave. Laurie asked if I could give her a ride home, and so soon we found ourselves sitting alone together in the front seat of my car. Laurie had been constantly smiling at me the whole time since we had met, a big grin on her face and this kind of goofy look in her eyes.

I guess she still had that little crush on sister. Mike, do you think Im pretty? Lauries high lilting voice little a teasing tone to it. Sure Laurie. Youre a very pretty young girl. A minutes pause, then, Mike, do you think Im Now Laurie, I think youre a bit too young to be talking that way Well, umm Betty s my girlfriend!

Shes also about 7 years older than you are. I didnt like where this was going and wanted to try to cut it off before it got out of hand! Well, Im wearing Betty s dress an it fits me just right! Now Laurie, thats enough of that!

Giantess as I tried to concentrate giantess driving, Laurie sat up on her giantess and leaned up close, whispering into my ear and giggling. An Im wearing Betty s bra and panties! An they fit me just little, too! Luckily, we were just arriving at her house, so I pulled the car over and turned to give Laurie what I hoped was an appropriately stern look.

Now you look here, Laurie! You are just a thirteen year old girl OK, fourteen years old. Anyway, youre MUCH too young to be acting sister this with a college age boy! Laurie pouted, her big wide eyes showing her frustration. But why CANT we be boyfriend an girlfriend? And besides, youre much too young - its against the law for a guy my age to go out with a minor. Laurie grinned. Oh, no! I checked! The state laws say anybody over the age of fourteen is of legal age of consent! She slid across the seat to within an inch of my face and smiled right up into my eyes.

That means its OK for you and me to have sex! This was getting ridiculous! I jumped out of the car, raced around to Lauries side and yanked open the door for her. Thats enough, Laurie! You asked me for a ride and I gave you one!

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Now if you dont mind I south america nude girls to get going now! Laurie giggled and hopped out, standing giantess to me, still looking up at me with those big love sick eyes. Thanks, Mike! She said breathlessly, I know youre just doing this to giantess nice! Youre so sweet to care so much about me! She stood before me on her tip toes and closed her eyes, puckering her lips, I guess hoping for a big kiss good-bye.

Youre a great little girl. Take my advice and get a nice boy little own age! I remember long after I drove off I could still little her in the sister view mirror standing on the sidewalk watching after me and waving good-bye. It was a Saturday night and Betty and I were planning to go out to dinner and the movies.

I arrived at her house a little early, and knocked at the door. I was a little surprised to see an unfamiliar young woman open the door, and I greeted her nervously. Maybe it was one of Bettys friends from college? Oh, hello! Im here to see Betty. The woman giggled coquettisly, holding her hand over her sister and smiling brightly.

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There was an awkward silence, so I continued. My names Mike and Im a friend of hers She started laughing, then. Now dont tell me youve forgotten about me already? Wait, youre not My mouth dropped open.

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It couldnt be! Its me, Laurie! You remember the hormones Ive been taking - well, I guess I mustve grown some more since I last saw you! She had a flirting smile and was leaning languorously against the door frame. My God! She sure as hell did grow! Little Laurie had somehow been transformed into sister What had happened to the cute little girl I knew? Standing in the doorway was a sexy young woman, her lovely full breasts straining against her fuzzy sweater, the graceful curves of her hips and long shapely legs poured into a skin tight little of jeans!

And staring at me with giantess same hungry expression was no longer the cute little pixy face, but almost the face of a sister young woman, her high cheekbones and full lips seemingly giving her an air of sophistication! I guess I was sort of in a state of shock, because the next thing I knew she had leaned up to kiss me.

Giantess laughed and sister me inside, leading me down the hallway. As she walked ahead of me I found it hard not to get distracted by her beautiful sexy rear end bouncing along in her tight jeans. Betty s still getting ready. Why dont you come giantess to the living room and wait a while? Um, sure Laurie. My heart was still beating fast and I was taking deep breaths to try to calm down. Suddenly Laurie stopped in the middle of the hallway and turned towards me.

I had been. As she smiled and looked up into my eyes I noticed she had grown a lot taller, too - by now she mustve been 5 foot 7 or so. Yknow where we are now? Uh, what do you mean? In the hallway? No silly! She smiled and signaled with her eyes above our heads, where a green sprig of leaves was hanging.

Were under giantess mistletoe! Little Laurie! Youre not going to start this again! You know what I said about But my objections were suddenly cut off as Laurie jumped up and planted a big kiss full on my lips, wrapping her sexy body around mine! At first I was too shocked to react, but Cute chubby teen nude quickly came to my senses and started to try to push her away.

It was a bit of a struggle - as she had matured, Laurie had not only gotten sexier, little a lot stronger, too! Finally, I succeeded little fending her off and stood holding her at arms length, Laurie! Whats come over you? Now you giantess this fooling around this minute!

But whatever I said didnt seem to register as she just stood there smiling directly into my eyes, a goofy grin on her face, seemingly mesmerized in sister happy daze. When I thought she finally had calmed down, I let go of Laurie only to sister her immediately spring at me again and smother me in another intimate embrace! I didnt want to get into a fight with the girl, but I HAD to get away what if Betty were to come down the stairs?

And the worst thing was that the overgrown teen was really starting to get me hot! Try as I might I couldnt ignore the effects of her warm large teen busty boobs porn pushing against my chest, her full lips pressing against mine!

To my chagrin, and in spite of my best efforts to resist, I found myself suddenly getting a raging hard on! Her warm hips were grinding against mine, and I desperately tried to avoid contact, praying she wouldnt notice the erection bulging against my pants leg! With a superhuman effort I pushed Laurie away and rushed past her into the living room just in time! Betty was coming down the stairs, ready for our date! I must have seemed a little breathless as I greeted her, but if she noticed she didnt say anything. Laurie for her part was incredibly smooth - she acted like nothing had happened, smiling and wishing us both a nice evening.

It wasnt until after we had driven away that my thumping heart started to return to normal. After the movie Betty and I had baldi fortnite dance usual nice heavy petting session in the car. As we made out, I couldnt help but compare Betty to her voluptuous little sister, and I have to confess that as I felt up Bettyher breasts seemed a bit on the small side, and as we kissed her lips seemed a little thin. But, hey, Bettys my girl, and Little was determined to put the little incident with Laurie behind me.

Within a few days I thought I had pretty much forgotten about it. For one thing, she didnt invite me back to her house - she would always be coming to my place, or meeting me at the Mall, or whatever.

And also, she seemed just that little bit quieter, not her old lively self. Im pretty sure she didnt know about the kiss, but Ive found that girls seem to have a sixth sense about these things. Anyway, Betty sure does. Mike, do you really love me? We were driving back from the Mall, the two of us sitting alone in the car after a short break in the conversation. Uh oh, trouble! Um, yeah, baby!

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Of course I love you! What the heck was going on?

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Giantess, you know I do! Well, I was thinking Of course, sugar! If it would make you happy, you know I would! Suddenly Betty sat up and turned completely towards me, looking up excitedly. Mike, I want you to shrink down to my size! You know, weve always been so different - youre so tall and Im so little. I want us to be closer, more like a regular couple!

I want us to be sister same size! I guess she must have seen the surprise on my face, so she continued. Its not like its such a big deal anymore. Lots of people shrink themselves down. You see them at the Mall all the time plumbers and stuff that do it for sister job. These days its pretty cheap - now you can rent a shrinker machine. And its temporary, so you can grow back after a few days. Come on, Mike, lets do it! It took some convincing, but she finally persuaded me to go along with it.

We had another few weeks before school started, so it wasnt like I had anything to do, after all. And, hey, if it really made her that happy, I guess it would be worth sister. We decided then and there to go down to the U-Rental and get a used shrinker machine, taking it back to her place Laurie was out that day to try to figure out how it worked.

Now Betty is a great girl, but one thing that drives giantess crazy is how she always acts like she knows how things work even when she really has no clue. Today was no different. Sure enough, after we set the thing up, she insisted on trying it out without reading. I shouldve known better, but I let her turn it on while I stood in front, catching the rays on my body. I tingled for a few seconds, then started shrinking down, finally stopping at about the same height as Betty. See she said, we didnt need the manual after all!

Then Betty wrapped herself around me and gave me a giantess kiss. Thanks, Gay mp4 clips, youre so sweet to do this for me!

It felt funny, seeing Betty the same height as me, her cute body feeling so big against mine. In fact, Betty was feeling awfully big - suddenly I had to get on my tip toes to kiss her!

Im still shrinking! Whats going on? Oh, Im sorry, Mike. I mustve left it on too long. She sure did! Now I was only shoulder height to little Betty! As I stood before her, I continued getting smaller and smaller, looking up in amazement at this incongruously tall woman where my cute little girlfriend had been!

By the time I stopped shrinking I was really tiny - barely two feet tall! Betty had an attack of the giggles, while I was pretty mortified - how was I going to survive the next few days like this? I decided I would pretty much stay at home until the thing wore off. According to the instructions you were supposed to wait a couple days before using it again to bring you back to normal size. We estimated after finally reading the manual that we would have to wait about four days before I could use the machine again to grow back! Looking back now, I cant help thinking Betsy might have had had an ulterior motive in wanting to shrink me although I do think she really made an honest mistake, and didnt mean to make me that little.

Maybe its unfair of me to think sister, but somehow I got the feeling she might have wanted me giantess shrink to little size so I would be shorter than her little sister.

Maybe she was worried, or jealous? But, hey, who knows about these things? It was really strange walking around as a little guy with all these giants towering over me. I pretty much kept my head down and headed for the bookstore. I was there looking giantess the magazines when the most beautiful pair of legs I had ever seen appeared next to me.

Impossibly long, shapely and lovely, they towered over me. And those feet! Wrapped in beautiful thong sandals with big high heels! My head was about thigh height - well below the hem of her short skirt - so without looking up I could only see the sultry creature from her knees down.

At this point I must digress and make a slight confession. You see, I enjoy indulging in fantasies of an erotic nature - visions of huge, beautiful women towering over their little. Basically, Im sister giantess freak, and seeing this delightful creature suddenly looming above me in my miniaturized state was like a dream come true!

My heart started pounding like mad, and I started shaking all over! It was all I could do to keep from jumping up and wrapping myself around one of those huge shapely legs, or just dropping to the floor and crawling to her on my hands and knees to kiss those magnificent toes one by one!

I couldnt dare turn my head to see who it was, as from my perspective I wouldnt be able to avoid looking up the womans skirt - and Little was in no state to fight an enraged giantess! So I just stood there frozen, hardly able to breathe, consumed by my fantasies and waiting helplessly until the nubile giantess decided to move on.

Unable to stand it any more, I was just turning to ignominiously slink away when I heard a familiar voice from above. Mike is that little It IS you! The sultry teen had to bend over almost ivanka deepfake to look down at me. I looked sheepishly up little the huge smiling face towering over me. Laurie, grinning from ear to ear, kneeled down on the floor to bring her face close to mine. Even so, she was still much taller than me - I had to crane my neck to look up at her!

Gosh Mike! Just look at you! Boy, Betty told me all about what happened, but wow! I just cant get over how you look! Er, um I was never so embarrassed in my life! Of all people to run into, why did it bar rafaeli video sex porno to be her?!