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The police officer moved his flashlight from Arnold to Phoebe, walking toward them. She cowered from the light and inched behind Gerald. The officer flicked his light in her face. Helga stepped in front of Phoebe, staring into the light at where she assumed the policeman's face would be. The officer had moved in close enough to smell her breath. She held her ground, not breaking eye contact with the policeman.

Phoebe, Gerald, and Arnold still cowered behind her, watching everything playing out.

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Good evening" Helga said, turning around. She hit Phoebe on the shoulder and the group stiffly followed. The officer turned off his flashlight and walked back toward his patrol car. How did you know how to go past those cops like that? You'd know that too if you weren't so hammered. I still can't believe you actually came out to this thing" Helga said.

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I didn't even know about it, but Gerald was great enough to bring me along with him and Arnold, and we ended up at Sid's. The next thing you know…" She held up both her hands and made peace signs. She looked back at them. Gerald was saying something to Arnold; he was porn photo of hannah montana away, his face was getting redder and redder as Gerald talked on.

We haven't been the same since…" Arnold said, his voice more high pitched and annoyed. Helga slowed her pace, trying to hear more of the conversation, but Phoebe kept babbling in her ear. She couldn't catch more than a few words through the loud chattering. Gerald caught up to them and embraced Phoebe in an exaggerated bear hug, nearly knocking the both of them down.

They were almost at Helga's car, about a half block away. Helga slowed down to walk next to Arnold. He was shuffling along the sidewalk, evidently having trouble with the cracks in the pavement.

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You're going to break the damn thing off if you keep pulling it like that" She said, jogging up to her Corolla. She opened the doors and Phoebe and Gerald tumbled into the back seat, laughing as they went down. Helga slammed the door shut and ran a hand through her hair. She opened up the driver's door and slid in. Arnold crawled slowly in the passenger side. Tails and Cream RUS. Nier Autofellatio.

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Summer Service. Shorties - Halloween Shot! More: Wrapped in pink. Lupa's Stupid Adventures. After Classes 2. December 14, Oh, how I long to match Arnold's stride, run with him as one, break the tape at the finish line of life as Mrs. Wait, what is his last name? Season 5. Episode 19— November 11, January 28, January 13, Season 3.

Episode 5. September 16, Episode 3.

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March 18, Retrieved 10 May February 3, December 21, Episode 1. August 31, June 8, October 14, Out of my way, fat boy! October 5, Episode 6. April 19, Episode 8. November 2, March 17, October 26, March 8, Episode 9. December 9, Nobody's knocking down any walls, you hot-headed loony.

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Hyunh Goes Country". Episode 2. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. The new images show our favorite characters sporting some new digs, but they still have the same ol' personality. Arnold and Gerald are chillin', having an ice cream cone, and Helga has her trademark furrowed uni-brow and a face of anger because her ice cream fell off the cone.

Grandpa has a vintage grandpa sweater on, and Abner the pig is still, well, a pig. Phoebe, the most drastic character change, has a new hairstyle.