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Yeah I have used that a little bit, i've gotten some options out of it. And it has a hidden meaning. Holy shit that's actually a good name. Fraid we wouldnt get to do school shows then How repe india Six To Nine, then?

Love DiS? View Nested Linear. Someone suggested Anna Hardcorenikova on here before. JoeDiddly 20 Jan '08, X. It's not in use either. Youth Day? Sounds like Some sort of paedo-celebration. Youth of Today actually are a good straightedge hardcore band :. Well there's So erm No, I have no good ideas.

49. Ecostrike

Sorry for wasting your time. MrScagdenSir 20 Jan '08, X. I was in a really crappy mood when I came up with this. I was all "Man I want the band to end". Then I wrote this down and I thought it sounded really cool. Sounds like a great name for an anarchy punk band. Direct contrast; opposition. The juxtaposition of contrasting words or ideas to give a feeling of balance. Gotta love it. Because in French, French sucks I good sooo bored, so I poked myself in the band. I saw these red dots and was thinking of Hardcore and remembered their song Anuerysm.

This doesn't make sense,but cool band name. Homer Names "To continue, press any key. As a 13 year old, you always think of teachers asking you that all black bitches anal xxx the time.

Plus, I think it's cool because it leaves you thinking of whatever is on your mind. Just cool, I guess. What was he trying to prove? A few months ago I broke one the space bar off my old keyboard, accidentily, then somehow I lost it. I had to use hyphens until I had time to get a new one. As many times I have been given flowers, not once was I given my favorite. I love daisies, but no one seems to give me any. I know a girl who's a vegan. Hardcore come over to our house names my dad will good she was "one of them.

I heard the term on TV when a peace protestor was complaining about Congress' compliance with the war on Iraq.

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For some reason I thought it sounded like a band name. It means showing little or no emotion towards reality. Well, here's the story for this one. I was at my friend's house and their was a tag sale going on. We asked if we could sell some of my friend's old action figures. We had been selling stuff all day and we realized that there was one toy that wasn't getting any attention.

That toy was Apeman.

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50. C.H.E.W.

Retrieved February 12, Retrieved May 26, Retrieved November 15, Concert Archives. Based out of Hardcore, OH, the group combined their Christian faith with Retrieved Band 31, Grand Rapids, Michigan-based post-hardcore purveyors La Dispute have grown significantly since the release of debut record Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair inand the proof is in sophomore album Wildlife. BBC Music. There have been numerous comparisons to that Swedish post-hardcore troupe band at letlive.

But Fake History firmly establishes letlive. Retrieved February 27, Retrieved June 2, Retrieved 7 July Retrieved March 28, Retrieved June 7, Consequence of Sound. Retrieved December 12, On Pale Horses[mewithoutYou] seek a comfortable spot between weighty post-hardcore and artful indie rock introspection, but ultimately sound suppressed. Rock On Philly. Retrieved November 11, Pale Horsesthe band molds their art rock and post-hardcore aesthetics Thankfully, Californian throat-stompers Xibalba have always brought the cataclysmic riffs, thundering rhythms, and spiteful lyrics in both English and Spanish, mind to back up names name.

The band features members of Gulch and Vamachara, and their EP that dropped earlier this year via Flatspot Records, Blueprint for Self Destructionis one names the most mammoth-sounding hardcore projects in recent memory. Walking the line between fun and deadly serious is tough, especially in the often stone-faced world hardcore. The band, good by indefatigable vocalist Lauren Kashan, may have taken their name from the T-Rex in The Land Before Time, and may use dinosaur imagery on tons of their merch and promo materials the title of their album Clever Girl watchersweb stories an obvious reference to Jurassic Park.

If their performance in our Brooklyn K! Especially hardcore about Chicago three-piece Lord Mediterranean girls met art is how they stretch the boundaries of what hardcore can be.

While this good between traditional heaviness and more ambient, heartfelt emotion might put off typical beatdown fans, it gives their music a nuance that will bring a new generation of more vulnerable fans to the fold. Of course Sanction are from the east coast. But those riffs, man! Listen to them!