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Once you own your difference, everything changes and you become unstoppable. Applications are now open! Charismatic, witty, charming, engaging - four things Joshua Rogers will never be. He subsequently honed his writing skills over the course of several sex-related articles, bringing a very public humiliation to his family's good name. Stay in the loop. We've got you covered.

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Has a very deep voice, and sounds like a stoner dude when he talks. His primary interest is women, and often when he is around, he is texting or calling some girl, showing me a picture now and then of who he is trying to get busy with.

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Just makes me wonder what side of the sexuality fence Wren will land on. Maybe he will sit right in the center. Watching Jordan dive in and out of his hole relentlessly was just too amazing to trim down! Next Door Male. Stryker is avid workout freak with an easy going, open-minded temperament. Originally from a small Texas town, this country boy is bursting with personality and surprises around every corner.

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A mechanic by day, Stryker puts his able hands to work here, laying back against the pillow as he slips his fingers beneath the sheets. Fondling his cock from tip to base, Stryker teases it, standing it straight up and playing lazily with the head then lubing up and stroking feverishly, alternating between intent and coy playing, before finally getting down to serious business and launching his sweaty load all over his freckled stomach.

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