There is nothing spectacular about him; he isn't particularly good looking but not that ugly, he isn't in any way remarkable nor is he going to become famous justwedgies soon. He is an small and skinny 19 year old guy, who lives with his parents still and keeps himself to himself. His social circle is slim to none justwedgies that's how Chris feels comfortable, he lost touch with a number of friends since leaving school and college but ha.

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This is not going to be incredibly detailed but certainly enough for you to build a picture of him in your mind I hope anyway. Name: Tom Age: 19 Height: 5'10" Build: slightly overweight, but still trying to keep in the shape he was justwedgies he was younger Hair colour: dark brown Eye colour: Green Likes and interests: music of most genres, video games and reading Sexuality: strai.

Tom has been doing self wedgies for a number of years and over the years he has ripped a lot of underwear. Since he gets his own underwear and does his own washing most of the time, as well doing a very good job of hiding all his wedgie related stuff he had managed to go under the radar from his parents.

He takako kitahara porn video a secret justwedgies of underwear he saved specifically for wedgies with stuff like rope and bungee chord as well, tucked away in a shoe box under his bed behind other boxes. Unless someone was specifically looking for this stuff they would never know, just as he liked it. When Tom ripped some underwear he would stash it back in the box unde. It justwedgies been about a week since Tom had decided to take his pursuit for different justwedgies experiences out of the house and into the public and semi public areas.

The wedgies he had done in the public toilet were great but It was a little bit too risky for him to try again. He would have been mortified if he was caught in a wedgie, maybe another time though.

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Pantsed by buddy sivart Hang On MaryBubble. Not Munched MaryBubble.

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Group Member 7. Group Admin. About justwedgies More. Posts See justwedgies. Where is everyone from? Oct 21, I am curious as to how many people into wedgies are in England? I did some wedgies today!

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Oct 12, I did some justwedgies wedgies outdoors for the first time in years! I went for a walk with my dog to the woods where I often take him. I was still paranoid someone would somehow see me so I stayed small with the wedgies and let my dog do his own thing. First wedgie was a regular whilst on the footpath, pantsed justwedgies a little to feel the cold air on my butt too : Second wedgie was done in the clearing in the woods a bit de.

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New story coming soon. Jun 24, Hey everyone, not sure how many justwedgies read my stories but there will be a new addition to my wedgie series coming soon. I've been a bit busy recently but I have an idea in mind now.

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