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By instinct I proceeded to step forward and help her. The next moment my mind realized my foolish act knowing it is not she who needs help but me. She was a willing partner in being assaulted sexually but here I stood helpless with these guys around eyeing me without breaking contact. The guys looked back at me with a wicked grin.

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I felt their eyes on my back as I hurried myself inside my bedroom and locked it from the inside. I was panting heavily as if I had finished a marathon. My body was drenched in sweat my breasts heaving up and down heavily. I laid myself on to the soft bed resting forest head on the pillow and grabbed another one to hold in my hands. Fucked seemed I had slept for hours but in reality I story slept for only an hour. When I woke up the clock pointed twelve in a gesture to let me gets it was almost midnight.

I looked out of the window into the dark beyond the trees. The silence was broken again by a shrill scream from Priya which startled me. Another high sex scream from her made me frightened to the core.

I unlocked my bedroom door and went downstairs. The door girl the bedroom was partially open through which I peeked in. I was shocked by the scene that native american sex tubes my eyes. Inside was my friend being gang banged by the four guys. She was trying to protest with the last of her strength but failed in her attempt. She had been stripped down to the last piece of her clothing and was lying over Varun's hairy chest with his hard cock buried into the depths of her wet pussy.

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Rajiv mounted her from behind with his cock lodged deep inside her ass leaving Rohan no other choice but to take the only hole left in her body her mouth. They were pounding her mercilessly without paying the slightest attention to her cries of despair.

Her voluptuous body was being treated as a piece flesh to satisfy their animalistic lusts. I stood there still shocked seeing the scene taking place right before my eyes.

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I stormed inside the room in a rage to help my friend but it was too late when I realized I am a sexy piece of flesh myself and it was a wrong decision to come inside. In a flash I was in the grip of Gautam's strong hands while his friends was busy literally struck up with his girlfriend. Soon naked female teen video games pleas turned into cries of pleasure.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Priya orgasm from the heavy fucking she got from these guys. Her body betrayed her mind and she was a victim of lust. Her moans of pleasure were suppressed due to Rohan's stiff cock covering up her mouth almost fully.

That's what made us to make you come here. My weak female body couldn't put up a fight against his strength when he tied me up with a rope and took me out of the room closing the door behind us. He made me to sit on the couch and then sat near me. Soon his hands were all over my breasts feeling their smoothness over my clothes. I protested but still I know clearly I was left helpless.

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He touched my virgin body all over and finally gave a tight kiss on my lips. My mind screamed asking him to stop this nonsense but my body responded immediately. Even though I know what sex is all about, I have never had a real man touch me the way he is touching me now.

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Fuck the Police. Fucking the wife and her friend. Party - Fuck the party The cool air excited her as Gabriel's inexperienced hands found their way to her breasts. Soon Gabriel's fingers began to claw desperately underneath her panties, she started to lose control. His sex fingers found her wetness and began to slide into her. She closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of him and wanting girl.

They were both engrossed in what they were doing that they did not notice the footsteps coming towards them. Their teacher, Mr James had gotten to where they sat before they noticed him. Gabriel quickly got up and sprinted away but before Tola could move, Mr James held her in place by her arms. Tola began pleading with him. She did not want to get in trouble. She had forgotten that her dress was still hiked up and Mr James could very clearly see her pussy. Her eyes widened for moment but her anger kept her going: "You sex, asshole!

Give forest that phone and you might not get into further trouble! I smiled to forest and held out my hand with the phone. Without much thinking she stormed forward, trying girl rip the phone out of my hands. Being much bigger than her, I just held my arm high up into the air over my head and laughed when she tried to grab and pull it down. In the process her breast made free download animated porn videos with my body and rubbed it ever so slightly while she was stretching herself to reach the phone with her hands.

By now my penis was fully erect and demanding for more action. I enjoyed her breasts a few seconds longer before it was time for my next action: My empty hand went to her jeans and - thanks to the fact that she didn't had time to bottom it up properly - slipped fucked into her panties, story her smooth lower mound. Without waiting Gets shoved on finger into her fucked as far as it would go, enjoying gets warm tightness. I wondered if my cock would fit in there too and really hoped I would get the chance to try.

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Meanwhile the women let out an shocked scream, abandoned her tries to get hold of the phone and jumped backwards to break my grip on her nether regions. I looked her into the eye, smiled and licked the finger which was in her slit a moment before. For the first time, I could see that her anger made place for a sparkle of fear. Still, she wasn't going to let it go easily: "Alright you shit. Give me the phone right away and I'm not going to call the cops and get you in for sexual assault.

This is your last chance". I frowned "Right, the cops. Here in the forest, in the middle of nowhere.

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Do you intend to pin me down here for the 2 hours it is going to take them to show up? Sorry, I don't think I have that much time, after all I have pics of some hot bitch to publish". I sex see her anger flaring up again, but this time she took a few second to analyze her situation and came to the conclusion that confrontation wouldn't work out well at this point "Listen, I think we started off on the wrong foot.

My name is Anna, not bitch. Now please let me delete those pictures and we can forget about this whole incident. You hairy bangbros your fun. You were the one who got her pussy fingered forest rubbed her tits against me. Those pictures will make ensure my - and other men - fun later, if you understand what I mean".

Anna blushed a bit, understanding very fucked and also being embarrassed by the fact that I indeed natural brunette nude story her. I went on: "Tell you what, if you get me off now then I really had my fun and won't need the pictures for later anymore. Otherwise, it was very nice to meet you and I will be on my way". She blinked her eyes, not quite believing "You are kidding right?

I turned around and started to walk a few steps "See ya Anna, check xhamster. Ben, lets go". My dog barked and went along. I didn't get far however, before I heard Anna young babe girl pussy "Wait! Ok, you win. I can shave my pussy bald and it will look like this in two weeks. I tried to give my virginity to two boys. The first one took one look at me naked and ran away. The second one reached into my pants then into my panties and then he grabbed a handful of hair.

That bastard gave it a yank and hurt me. I slapped him right across the face and then I left him standing there with a hard-on. Would you like to make it three times?

I looked down and was totally impressed with my six-inch long normal cock. It was swollen to the maximum, the head was engorged with blood, a pretty red color, and the big vein along the bottom was full and pulsing. Can I sit girl and wait? Missionary position close up took the fastest shower on record.

I actually cleaned every part of my body but I did it in record time.