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The ink had barely dried on the wedding certificate when Max was mowed down by a car as he tried to protect his brother from being hit. Unless you want your wedding thunder to be stolen by a newborn. If you're very pregnant at your wedding, prepare for your waters to break all over your nice posh frock.

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It should also be noted that heavily pregnant guests should be avoided for the same reason. Honey's waters broke in church, Janine gave birth prematurely and Ronnie delivered her baby while in a coma.

Ukrainian Man cut off rapist's penis in revenge for attack on his wife | Metro News

So, just saying. Because someone always pipes up. And they've never got anything nice to say. Especially Tracy Barlow. When her arch nemesis, Carla Connor, was set to get her happy ever after with Nick Tilsley, Tracy was only to happy to jump in and object. She revealed that the blushing bride had cheated on Nick with Robert. Tracy had a taste of her own medicine when Becky McDonald revealed Tracy had been lying about the cause of her miscarriage to hubby-to-be Steve McDonald.

Only Becky held back and let the pair tie the knot before dropping the bomb. Nice work, Becky. You know they're only going to bring the police to your ceremony because they're on the run for murder.

Thai man cuts off best friend’s penis and throws it to dog to eat | Daily Mail Online

It's standard. The news and stories that matter, delivered weekday mornings. Let our news meet your inbox. The news and stories that matters, delivered weekday mornings. Sign Up. Permsak Petprasert, 50, in Puma top and surgical mask, pictured dick a police re-enactment telling officers how he cut off his friend's penis after he tried to seduce his wife. Permsak Petprasert Puma top, above admitted knocking out Suwit Tipjantha with a hammer, and then his off his manhood with a fruit peeling knife before throwing it outside for their pet dogs to hot models porn pictures. Permsak told officers that after carrying out the attack, he instructed neighbours to drive the injured man in a pick-up truck to cuts Baan Pong Hospital.

He told police: 'I was drinking beer and liquor with my friends. I don't remember anything else after that. Police arrested Permsak, who confessed to beating his friend with a hammer and cutting off his penis. He said would 'do the same again' because Suwit had allegedly tried to have man with his wife.

While being taken on a police re-enactment on Monday morning, he said: 'Me and another friend came back and my wife was screaming. The year-old told police 'I would do this again to protect my wife. This was his fault for trying to seduce her'. Police officers and forensic teams searched the premises for the missing appendage, to no avail. Police said that Off would be charged for physical assault leading to a serious injury of another person.

WARNING: Graphic image and account of self-mutilation contained within this article.

This was his fault for trying to seduce her. Colonel Sakchai Intarapreecha from Baan Pong police said: 'The investigating officer is collecting evidence. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Share this article Share.

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Medics at the United Christian Hospital in Hong Kong gave the man painkillers and tried to slide it off with jelly but it didn't budge. So, they ended up having to use a diamond disc cutter to slice through the metal, according to an article published in the journal Urology Case Reports.

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Grim pictures showed the man's "penile strangulation" before surgeons used the small power tool to delicately remove the nut. Writing in the journalthe team led by Chloe Hui Tung Yu, said: "Penile strangulation by constriction devices is a urological emergency. They wrote: "He nude black females hot applied a metal hex nut over the root of his penis two days ago for sexual pleasure but was unable to remove it afterwards.

He was able to void [urinate] without difficulty. He also had a 4cm-long skin abrasion where his penis had been strangled by the thick metal nut and some of the surrounding skin was starting to rot.