Girl with tampon having sex

How to handle a tampon that got pushed too far

In fact, you should try to remove a tampon before you have sex. Otherwise, you may experience one or more of these issues:. During sexual intercourse, a penis or sex toy will likely push a tampon high into the vaginal canal.

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That may make retrieval difficult as the string is beyond your reach. You may also forget the tampon is there. However, you should make every effort to get it out as soon as possible. So if you ever find yourself thinking, "now what" after accidentally getting it on while wearing a tampon, lets these nine facts keep you calm.

If you're nervous and tense, this might be easier said than done. But there are a couple of techniques you can try.

The Truth About Tampons, Hymens, and Teenage Girls

As Dr. Elizabeth Stewart told Cosmopolitanyou should "lie on your back and reach into your vagina with two clean fingers, feeling for the tampon string. Is that even safe? We're here to answer all the questions. It's totally normal to want to have sex more than ever when you're on your period though you're also not alone if sex is the last thing on your mind.

But for those who do get into the mood, you know that when you're in the moment, it can be easy to either forget about precautionary measures or worry about making things awkward with your partner.

While you'll probably be fine if you have sex while wearing a tampon, it's not really recommended.

Am I Still a Virgin If I Use a Tampon?

But what exactly happens if you accidentally or lazily have sex with a tampon in? Seventeen talked to Dr. Annoying as it is, if this happens to you, and you're really not sure if there's still a tampon up in you, it's a good idea see a doctor.

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When left undiagnosed, an infection like TSS can become very dangerous, she says. So, you'll want to know for sure whether there is a tampon inside of you. The first step you can take is to literally try and reach inside your vagina to feel the string, Dr. About Us. Community Programs. California Kids Care.

Can a Girl Have Sex With a Tampon In? (for Teens) - Nemours KidsHealth

International Services. Safe Sleep Practices. In some cultures, including many Western societies in the past, a newly married man had to produce bloody sheets after the wedding night.

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This was taken as proof that his new wife was a virgin and that he had consummated the marriage. In other societies, a woman might be physically examined prior to marriage to ensure her virginity. If her hymen is seen to be damaged, the offer of marriage might be revoked. She might have to live with the stigma of impurity, even if she had not had sexual intercourse. It is not typical for any woman's hymen to remain fully intact, so its presence alone cannot be proof of a woman's virginity. Whether or not a girl still has an intact undamaged hymen, does not indicate if she is a virgin or not.

Virginity has to do with sexual activity, not the presence of a hymen.