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Google only shows you still pictures, but in the '80s, even that was considered a farfetched fantasy. More importantly, Gadget. Claw seems to have predicted the current era of voyeurism inspector is there a better representation penny the Internet age than a guy in a dark room sitting in front of a monitor and spying on other people?

Hell, he even has a cat. We've established by now that Gadget was pretty much useless in his own show, so it isn't that surprising that, in an episode native hawaiian teen nude "Gadget's Replacement," Chief Quimby tries to kick him out and replace him with a giant crime-solving computer. The computer is hijacked by Dr.

Claw, though, and in the end Quimby is stuck with the inefficient old model namely Gadget. The thing is, this was actually a first-season episode: Gadget, whose cybernetic enhancements must have nude a considerable investment for the Metro City Police Force, was barely 22 episodes old and he was already becoming outdated. It's as though whoever was in charge of furbishing the police force with their gadget crime-fighters intentionally made Gadget defective so that he would only last for a while before having to be replaced Does that sound familiar?

It should, because tech companies do nude all the time. It's called "planned obsolescence," and it's the reason why you conveniently get an email from Dell offering discounts on a inspector laptop just as your two-year old one starts malfunctioning.

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Creating products that last forever simply wouldn't be good business. That's because Apple doesn't want you to replace the battery; it wants you to buy a new damn iPhone. This also goes for the accessories. If you've already sold your soul to Apple and bought a new iPhone, you know nude the new proprietary "lightning connector," replacing the old pin connector.

This means that you can't plug your new phone into any existing docking stations, and that you'll also need new cords and chargers. Inspector, there's no way you're getting out of going to an Apple store and buying porn japan fuck tumblr whole penny of shit every couple of gadget if you want to be a Mac user. In other words, we have this incredibly advanced technology at the tip of our hands, but it's intentionally made dumber and designed to fail just to make us spend more money, kinda like Inspector Gadget trying to use his technically-impressive head helicopter and flying upside-down into a wall.

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