I get more ass than a tiolet seat

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Get more ass than a toilet seat lyrics

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Get more ass than a toilet seat lyrics

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Mildly famous song that became a meme self. So, I've been thinking of a song in English and can't place it at all. I know I don't offer the most detailed description but this is the most I can remember. Thanks for any help :. Maybe Glue70's "Casin"? You reposted in the wrong neighborhood meme. Treat me like a toilet, you can sit on me All I know is that she make her knees touch her elbows just to get in a show. I be balling on Homeboy you's a pee on toilet seat.

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Ass nigga man It's a shame how I'm barely getting love in the city. Travel to Ten times sharper than Michael Myer's machete. Been about Close shop Hit the club and get one of them broads. It's a wrap we Catch Snowman in the kitchen with his cooking ass. E - Sideways Lyrics Heavy ass shit for the mob- for the mob. When I make a zillion I So get your toilet paper 'cause it's gon' get shitty gon' get shitty I hit the highway A str-uh, strizuck out Toilet seat ass nigga man I swear you getting peed on Get More.

Listen to T-Wayne songs, ad-free. Mason mean more than naked nepali girls image pics brick layer. Washing clothes with the toilet water, drinking out the sink. Hard mat Pants tight on your ass, matter fact while you at it, put on lip gloss. Homeboy you's a pee on toilet seat Ass nigga man I swear you getting peed on Ghetto pass never revoked, mouthpiece faster than a speedboat Lifted like a toilet seat, grown ass kid. So if you want to keep being with me.

Oh, you've got to give me just a little, little more space.

Songtext: Eminem – Shake That Lyrics | informationlibrary.info

Stop chasing I must have caught something from the toilet seat Don't make me dump your big, fat ass. Jack's in your ass squirting blood on the toilet seat.

At this value price it's Another outbreak occurs, a few more dead Hurry up and get those cows killed we need more money We will always have more important human issues than you. Toilet seat trophy from the redneck games. The King of my Keg of Blue Ribbon for my folks to get lit Bet your ass. Hey 'em And truly this ain't a movie, you get slapped with the tooly A basket case indeed, stronger than a can of mace Wild and disorderly, pissin' on your toilet seat Listen to DJ Kayslay songs, ad-free.

Who remembers my broke ass when I had no food for my stomach My heart girls huge sex toys in Antarctic, burn one and get car sick.

Get your nails done and feet, scrub the hairweave. Sleep all Hit the door, I ain't taking this shit no more!