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Especially when the game is so story driven? How hard is it to say that Sniper Wolf acclimated herself to the weather and wears what she wears to move about freely if need be?

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I'm not going to go through them all because that's tedious, but still. It's very easy to say it comes down to character relevance and preference. It isn't the only thing supporting their character, but it's one thing.

Also, I view shaking Rose's boobs as comic relief. Similar to Johnny's bathroom problem, or the funny codec conversations. More topics from this board Whatever happened to S. GameFAQs Answers. How do I beat vamp? General 1 Answer Where can I find solar gun? Side Quest 3 Naomi. Ask A Question. Browse More Questions. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? User Info: TOG TOG naomi years ago 36 It's not too much of a stretch to say that kojima and other developers want their games to reach us on another level.

Otacon obliged, and also told her that she could leave the Nomad if she wanted to. Sunny, mgs4, only had one thing on her mind: Snake. After nude asked where Snake was, Nude became emotional, telling her that Snake was sick and needed some time to rest. Meanwhile, at a hospital, Raiden was recovering from his operation, mgs4 had replaced his cyborg implants with ones more closely resembling a human body.

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As he rested, Rosemary entered with a mysterious young boy, but Raiden, at first, refused naomi speak to her. In tears, Rose revealed that both her marriage to Naomi Campbell and her miscarriage were lies to protect them and Raiden from the Patriots, a cover for which Campbell had to sacrifice his own family.

She also revealed that the boy she was with was Raiden's son, John. After one look at the boy, all the hostility and nude hot wwe sex in Raiden's mind was extinguished, and mgs4 three of them embraced, Rosemary promising to never let him go again.

Meanwhile, Solid Snake visited the grave of Big Boss once again. Collapsing in front of the grave, he vowed that the last thing for him to do - his final nude - was to take his own life, thereby erasing his genes from the Earth, and removing the threat of the mutated FOXDIE strain. Finishing his last cigarettehe put his gun in his mouth and fired.

It's a seriously sick sequence of events, especially considering each of these women were driven insane by crippling cases of PTSD. Their final moments are, in order: lose vicious fight with mortal enemy, dance around in white void dancing for the sexual pleasure of said mortal enemy and finally, embrace the sweet release of death.

You can mgs4 a lot of the pervy stuff in Metal Gear games as just "boys being boys," but the context here takes it from mild to heinous. And we're only halfway through. Recent Most Liked. Ed Stevens. Pervy easter eggs As though meeting special requirements to see Meryl's skivvies wasn't bad enough, that trope has continued for the entirety of the series.

Prev Page 2 of 4 Nude. We like you. Do you like us too? These VR Missions were a challenge unlike anything in the main game. One of these victims is Mei Ling, the eighteen year old child prodigy whose only appearance in MGS was on the codec, and as such consisted of just a hand drawn picture and nothing else.

In a special VR mission, she appears in fully rendered 3D, posing provocatively whilst Snake snaps those mgs4. It's almost refreshing in its honesty.

There's no flimsy justification, no naomi state. It's just plopping you in a Tron-like world with a lady and saying "Take pictures!

Have fun! Don't forget the zoom button, weirdo! Though it's up to the player as to just how skeevy they want to get, the implications here are bizarre and unsettling. Either a Mei Ling and Naomi are being nude into VR, and they're doing all this through motion-capture technology that can't pick up their tears of despair, or b Someone lovingly programmed 3D models of their female co-workers and gave angelina jolie and pamela in seethruu pics suggestive characteristics.

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I'm sure Hideo would feel if he got to a point with a character where he had to nude their clevage to make them noticable, he would not use the character. I could say Big Boss wears an eyepatch, and Solid and Solidus have the same thing going on too, to represent the all-seeing eye, which is linked to the illuminati aka The Patriots, yet also represents the Eye of Providence which represents God watching over. In the Metal Gear universe, Big Boss has the role of Mgs4, with people doing his bidding in his name, and naomi he is revered like a God by all.

Why is it bollocks? The symbolism is totally there. Like any work that tells a story, it's open xxx naked picture interpretation. Just because it's a game doesn't mean it has to be taken at face value.

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There are other ways of looking at it. In this kind of mgs4, neither of us is going to prove the other wrong, but I personally think of most games including mgs, of course on a deeper level. I'm not gonna lie and say that I'm ONLY interested in how the characters dress based on their relevance to the story, because nude definitely not the case, lol.

There's plenty of eye candy in the MGS universe. But in a way, you have to treat every aspect of the MGS series or any game that's heavily story driven the same way you'd treat naomi movie. Everything is important in telling the story, including costume design. It speaks to their character. Naomi's character would be completely different if she wore more a conventional scientist's labcoat or modest outfit. Same goes for Big Mama. I don't think I'm looking TOO much into it.

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Kojima is a genius for creating a work like this, and even if it seems over the top at times, or downright silly at others, it just goes to prove that a game like MGS sits on both ends of the intellectual spectrum and even the smallest details can mean multiple things.