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A recent decision to ban pornography on the platform aimed to keep the website PG to maintain its teen user-base despite potential parental controls.

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Thus, many artists turned toward other platforms for a place to share their content. Others who may not have been posting the content or sharing it left the platform to boycott its sudden decision to moderate so deeply. Many pointed that pornography was not the inherent issue, so much as it was worrisome that a creative content platform could have the ability to successfully dictate what was and was not allowed on it.

Or, as Business Insider points out—less than the value of an empty lot in Palo Alto.

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The telecom giant Verizon sold Tumblr only months after it made the announcement that it would ban adult content on the platform. In the future, Tumblr may share a lot of the same features as WordPress while still functioning like a social media platform on the front end.

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Look at blogs like The Tumblr Famouswhich will profile you … if you have over 10, followers. Self-published fashion blogging including selfies allowed Tavi to catapult herself into the fashion world but maintain a critical eye.

There are nearly as many sarcastic YouTube videos about Tumblr girlhood as there are sincere tutorials. Cerrato actually deleted his incredibly successful Tumblr posts still on InstagramCerrato fans!

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He even has GIF shrines, just like popular Tumblr girls. Holiday Gift Guide. Mistakes were made: Hilarious internet mess-ups from the s 22 hours ago. Apple Music vs.

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young Those hot, tiny bursts! Like, I love you, boys. But I have a secret list of Twitter must-reads and other than my tightest guy friends it is lady b foot fetish ladies.

I think the real-time nude uck, sorry for that of Twitter fashion, too is what will ultimately save women from aspiring to and disproportionately appreciating the creative work of men in music, film, art, and literature. Did you see The League where Taco makes up the MyFace offline social network teen to prove your identity you draw a picture of a spider with penises for legs? I hate Facebook so much.

This is a half-and-half situation, because: 1 Tumblr is where girls are king! Of every space on the internet, this is the one where a girl free-for-all exists and is being built up like a theoretical magic castle; where the dust of 90s nostalgia lives; where you can do the most intense learning about girl lives and girl-hero lives because of the instant, unedited access to kind of whoever; where the pro-ana shit girl the model shit and the whatever else is there but has nothing on the moody self-direction of what Tumblr essentially is.

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Coincidentally, Li Qingyun has a small space on his body and can put a lot of things. Sometimes fantasy is just better. If we are to judge someone by the porn they watch, or what they consider a turn-on, we might all have to dramatically reconsider how we see each other. As for his opinion on the women who take offence at having their pictures copied and posted?

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Having heard the opinions of almost everyone involved, I find myself at a crossroad when it comes to how I personally feel about innocent selfies being categorised as or lumped together with pornography. On Instagram, photos are posted on a public profile on a public platform. Metaphorically and literally. As a result, your pants get a bit tighter and you start touching yourself.

It feels good. Boy oh boy does it feel good.

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But not wanting to be known as Mr second man for the rest of eternity, you delay gratification and scroll to the next one of a woman giving a blowjob.

You watch that too. And the one after. Before you know it, you come to a picture of an attractive lady in a form fitting dress.