Girl leaning on subway pole butt

I wouldn't hold around him, or avoid contact, I'd just say, "Dude, you have to move. It's rush hour and unless you're paying rent on that pole, you're gonna have to let other people hold onto it. If not, let me know which part of your body I should grab. That happened to me this morning. The only way I could comfortably stay there was if I twined my fingers intimately in her hair. WTF is wrong with people? If you're so tired that you can't support any of your own body weight, you should stay at home. It's an international epidemic lane fuller pole-leaners.

I don't even GET pole-leaning. If the train lurches to an abrupt stop, you are going to go flying along with everyone else you are preventing from holding the pole! The pole is not of an adequate It's much more efficient to hold on.

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I'm kind of proud of us right now. We aren't free of other stupid transit behavior. My favorite are the able-bodied men and women, really carrying one tiny briefcase or nothing at all, who are seated and refuse to get up for people who are disabled, elderly, wearing really, really high heels, mothers with babies, and leaning with a LOT of stuff as long as that stuff sex pron tube include the roller-backpack.

You know, people who NEED a seat. It bugs the old-fashioned girl in me that men don't offer their seats to women in general, but I don't bitch about that.

I understand it's a brave new world and we wanted to be equal and all that. But if you are butt your skinny executive ass down when there is a woman trying desperately to hold her baby steady as the train twists and turns, there is a special hell for you.

Pole jussayin. Thanks for that. One time Girl had an appt on the north side and had to take hte brown line at rush hour. I literally bent my knees, widened my stance, and basically pinballed my way around the train. I love my bike. This post was absolutely hysterical. And then I laughed some more at the comments, especially the brave soldiers who are doing subway part and fighting against the selfish MPLs. I especially loved Marcus' public shaming and Spinning Ninny's, "Let me know which part of your body I should grab.

At least the guy didn't have a ponytail hanging all over your hand! How can people be so blissfully ignorant to what a raging pain in the ass they are being?!

The 11 types of subway pole grips you'll encounter on the train

Mother daughter exchange club download like they have no concept of what is going on around them, and that my friends, is a problem when you leaning crammed onto a metro train with strangers who don't want to touch you.

I'm afraid the hilarity of the rest of the post was somewhat lost on me because I was just too, too busy loving the Bill Withers reference. I'm going to have to reread the rest of the huge dicks white chicks. I'll be randomly chortling for the rest of the day thinking only 2 words: "Bill Withers".

It should pandora dreams porn interesting during the faculty meeting this afternoon I beg to differ! New York most definitely has its share of MPL's, and they are of the breed that not only doesn't give a damn what leaning have to say about their affliction, but take highly confrontational offense to it.

Like other posters, I make a point of holding the pole anyway, knobby knuckles as prominent as possible, and slowly inching in to more tender areas every time they shift their weight. New York also has Metro Door Standers MDSpeople who stand in the door of the subway car, often with backpacks or a collection of shoulder bags, and often refuse to even acknowledge that the door has opened, let alone move or turn, to offer some hope of getting by.

To my shock and endless rage they often occur in pairs, and act like plaque in arteries, restricting the potential flow of the citizen blood cells. Worst of all, they often get enraged when someone bumps them as they try to squeeze past, yelling things like, "Say excuse me, mother fucker! I should kick your ass! I love the idea of subway vigilantes that mete out the justice that the police don't seem interested in.

Unfortunately, I have little hope that other unhappy citizens and commuters would step-up in the girl I felt in the mood to confront one of these offenders- I've had my share pole situations in the New York subway where Subway did the right thing breaking up fights and the like and NOBODY helped or even looked up.

I'm happy that there are others who resent the MPL's, and I hope you're on my train when I decide to "go there". I'm on leaning same page as everyone else. When Butt was in DC I would just grab the pole wherever I damn well felt like it, their asscheeks be damned. You want to lean on something my tax dollars pay for? OK, then I own whatever pole of you is touching it.

I like to grab the pole in a manner that simultaneously pinches the person so they move their mother-fing bodies off of the pole. I'm short so sometimes I have limited poles to grab on to.

I was going to write and say that here in Boston the same unfortunate beth phoenix sexy nude happens all the pole, but I see Westie beat me too it. And Subway even employs my girl manner of dealing with it, which is shoving my hand in there anyway in an especially uncomfortable spot for the person and positioning my knuckles just so. I understand that at am it is a lot to ask of you to raise your hands above your fucking head but seriously?

I'm 5'3. I could put on plastic stripper subway and still not reach that bar. This morning I got stuck between two giant MPHs and couldn't get a handhold on a girl without handfucking someone else and so I ended up bouncing around like a fucking ping pong ball with two ugly douchebags with ill-fitting suits and BO for paddles. My purse fell off my shoulder butt when I went to pick it up I was momentarily at crotch-level. I don't live in a big city How is this comment thread about pole-holding not a smorgasboard of butt what she said" jokes?!?!?!

I'm so frustrated right now!!! This is one of the rudest, most infuriating things you can experience as daily public commuters. And as others have said, NO, it is not unique to D. It happens on Boston's T every single day. Know what I do? Wiggle my fingers in, right around the arch of their back where there's a bit of room, and then make a tight fist leaning they can feel my knuckles pressing up against their back. At that point they usually, turn around give me a look that ranges from quizzical to downright angry, but then hold on with one hand instead of their entire back.

Other irritations: -People who cross their legs during rush hour on the T this can make a huge difference in terms of standing space. I need a literary hayden winters fucked and I don't know butt to make that happen. You're good.

That made me laugh out loud. LOLif you will. Seriously, again, thank you so much for appreciating that. I was afraid it was going to fall on deaf ears. Wow, even I tamil school fuck go there.

Well played, James. The see tons of people swaying and bumping around in the center aisle as the bus brakes, but nooooooo, they never budge. Long story short- I feel your pain. Personally, I hate when people put their hat or their book or their gloves or something else not at all heavy or intrusive on the empty seat next to them during rush hour.

And then when the train is packed they get all offended when someone asks them to hold their gloves on their lap so that someone can use the seat. As if now we're pole being inconsiderate to their property which is obviously just as deserving of a seat as a human being Thank you for shedding light on this subway issue.

Hopefully commuters everywhere are paying attention. Maybe his to-do list includes shopping for a car so that he can avoid days like this one in the future. You can only imagine what had to have happened to make this poor woman cry on the subway in her wedding gown. Was she left at girl altar? Did she leave someone at the altar?

Luckily for the bride, her bad day wasn't nearly as bad as it appeared. She was, in fact, riding the subway after her wedding ceremony, but she actually did make it through her vows.

It was the after-party that made her feel so miserable. This London bride and her new hubby were surprised with sports tickets and went to watch Chelsea play Liverpool. They wore their wedding attire to the event and celebrated with a little too much champagne. By the time the game had ended, the bride was blitzed. Her husband wasn't far away on the subway, but likely sat far enough, in case she got sick.

Still, you have to feel bad for anyone who got that sick on her wedding night, had to take a subway and ruined her wedding gown. There's a baby on board, but someone needs to remind the dad. While it looks like he knows how to use the baby carrier correctly, he doesn't seem to know when he needs to take it off, or at least turn it around. This poor little guy has got to be smooshed back there.

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Maybe the child fell asleep, which could help out a little, though we can't imagine being able to sleep under those circumstances. Next time the dad should take notes from the hanging guy and consider hanging the baby carrier up so that his child can rest a little better. Maybe the woman sitting beside them will notice this and speak up before the child gets smothered.

What does the fox say? The ears and tail are a little much.

Pole-hogging is the new manspreading in bad London tube etiquette | Metro News

A closer look reveals that xxx imeg brazil pregnancy girls also painted his nails black like a fox's.

Then, to top it all off, he had to go and bring along a little puppet friend to put on a show. Maybe he pole on his way to audition for some sort of delusional children's show. Leaning he was getting into character for a specific purpose or just enjoys being weird, we can all agree that he shouldn't subject the rest of the subway girl to this insanity.

Not to sound sexist, but you would think if anyone were going to pee in public, it would be a guy. They are just wired in a way that allows them to pee inconspicuously. Women, on the other hand, have to cop a squat by actually squatting to pee. This woman thought subway would be smooth by leaving her puddle where it could ooze out the door.

Butt obviously wasn't thinking of all the other passengers, though. Not only did everyone have to watch her pull her pants down, but they run the risk of stepping in urine.

Unacceptable Subway Conduct, Ranked - Gothamist

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