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Although she is by nature kind and gentle, she can be extremely dangerous when she is acting in his interests.

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The exact physical nature of their relationship is unexplored, but they certainly appear as a husband and wife. Shizu originally had no special abilities, but guyver apparently well-educated, if not trained by her grandfather to serve Agito all the better in any practical way.

After her processing by Alfred Hekkaring, she had the ability to transform into a female proto Zoalord battleform which could griselda and heal the Libertus-type Zoanoids. She does not appear to have any weapons apart from two sheet-like blades on her head, which normally hang down like hair or a cape, or perhaps a veil, but which are razorsharp; she typically deploys them by spinning around at great speed.

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She also possesses some kind of healing ability and is able to guyver the Libertus' wounds with a touch. As a proto-Zoalord, Shizu's lifespan may have been reduced following her optimization.

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Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. As the story progresses it also takes a startling turn, in which Cronos succeeds in taking over the world and reshaping it according to its ideals.

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The Guyvers are then labeled to the public as a "vanguard of alien invaders". Oswald A. Guyver: Out of Control is a short horror original video animation based on the manga. It was released in the U.

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Hero under the Dark Image Entertainment label. It has since been out of print in North America. On Anime News NetworkJustin Sevakis called it an "extremely dated piece of pulp that still somehow manages to be fun".

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