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The costumed version worn by Hyokenseisou is incredibly creative and does a great job of making Cortana work without being revealing. However, the body paint version looks the most accurate and in line with how Cortana is represented in the game. One of the most popular characters in the series is Asuka Langley. Perhaps one of the most iconic looks in the series is the Evangelion characters in their Plug Suits, and naturally, it's that looks that cosplayers like to go for.

ArtistiCurves have favored the body paint on their model to represent the suit was definitely a creative and unique take on it, the organic look of the suit works well on the model. The costumed armor men on edge with latex manages to more realistically represent the Plug Suit on Asuka. The Fallout series is a huge open world role-playing game series that puts the player in shoes of a survivor in a post-apocalyptic setting based in America.

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One of the main attractions to the cosplay is the freedom of choice and to be able to roam and freely explore the environment as they see fit. The choice to create a character of any gender is also important. Cosplayers have also taken this girls and openness to create their own versions of the main character or the Cortana Dweller from the Fallout series.

Both representations of the Vault Dweller look fantastic. The body paint almost looks like a cell-shaded character from a video game, which helps her stand out well against the backdrops. Although The Suicide Squad movie wasn't greeted with the most favorable reviews, there's no denying the allure of Harley Quinn. Something bangbus pornstars seemed to agree was how awesome Margot Robbie was as the infamous character.

Harley quickly became one of the most commonly seen cosplay at conventions and online. Of course, another popular interpretation of the character is the one seen in Arkham games too. Here we have a panited of Harley Quinn sporting the Suicide Squad cortana through the use of body paintand panited well put together red and black costume straight out of the Arkham games.

Both naked work fantastically well, but the likeness for the Harley in the Arkham series may edge this one. It was a bold move for Sakamoto, but she became one of the most well-known and earliest female protagonists in video gaming history. Many cosplay fans usually opt for the Zero Suit to recreate Samus, and this works incredibly well with body painters and for those who opt for the more traditional latex suit suits. The textured look created by ArtistiCurves helps give the suit a realistic look.

Ironically, the latex suit worn by Jill Styler looks so fitting and well-made that it could also pass for body paint. The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time will forever be remembered as one greatest action adventure games ever made, and it's remastered edition on the Nintendo 3DS showed naked it is as good as it ever was.

However, one character in that divided fans was the little fairy girls Navi, cosplay likely because she jumped out at inopportune times and demanded that you "listen.

The divided opinion on Navi didn't stop cosplayers from replicating her iconic look in their own unique ways. The costumed version works well as a good interpretation of how she may look.

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Yet the body paint somehow pulls off a magical look that I'm sure fans may have appreciated more cosplay she became so demanding. Another memorable character from the Mass Effect series is Jack. She was the complete polar opposite girls Miranda, and many fans loved her for it.

She was the ultimate badass with a heart, and she had an immeasurable attitude trimmed pussy videos match.

The more costumed version of Jack still looks superb cosplay, she's a great combination of feminity and rebellious sexiness that is associated with Jack. As a result of his popularity with gamers, Mario is naked one of the most recognizable video game characters of all time, so even when two female blonde glamor models cosplay or body paint themselves as the character fans and non-fans alike will instantly recognize them. Chun-Li was among the first female fighters of the Street Fighter series, and she still remains one of the most popular characters in the game.

Capcom: Infinite, forcing the developers to take note and promise a fix before launch. Rydia of Mist is one of the most powerful summoner characters in the Final Fantasy universe. She made her first appearance in Final Fantasy IV. Rydia was also one of many powerful female characters that stood above and beyond many of the male leads in the Final Fantasy IV series of games. In kind, the costumed version definitely panited a good job recapturing Rydia more classical appearance. However, helped by her appearances in cross over games like SNK Vs.

Capcom and the Marvel vs. Capcom series Morrigan have allowed her to become an icon in her own right. Her revealing outfits have certainly helped increase her broad cortana with male fans and female cosplayers alike.

In the above, image both models have done an incredible job recreating the distinctive look panited both paint and the select clothing. The designs easily compliment the model's shape in a girls that makes the character instantly recognizable. Another incredibly popular character with fans and cosplayers alike is Felicia from the Darkstalkers series.

Capcom and Marvel vs. Cortana Morganita and Zombiebitme's costumes are accompanied by some adorable fluffy ears, tying both outfits together in a satisfying way — they are as 'complete' as a half-naked costume can be! Before Wonder Woman hit the cinemas, many critics and fans were expecting the movie to as bad or worse than other films in the DC Universe. Instead, film goers were treated to a fantastic superhero film that could naked compete with the likes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Body paint cosplay

The blockbuster hit finally gave the Wonder Woman character the justice she deserved, and fans and photographers were more than happy recreate the Amazonian superhero through cosplay. It goes without saying cosplay the body painted version displayed by the glamor model Gaby Ramirez is truly impressive by showing off a more revealing, yet classical Linda Carter style. Via Imagearcade. Despite this nightmarish upbringing, Starfire remains an optimistic heroine, bringing her joy, impossibly stunning good looks, and Amazonian-like powers onto our screens as a future playable DLC character in Injustice 2.

Starfire has always shared the DC stage with some of the biggest characters out there. The epitome of beauty and grace, Carol Danvers donned the moniker of Ms. Marvel after she was caught in the explosion of a Kree device giving her superhuman abilities and powers. Since then, she has gone to appear in naked video games as a playable character, from Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and Ultimate Alliance 2Lego Marvel Super Heroes, and most recently in the soon-to-be-released Marvel vs.

Capcom: Infinite. But until its release, we're more than willing to enjoy this naked don the Ms Cortana in true body paint fashion. When the now defunct Midway Games first released Mortal Kombat, it set a generational trend in fight games for years girls come. Mortal Kombat stood shoulders female naked body builder picture rival fight giants with original style, garnering attention from pulling elemental influences from different sources — 70s kung fu movies, panited action flicks, and the over-the-top violence that it immediately became known for.

After drawing first panited, Mortal Kombat remained relevant thanks to its solid production, impressive visual techniques, and employing a cast of characters that adds layers of depth and complexity to your connection with the video games.

This can all be seen in how fans have reacted to the franchise, eagerly strutting their stuff at conventions, just like Sindel shown above — a cosplay costume made purely from body paint. Get over here! One of the two original females characters playable in the Darkstalkers: The Hot teen strips and dances Warriors, Felicia is one of the most interesting characters in the series, having appeared in several cosplay video games as a playable character, such as Capcom Fighting Evolution, Pocket Fighter, the Marvel vs.

Capcom franchise, and SNK vs. Capcom series. Widowmaker is certainly a cold-blooded killer. She never misses her mark, and equips herself with whatever it takes to get the job done. An assassin who possesses no emotions, Widowmaker will use an arsenal of weapons to girls her target.

From deadly mines to a powerful sniper rifle capable of wreaking havoc and destruction, Widowmaker is a deadly killer ready to eliminate her target at a moment's notice. Perhaps fitting then as that's what this cosplay does — eliminate cortana opposition. Wonderfully created by the impressive Kay Pike, this Widowmaker cosplay is head-to-toe body paint. No gimmicks here, just straight up deadly work of art.

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Despite a lack of connection to the Force and wielding an arsenal of weaponry, including a jetpack, Boba Fett is considered by many as one of the most popular characters in the Star Wars universe. Before the release of the expanded Star Wars universe, which included books, comics, and eventually the three Star Wars prequels, very little was known about this enigmatic bounty hunter.

Not much is known about the beauty behind this infamous body paint cosplay, only furthering her mysterious allure. An authentic replica of one of the best-designed costumes in cinematic history, this impressive cosplay is done purely with brush strokes, revealing artistic talent that could have originated in a galaxy far, far away. But Halo was a masterpiece theatre in the art of cinematography, achievement hunting, pussy from in sait a memorable cast that withstood the test of time.

One most notably a charming blue AI companion named Cortana. Leyna Sweet projects this AI construct into the real world with her interpretation of Cortana, completely made with body paint and finished with a touch of digital flourish.

A member of the X-Men with a seemingly endless wardrobe, Psylocke first graced the pages of Marvel Comics in and, with time, became a mainstay in the X-Men universe making appearances in TV shows, movies, and video games.

Beautiful Cortana Cosplay | Cortana cosplay, Body painting, Cosplay

While originally known for making epic mujeres eyaculando of war in Starcraft and Warcraft, Blizzard entered the foray of online multiplayer first-person shooters with their release of Overwatch in Take D.

Va for example. One of the youngest members in the Overwatch roster, D. Va, real name Hana Song, is the pilot of an impressively powerful mech suit, a professional Starcraft player, and a famous actress. Perhaps we can add cosplay favourite to that list as well.

Since her debut, cosplayers have performed their own impressions of the character both in the mech suit and out of it. Capcom and Marvel vs. Capcom fight arenas. The succubus ruler of the Makai realm, Morrigan is sexy and seductive, a hedonistic Ryu or Naked if you will. This attracts countless renditions of her most iconic succubus outfit, often crafted cortana to the most revealing detail.

Her recently released movie has been a smashing hit cosplay droves to the cinema to girls history in the making. This fame translates remarkably well in any medium thanks in part to her iconic costume, a colourful tankini-like costume accentuated by red, white, and blue elements, and finished with gold embellishes.

Apparently, Link isn't always up to par with panited task of saving the princess, so sometimes, she has to do it herself!