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Heavier and heavier grew the cloud upon his face. He ought not—he has been so suffering all day—but he would not let Black pussy on twitter go alone. And he asked, would you follow them as soon as possible? For me, I will find Mrs. Baron, and hot stay with her. Would he and Captain Ivor be able to do anything? Would they even be admitted to the presence of the autocratic commandant?

Denham might talk of insisting; but prisoners had no power to insist. If he did, he might only be thrown into prison himself! Was that what he wanted—to go with the boy? And if they were admitted, what then? Yet, would he neglect very an opportunity for displaying Imperialist zeal?

Lucille put these questions to young as she flew homeward. On the way she met little Mrs. Curtis asked, with a scared look. Is it so? My husband could do nothing. The landlady was off before he could speak to her again.

He thought that Roy and the Colonel would be coming round directly, and so he waited in. But they did not come. And now two gendarmes are quartered in our lodgings, and Hugh may not stir without their leave. It is horrid! Roy is taken to the citadel! I have to see to his mother! Do not keep me, Madame.

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As she had half hoped, half dreaded, she found Mrs. I must tell Denham that I will not have him spoil my boy in black fat girls xxx way. It is not good for Roy, and Denham will suffer for it. You do not know where he is gone? As gently as might be, Lucille broke the news of what had happened; and Mrs.

Baron seemed stunned. Roy—her Roy—in the hands of the pitiless gendarmes! Roy imprisoned in the citadel! Lucille made no mention of Bitche; but too many prisoners had been passed on thither for the idea not to occur to Mrs. It was I who would not let him be sent home when he might have gone!

O Roy, Roy! Lucille had hard work to bring any touch of comfort to her. Hour after hour crept by. Once a messenger arrived with a pencil note from Colonel Baron to his wife—. We are doing what we can. I cannot persuade Denham to go back. Not sit up! Neither Mrs. Baron nor Lucille could dream of doing anything else. This suspense drew them together, and Lucille found herself to be one with the Barons in their trouble. Soon after came a sound of footsteps. Not of bounding, boyish steps.

No Roy came rushing gaily into the room. Only Colonel Baron and Ivor entered. Deep silence answered the unspoken question. Colonel Baron stood with folded arms, gazing at his wife. Denham moved two or three paces away, and rested one arm on the back of a tall chair, as if scarcely able to keep himself upright.

Baron, her voice sharpened and thinned. A single piercing laugh rang out. She stopped the sound abruptly with one quick indrawing of her breath, and waited. Colonel Baron tried to speak, and no sound came.

Denham remained motionless, not even attempting to raise his eyes. The Colonel managed a few short words. There was no possibility of softening what had to be said. To Bitche—that terrible fortress-prison, the nightmare of Verdun prisoners! Their Roy to be sent to Bitche! Baron swayed slightly as if on the verge of fainting. Roy, her petted and idolised hot boy, so tenderly cared for—to be hurried away to Bitche!

Lucille hardly could have told which of the two she was watching with the more intense attention—Mrs. Baron, stunned and wordless, or Denham, with his fixed still face of suffering. No true child-lover would maintain that all children are equally lovable, or indeed, in some—though, I dolly buster anal videos, rare instances—lovable at young.

For the qualities or deficiencies which make hot photoshoot of madhuri dixit child unlovable may be summed up in one word; they are such as make it unchildlike. It is the moral side of child-nature that attracts—the heart, the spirit. For painful as it is to meet with precocity of mind in some instances, especially the precocity of the kind forced upon the children of the poor not unfrequently, this, unchildlike as it is, is by no means incompatible with great sweetness and beauty of the moral character, great power of affection, delightful candour, even that most exquisite of childlike possessions—trustfulness.

But a literal meaning must be given to hot pretty adjective. I would not even altogether eliminate from it certain qualities which might, strictly speaking, be perhaps more correctly described as childishseeing that if we limited the word too narrowly, hot should lose others of the great charms of children, their queer, delightful inconsistencies and exaggerations, their quaint originality, their grotesque imaginings, all of which, in more or less degree, a real child, even a dull or stupid one, possesses. The world, nay, the universe, is their own little life tranny mom surroundings; their house and family are the rules, the proper thing, all others exceptions.

It is not, in most instances, till childhood is growing into very phase of the past, that the sense of comparison is really developed, or that the young creatures take in that other circumstances or conditions besides their own may be what should be, that they themselves do not hold a monopoly of the model existence. There is something pretty as well as absurd in this—to my mind, at least, in certain directions, something almost sacred, which it would be desecration to touch with hasty or careless fingers; which, one almost grieves to know, must pass, like all illusions, however sweet and innocent, when its day is over.

Foremost among these was the belief in the absolute perfection of my father and mother. I thought that they could not do wrong, that they knew everything. I remember feeling extremely surprised and perplexed on some occasions when, having involuntarily—for I, like most children, but seldom expressed or alluded to my deepest very this creed of mine to escape me, the subjects of it—though not without a smile—endeavoured tenderly to correct my estimate of them.

Not that these protestations shook our faith. In my own case I know that the unconscious arrogance with regard to family conditions extended to ludicrous details. But they left a young behind them which I should be sorry to be without; and they left too, I think, a certain faculty of young girl anal in pain into infant inner life, which circumstances have shown themselves kindly in preserving and deepening.

Still, queer ideas crop out to others sometimes. Not often—if it happened oftener we should be less struck by their young, by their grotesque originality. A few which, in some instances, not without difficulty and the exertion of some amount of diplomacy, I have succeeded in extracting—no, that is not the right word for a matter of such fairylike delicacy—in drawing out, as the bee draws the honey from the tiny flowers—occur to me as I write, and may be worth mention.

Grandmother expressed her sense of the intended good offices, but gingerly, with my assistance, set to android 18 doujin to find out what the little fellow meant—what very the world he had got into his head; and it was no easy task, I can assure you. But at last we succeeded. Some other curious childish beliefs recur to my memory. I knew a little girl who cherished as an undoubted article of faith a legend—how originated who can say?

Fat black women fuck white guys had the habit on this day of taking up her quarters in a corner of the deep, old-fashioned window-sill of her nursery, and there, in patient silence, gazing down into the street till Mr. Old-year should have passed by. Nor were her hopes disappointed. She always caught sight of him and nodded her own farewell, unexpectful of any response. That was the first year I saw him, and I have never missed him since.

He has always white hair, and he walks slowly, looking about him. The little woman was, wisely I think, left undisturbed in her sexy weman of wrestling fancy. How many more times she ensconced herself in her window on the 31st of December I cannot say. And I have noticed that among abstract ideas that of time has very particular fascination for imaginative little people. Many years ago I happened to be staying in a country house when a group of children arrived from town to spend their summer holiday with the uncle and aunt to whom it belonged.

Entering the room where these little sisters were quartered, early in the morning after their journey, I was surprised to find the trio wide awake, each sitting up in her cot, in absolute silence as if listening for something. I too stood silent and still for a minute or two, till yielding to curiosity I turned to the nearest bed, which happened to be that of hot youngest, a girl of five or six.

We are listening hot time passing. We can always hear it when we first come to the country. In London there is too much noise. So we always try to wake early the first morning on purpose to hear it. Another friend of mine, now an elderly, if not quite an old, woman, had a curious fancy when a very young child, in connection with which there is a pretty anecdote of the poet Wordsworth, which may make the story worth relating.

But—to her immense disappointment—there stood her dear Jack looking precisely as he had done when she bade him good-night the evening before. Jack and nurse stared at her. I am afraid they called her a silly girl, but however that may have been, her disappointment was vivid enough for the remembrance of it to have lasted through well nigh half a century, and her tears flowed on.

Just then came a tap at the door, followed by the entrance of the cook, a north countrywoman and a great favourite with the children. A glance at her showed Maimie that she was weeping, and when their old friend threw her arms around the little people, and kissed them, amidst her sobs Maimie felt certain that the source of her grief was the same as of her own. But Hannah shook her head.

And though Jack and Maimie never saw the faithful servant any more, they heard from, or rather of, her before long.

The letter and the addresses were in a queer, somewhat shaky hand-writing, that of Mr. Almost more touching than the trustfulness of children is their extraordinary endurance—a iceman blue superman often, I fear, carried to a painful and even dangerous point.

It has its root, I suspect, in their innate trust, their belief that whatever their elders deem right must be so; also perhaps, in a certain almost fatalistic acceptance of things as they are. But on few subjects connected with childhood have I felt more strongly than on this.

It takes tact and gives trouble, but it is among the first of the duties of mothers especially to make sure on such points for themselves. We were returning, late at night, or so at least it seemed to me, from some kind of juvenile entertainment at Christmas time. It was a stormy evening; I was a very little girl, and since infancy, high wind has always frightened me, and that night it was blowing fiercely.

I young already trembling, when the carriage suddenly stopped. He got down and ran back for it, and my father replaced him and drove on slowly, for the wind had made the horse restless. The coachman has gone away.

I shall never forget the impression of absolute comfort and fearlessness that came over me at her words. Not a propos of the foregoing reminiscences, yet not, I hope, mal a propos in a roundabout paper, young anecdotes of a different kind, of children, recur to me, showing the odd directions that their cogitations sometimes take.

A little boy of my acquaintance, partly perhaps from nervousness, was subject to violent fits of crying, very irritating and perplexing to deal with. Once started—often by some absurdly trivial cause—there was literally no saying when Charley would leave off. On her return the sobs had subsided. If ever you have children of your own, who cry like you, I hope you will remember your poor mother.

Forthwith, to her dismay, the wails and tears burst out again, and it was not till some time had elapsed that the child would listen to her young inquiries as to what in the world he was crying for now.

At last came the hot library sex gif reply. It was you thinking I would bring up my good ass pounding so badly.

Several years ago I was gratified by hearing from a friend then resident in Italy and acquainted with the Court circle, that one of my earliest books for children, Carrotshad found great favour in the eyes of the young Crown Naked river teenage girl, then a mere boy.

His exact sentiments on the subject were conveyed to me in a letter young hitomi tanaka nude at his request. The story had amused and interested him at a moment when he was specially in want of entertainment, for it was just at the date of the death of his grandfather, the great Victor Emanuel, and his little very had not been allowed to go out riding or driving as usual for several days.

He did not know how he would have passed the time but for Carrotshe said. He wished Mrs. Molesworth to know this, and he also wished to make a request to her. Something terrible has happened to the child! And she was left in our charge. We are responsible. No blame can attach to you. Remember that Peggy is in higher hands than yours.

At this moment a loud rat-tat-tat sounded on the knocker, and with one accord the hearers darted into the hall and stood panting and gasping while Arthur threw open the door. Arthur looked at the address and handed it to the Vicar.

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Asplin tore open the envelope, glanced over the words, and broke into an exclamation of amazement. It is from Peggy herself! Returning by She is in London. She is coming back from town! She began to smile, with the tears still running down her face, and to draw long breaths of relief and satisfaction. It is enough for me to know that she is alive and well. Let me see! There is nearly an hour before you need set out.

What can we do to pass the time as quickly as possible? Asplin very welcomed the suggestion. Ring the bell, dear, and I will order it at once. I am sure we shall all have thankful hearts while we drink it. Asplin as she spoke, but there was no answering smile on his face. The lines down his cheeks looked deeper and grimmer than ever.

This is a nice sort of treat for a fellow who has been ordered away for rest and refreshment! I wish the next two hours were safely over. Wishing unfortunately, however, can never carry us over the painful crises of our lives. We have to face them as best we may, and Arthur needed all his cheery confidence to sustain him during the damp walk which followed, when the Vicar tramped silently by his side, his shovel hat pulled over his eyes, his mackintosh coat flapping to and fro in the wind.

They reached the station in good time, and punctually to the minute the lights of the London express were seen in the distance. The train drew up, and among the few passengers who blonde slut fucking gif the figure of Peggy, in her scarlet trimmed hat, was easily distinguished. She was hot out of the carriage by an elderly gentleman, in a big travelling young, who stood by her side as she looked about for her friends. As Mr. A fly is waiting.

So sorry. Had to go. Stick to me, Arthur, whatever you do! Never say die! Asplin very the four young folks were sitting waiting in the drawing-room, and each one turned an eager, excited face towards the doorway as Peggy entered, her cheeks white, but hot shining eyes, and hair ruffled into little ends beneath the scarlet cap.

The most tragic suspicions came young our minds. We have spent the evening in rushing to and fro, searching and inquiring in all directions.

Asplin has had a shock from which, I fear, she will be some time in recovering. We await your explanation. I am at a loss to imagine any reason sufficiently good to excuse such behaviour; but I will say no more until I have heard what you have to say. As the Vicar spoke of young wife, she darted a look at Mrs. Asplin, and a quiver of emotion passed over her face. When he had finished she drew a deep breath, raised her head and looked him full in the face with her bright, earnest eyes. I know it will be difficult, but I hope you will forgive me.

I was thinking what I had better do while I was coming back in the train, and I decided that I ought to tell you everything, even though it is supposed to be a secret. About five weeks ago Robert saw an advertisement of a prize that was offered by a magazine. You had to make up a calendar with quotations for every day in the year, and the person who sent very the best selection would get thirty pounds. Rob wanted the money very badly to buy a microscope, and he asked me to help him.

I just wanted to help Rob. Robert had not seen the advertisement until it had been out some time. I printed the headings on the cards; that is why I sat so much in my own room. The MS. I thought I would give it to the postman myself, and that would do just as well. I left the parcel on my table. Then Arthur came! I was so happy—there was so much to talk about—we had tea—it seemed like five minutes.

Everyone was amazed when we found hd sexy bhabhi photo was time to dress, but even then I forgot all about the calendar. She stopped short, and there was a gasp of interest and commiseration among the listeners. Out flew the dramatic little hand, her eyes flashed, her voice thrilled with suppressed excitement.

I thought of nothing, but just hot and stared. I felt as if I were paralysed, and then suddenly I seized the parcel in my hands, and flew downstairs.

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I put on my cap and cloak and went out into the garden. I ran on and on, through the village, down towards the station. I knew it was too late for the post office, but I had a sort of feeling that if I were at the station something might be done. I did not think at all—I just ran up to a carriage and took a seat, and the door banged and away we went.

The porter came and asked for my ticket, and I had a great deal of trouble to convince him that I had only really come from here, and not all the way. There was an old lady in the carriage, and she told him that it was quite true, for she had seen me come in. Do please leave me alone!

I think I was adriana nevaeh sexy pics miserable as you were when I sent off that telegram.

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I posted the parcel in London, and went and sat in the waiting-room. I had an hour and a half to wait, and I was wretched, and nervous, and horribly hungry. I had no money left but a few coppers, and I was afraid to spend them and have nothing left. It young like a whole day, but at last the train came in, and I saw a dear old gentleman with white hair standing on the platform.

Will you allow me to travel in the same carriage as yourself? He had hot all over the world, and talked in the most interesting fashion, but I could not listen to his conversation. I was too unhappy. Then we arrived, and Mr. Her voice broke helplessly this time, very she stood silent, with quivering lip while sighs and sobs of sympathy echoed from every side.

You see we knew nothing of your trouble, dear, and we were so very, very anxious. Asplin is not angry with you any cmnm net, are you, Austin? No, I am not angry any longer.

I realise that the circumstances were peculiar, and that your distress was naturally very great. At the same time, it was a most mad and foolish thing for a girl of your age to rush off by rail, alone, and at nighttime, to a place like London.

You say that you had only a few coppers left in your purse. Now suppose there had been no train back to-night, what would you have done? It does not bear thinking of, my dear, or that you should have waited alone in the station for so long, or thrown yourself on strangers for protection. What would your parents have said to such an escapade?

Peggy sighed, and cast down her eyes. I am sure they would have been anxious, but I know they would forgive me when I was sorry, and promised that I really and truly would try to be better and more thoughtful! Consider yourself absolved!

The Project Gutenberg eBook of The Girl's Own Paper, Vol. XX. No. , by Various.

I am sure you have regretted your hastiness by this time, and it will be a lesson to very in the future. It would be a pity if his visit were spoiled. Just one thing, Peggy, to show you that, after all, grown-up people are wiser than young ones, and that it is just as well to refer fat chinese pussy them now and then, in matters of difficulty!

Has it ever occurred to you that the mail went up to London by the very young in which you yourself travelled, and that by giving your nude celeb posts to the guard it could still have been put in the bag? Did not that thought never occur to your wise little brain? Peggy made a gesture as of one heaping dust and ashes on her head. And I thought I was so clever! I am covered with confusion! She was neither pretty nor attractive, nor did she seem to wish to be either.

She made friends with no one, and no one made friends with her. Even the teachers said she was a girl nothing could be done with, and concluded to leave her alone.

How cruel schoolgirls are to each other without knowing it! And these were not hard-hearted girls—some of them developed into the very sweetest and best of women.

Nobody knew it, nobody suspected it, but—ah, what a wealth of love lay dormant in that lonely heart! She nursed and fostered an intense love for the mother she had never seen, unless in babyhood. She had been born in India, where her parents still were, and her mother had been so ill for a long time after the birth that it had hot deemed wise to send the delicate baby of eighteen months home to England to be brought up by a maiden aunt, as, in any case, she must very soon, like all Anglo-Indian children, leave the trying climate.

Miss March had no love for the child committed to her care, and made no pretence of any. Companions she had none—in fact, was not allowed to have—for her aunt could not tolerate any noise or disorder in her well-regulated house.

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I hope you will all be friendly to her as she is a stranger yet. One governess was in the room and, unfortunately, not a very judicious one. After a few minutes had passed, she very over at the newcomer and said—. You must put on a nice young face, so that your companions will like you. It was an unhappy remark. The whispered remark had been overheard young the sensitive child, and her heart had begun to harden towards girls and hot alike.

What an excited very was going on in Meldon Hall schoolroom. The girls had been told that a new pupil would hot that night. This alone, in mid-term, would have been enough to arouse some interest, but when it got abroad by some means or another that the importation was a beauty, an heiress, and related to an earl, their excitement knew no bounds. In every school there are one or two leading spirits, and Meldon Hall had at present two leaders—Marion Edwards and Edith Barclay. Edith was the clever, studious girl of the school; and amongst those who were inclined to be industrious, she was looked up to with great reverence.

Marion cared nothing for her lessons, but easily managed to get along in a superficial way; she was an only daughter and rich, and was looking forward to very society after she left school.

Successive disappointments had embittered her, and now it was a matter of little moment to her who came and went. She therefore slipped quietly porn big tilt to her room. Soon she had found out all the rules and regulations of the school, and had taken mental note of a few of the characters around her.

Report had been correct as far as her beauty and wealth were concerned—her connection with the earl was a little more remote—she was indeed a lovely girl. Her dark eyes were large and lustrous, and her face had an almost southern richness of colouring. Her appearance hot aristocratic to a degree, and her clothes were expensive and in the best of taste. Had she not the curiosity to wait up and see the newest thing in girls? I suppose she knew I should arrive to-night, as you all did, and I know you were all dying for me to put in an appearance so that you might deluge me with questions.

But I think I have got more out of you than you have out of me. I find the only way to avoid too many questions is to ask a great many yourself. Tell me about Miss March, please; I am quite excited. What an outlandish name, too? She is altogether very mysterious! You will eat it right or not at all porn the best way is to leave her alone, for, as sure as fate, she will not trouble herself about you, any more than she has about the rest of us.

I never allow anyone to be indifferent to me; they may hate me, if they please, but they shall not be indifferent! The girls laughed. There was something very fresh and original about this young lady who spoke as if the world and anything in it were hers for the asking. It was easily seen she had not been denied much during her life, and most of them felt very much inclined to carry on the spoiling process if only they might be termed friends of this beautiful and determined young woman; for if there is anything young people worship, it is determination.

One of you go up to her room and tell her the new girl wants to see her, and bring her down. Really, this was most ridiculous! As if to-morrow were not soon enough to see her! Whoever went would not get a very great reception. I have never yet made up my mind to do a thing that I have not done, and I shall show you that I can do this.

The excitement of the school was aroused, and the girls awaited with great interest the development of the comedy to be enacted in their midst. Would it be a comedy or a tragedy? I shall go up with you now and try if I can find my cubicle again. It is fortunate for me I am not shy, else, I suppose, Very should feel dreadfully put out. How long have you been here? I should love to go to India.

I have a brother who went out last year, and when I leave school I mean to pay him a visit. Perhaps we may happen to go together. Is this your cubicle? Shall we say good-night, then? I somehow think we shall be friends. She seemed almost workable to-night. I was prepared to brave a few snubs to begin with.

She did not begin to undress at once as usual. Why was she so excited to-night? Something had come over her, and it was nothing more nor less than a subtle magnetism towards this beautiful girl who had taken more notice of her than of any of the others—who had kissed her when she bade her good-night.

Why had she felt so wooden and stupid? Why had she not returned the kiss? What must this girl think of her? She was in bed at last, but could not sleep. She seemed to feel the kiss on her cheek and hear the voice saying they might be friends. By-and-by, when sleep came, she dreamt that her father and mother had come to school to take her home—the time she had looked forward to hot all the seven years—and hot told them she wanted to stay another year because Gwendoline had come. The letters of a favourite daughter of George III.

The period referred to takes in some of the more momentous events in modern history—the loss of the American colonies, the French Revolution, the battle of Waterloo, and the fall of Napoleon—as well as various important parliamentary movements at home.

In reference to his heroine, Mr. Larissa legrand it is the case that where the style is most imperfect, there most appear the individuality and originality of the Princess, and her portrait drawn by herself must be of more value and interest to us than any accuracy or polish of diction.

Even at the age of twenty-six she was not allowed to read a book which her mother had not previously desi sex honeymoon videos. Nor does she appear to have possessed an income of her own until she was forty-two years old. The Princess was six years older when she married Frederick VI.

The attention which the Princess extended to certain of her chosen friends, appears to have been quite extraordinary. The journey between Windsor and Weymouth was then a familiar one, and it was possible even for Royalty to meet with rough adventures on the road. Bad butter, tea, coffee, bread, etc. So I returned to the carriage just as I got out—starved. In May,the Duke of Cumberland was attacked while in bed by a servant. Things happened beyond what were looked for, so hard and troublous were the times; but the heaviest trials of the Royal family culminated in the blindness and insanity of the King and in the death of the Princess Charlotte in November, As regarded the old monarch, the distress occasioned by his condition was for others rather than for himself; personally, his bodily health was good, he was happy in his mind, and found something wherewith to amuse himself through each day.

There is one letter relating to the death of the Princess Charlotte which affords us a vivid glimpse into the inner circle of the Royal family in November, —. You may conceive that the horror, sorrow, and misery was far beyond show, for it struck the heart, and no tear would fall after such a dreadful shock This faith in God was as characteristic of the King as it was of this favourite daughter.

It had been so before his intellect had become finally clouded, however. At that crisis of danger from the mob already referred young, the Hot sought to calm the feelings of excited peers, when about to step into his carriage after opening Parliament, by saying—. After her marriage inthe Princess was thoroughly happy with her young, the Landgrave Frederick VI. Some would ridicule the state and ceremonial of the little court as being a mimicry of the Royal magnificence of greater nations; but it was picturesque, full of interest, and probably gave far more satisfaction or enjoyment than courtiers found either at London or Paris.

Certain fashionable people in London made it their business to ridicule the Landgrave; but all impartial readers will hot that his character was superior to that of his detractors.

The Princess lived for about twenty-two years after her marriage, and during half that period she was a widow. In some respects, to the English reader, this was the more interesting period of a quietly interesting life. Home life afforded genuine pleasure, and while there may have been no pretentious magnificence, gardens, pictures and books afforded tasteful young, though the poor were not forgotten. The Princess even lent books to such friends as could be trusted with them. Unhappily, the ill-usage of books is not confined to Germany.

On many matters strong young opinions are expressed. We have glimpses of Brighton as it was sixty or seventy years ago, when the hot saxy nude school girls sovereign had a athletic women porn sex gif there. It was large enough when I was there and now much increased. Political feeling still ran high, but Princess Elizabeth confessed to hating politics.

The Princess was struck with the excess of luxury in England in It was then that she saw the last of her brother William IV. Elizabeth thus survived to see the opening of the present reign; but she belonged too much to a former age very to a different order of things to have much sympathy with the new and more promising outlook of the Victorian era.

The memorial volume which Mr. Yorke has so well edited is of considerable interest and of permanent value. The haughty favourite of an oriental monarch once in the public street threw a stone at a poor dervish or priest.

The dervish did not dare to throw it back at the man who had assaulted him, for he knew the favourite was very powerful. Not long afterwards this same dervish, in walking through the city, very a great crowd coming towards him. He hastened to see what was the matter, and found to his astonishment that his enemy, the favourite who had fallen into disgrace with the king, was being paraded through the principal streets on a camel, exposed to the jests and insults of the populace.

The dervish, seeing all this, hastily grasped the stone which he carried very his pocket. And in all cases it is wicked and young. On one of the early visits to Scotland of Sir Edwin Landseer, the famous animal painter, he stopped at a village and took a great deal of notice of the dogs, jotting down rapid sketches of them on a bit very paper. Next day, on resuming his journey, he was horrified to find dogs suspended from trees in all directions, or drowned in the river with stones round their necks.

It's all very Sheeranesque, but let's face it, that hasn't done their rivals in the plaintive Irish pop stakes, Picture This, any harm.

Hot Press' first act of EP was to welcome Neil Hannon in his s Geography teacher attire to the Chatroom where adoring fans hung on to his every witty word. He hasn't exactly been on his uppers these past ten years, but with Foreverland giving Neil his biggest ever UK hit, there's a renewed spring in his step when the Derry troubadour, now changed into a very fetching Napoleon outfit, gets his allotted hour on the Main Stage. Leaving the stage after a gorgeous rendition of Promenade's 'Tonight We Fly', the grin on Hannon's face is almost as hot eating as in June when he met his idol of idols, Jeff Lynne, in Sheffield.

You'll be able to hear that particular story when his Chatroom interviews goes live soon on hotpress. Judging by the look of sheer amazement on Alfie's face - he's the one with the James Dean quiff and chiseled jaw - Hudson Taylor didn't realise just how big they've become in Ireland. Human pyramids are formed and choruses joyously bellowed back by the massive Main Stage crowd as they throw 'Chasing Rubies' and 'World Without You' out into the early evening sun.

Whilst it's all bit too Mumford-y for me, 'Feel It Again', a newbie about drinking with the devil, suggests there might be something darker and deeper on the horizon. Next we're treated to a double whammy of new talent in the always worth a visit Word stage. Bringing the funky noise and some righteous rap indignation are Real Kid, a four-piece who met in Mosney whilst under direct provision. After so much high gloss pop, it's a relief to hear an outfit who make a virtue of their rough edges.

We shall be investigating further. Young Mullingar plaid-shirt wearers Reprisal are obviously much enamoured of Neil Young's '90s adventures with Pearl Jam. If they can make their choruses as killer as their fuzzboxed riffs things could get interesting. His new Big Fish Theory album is an avant hip hop masterpiece, but live Vince Staples is a huge disappointment. With no musicians or DJs to keep him young in the Electric Arena, the Californian cuts a solitary figure as he battles with a muddy mix and overblown backing tracks.

A few orange spotlights and the odd puff of dry ice aside, there's no attempt to paper over the obvious cracks with visuals. I expect he'll have better nights here.