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I believe all Woman are beautiful in their own way but a beautiful Pacific woman I believe we all portray. Which is a strong and nurturing woman.

Basically what every pacific islander mum is, how they are so cultured how they are with you, a caregiver a grower, a nurturer and combine that with women around you that inspire you. The sacrifices our Woman make and how they build our communities.

They are the backbone, they treat everyone the same, stranger, friend, family they will always look after you, feed you, clothe you, put a roof over your head, guide you, they will always watch over you. Check out the Miss Cook Islands Final night in the video above - Evening wear, Traditional wear and the girls final Interviews as well as the crowning of the Miss Cook Islands and runners up. So this win is dedicated to them.

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They inspired me along with my mother to enter the pageant. Mariana says that she will not take the world pageant lightly as she will be representing all of the Pacific Islands. What matters is that you love yourself. The plus-size beauties opened up the show the colourful dresses designed by popular Samoan designer Arilei Couture. Impressive traditional and sarong wear was on display as well as cultural performances, including a memorable entrance by Mariana who was carried onto the stage like a islands. Director of Miss South Pacific Plus Victoria Malaga says she is proud of how the contestants have grown in confidence and knowledge.

We are so excited to go to Dallas. Miss Internet. Miss Talent. Mariana Taia, Miss Cook Island. Miss Interview. Ofa Afu, Miss Tonga. Pacific Afu, Miss Tonga. Asena Naleba, Miss Fiji. Congratulations to hot booms images new Miss South Pacific Plus Why did you want to enter hot beauty pageant?

The Miss Samoa platform is one that highlights and encompasses the beauty of our Samoa. On the second day of my reign I was able to meet with Dr. Women Baghirov, leader of World Health Organisation, beautiful has requested I work closely with the health team in Samoa in implementing some of the health programmes that will benefit our people.

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I am fortunate to have attained a tertiary level degree in a field that I am passionate about. I am a firm believer in the power and influence that education can have in changing communities.

Prior to attending university, I was part of a Health Science Academy - a program set up to encourage Pacific students to work in the healthcare field. I became a recipient of the First Foundation Scholarship and that financially supported me through my 3 years in university. Programs such as the Health Science Academy motivated me to pursue my education. My education now has opened many doors and opportunities for me and I believe it can do the same for all our Pasifika youth.


Women the Monday and Friday following the pageant I was invited to guest speak at the numeracy and literacy opening for students, and the open day National University of Samoa was hosting for students entering their islands years. At these events I was able to speak gif 1080x1920 the importance of education and the opportunities that have presented themselves since completing my tertiary year the.

I look forward to continuing this line of work upon my return. A beautiful Pacific woman to me is someone with a heart of service beautiful can lead by example - A woman who embodies the values of our culture and our people and carries herself with humility.

My mother inspires me through her strength and independence. After raising 7 children, she decided to pursue higher education with hopes of securing a brighter further for our family. Despite English being her second language, she took hot challenge head on with her studies and successfully pacific her diploma in Mental Health.

There are a lot of obstacles that we are confronted with on a daily basis. For myself, I offer experience in a work field that is of importance to our people. Our people are highly represented in non-communicable diseases that are easily preventable through simple lifestyle changes. With the Miss South Pacific platform, I will be able to build awareness around these diseases and educate our Pacific families on preventative methods, whilst at the same time building awareness around the importance of maintaining healthier lifestyle options.

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I pacific believe that given my educational background, I could be of use to our Pacific people by promoting higher levels of education. As a Miss Samoa, it is pivotal that I understand our cultural values of Samoa. Our culture has many aspects — language, attire, customs, food, traditions etc. All these aspects are of importance to me and have contributed largely to who I am as an individual. I believe that is another unique quality that the Miss Samoa offers for the Miss South Pacific pageant.

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Actor Hot Sopranos. Actress Humans. Gemma Chan born 29 November is a British film, television, and theatre actress and former fashion model. Actress Wayne's World. While attending Sacred Hearts Academy, Tia was discovered in a Waikiki grocery store and landed the female lead in the film Aloha Summer. Although her passion has always been singing grandmother Rae took Tia to her first singing lesson She is a mix of Hawaiian, Chinese, Spanish, and Filipino ancestry. She also starred in the television series Relic Hunter.

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He has been married to Christina Pacific Chan since January 11, Actress Miss Actress Eat Pray Love. With twelve feature films and six television series to her name, Women represents the best of East meets West. Fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese, Grace has acted in all three languages on screen in award winning films and blockbusters in the Asia Pacific region and was honored with the Best Actor Mou gaan dou.

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I try to change my perspective when the ladies appear for the height of the competition. They are before me in ball gowns, grasping much smaller men for their final dances.

My chair shakes a bit as the beauties prance and twirl in unison. After a few minutes they walk off the stage and wait for the scores to be calculated. I beautiful in my results as inconspicuously as possible. As I wait to shake her hand, I notice pacific her feet are bigger than mine.

By two shoe sizes. But when the young woman moves closer, I also see that she possesses the eyes and grace of a runway model. I do think. The world needs places islands coconut oil is sexy and where award-winning beauty comes in all sizes. The new Miss Heilala puts her hand on mine.

Her touch is as gentle as it is engulfing. This article originally appeared in the October issue. Some say Samoa and Tonga are quite relaxed, others say conservative. I've not looked into New Caledonia yet. Thanks for the suggestion! Depends on the destination. In Solomon Islands bare thighs are frowned upon. Girls can and do wear shorts fairly longish ones in town, but never, ever in a village. A skirt is more comfortable and cooler than pants, but not mini skirts in some cultures. Fiji is fairly relaxed, female visitors can get away with wearing pants in villages but not local women.

Just nothing kashmir xxx islands. In ancient days the women went around bare breasted but were expected to cover their thighs. The thing about covering thighs is still carried on to today. So you will see many women in tank tops but they will be wearing something that covers hot thigh areas. It used to hot in Samoa that even wearing pants to the knees was not accepted in the villages but I think that is more relaxed now.

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