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Per day, three to five times a week, within 12 months, reveal benefits in the general quality of life and especially in the psychological domain, showing a decrease of depression and anxiety 25, This investigations studied the influence of physical exercise in the general quality of life; woman, little information is available on the specificity of their effects in the several domains of health-related quality of life. On the other hand, the recommendation for physical activity practice in the public health scenario considers weekly accumulation of physical activity min of at least moderate intensity and not only formal exercise 27and it is necessary to analyze the relation between this recommendation and the quality of life of middle age women, since this recommendation is based on epidemiological associations between self-reported physical activity and cardiovascular health or general health In this context, the main goal of the present study was to analyze associations between the quantity and intensity of habitual physical activity and the many health-related quality of life domains in woman age women.

The participants were invited to a voluntary participation in the study, by hiring or outsourcing institutions from the educational, health, sports, religious and insurance fields. This transversal study took place between December, and March, after having been approved by the Ethics middle Research Committee of the State University of Santa Catarina.

Each participant was argued on how long they have not woman their menstruation. The women in one to 11 months of amenorrhea were classified in perimenopause, and the women. Menopause age. Minimum age of occurrence middle natural menopause was 37 years and maximum was 57 years, and average Each participant country adapted and validated the questionnaire according to the characteristics of the respective population.

In the assessment of the regular physical activity young teen ex girl friends the IPAQ, the number of times in which an individual performed at least 10 continuous minutes of walking, physical activity of moderate intensity and vigorous intensity in the last week was quantified, in many contexts, namely: occupational domestic, leisure, recreational and sports.

Since a demand level of 3. This questionnaire is composed of 26 questions aged of the original oneswith 24 questions including the physical domain physical pain, energy, locomotion, daily life brazers porn star, medical treatment, workpsychological positive feelings, concentration, self-esteem, self-image, negative feelings, spiritualitymiddle personal relations, social support, sexual activity and environment physical safety, housing, financial resources, health, information, leisure, physical environment morgan monroe pornstar transportation services and two other general questions on quality of life.

The comparison of the participants' characteristics age, body mass index and schoolingof the quality of life and the physical activity between the peri and postmenopausal women was performed through the T test for independent samples and the comparison of the health and hormone replacement through the chi-square monika bedi sexy. The associations between physical activity walking, moderate physical activity, vigorous physical activity, moderate plus vigorous physical activity, and total physical activity and the quality of life physical domain, psychological domain, social domain and environmental domain were analyzed through partial correlations adjusted to the condition peri middle.

Table 1 presents the sample characterization, specifically, chronological age, menarche age, menopause age, as aged as weight, height, schooling years, diseases and percentage of participants with hormone replacement therapy.

The post-menopause women were older, presented higher prevalence of disease and made greater use of hormone replacement therapy. In the remaining variables, differences between groups have not aged observed.

Considering the total sample, within the menarche onset of age Schooling was Differences in the quality of life have not been observed between the groups of peri and postmenopausal women. Table 3 presents the results concerning physical activity described by the aged spent in the walking, physical activity of moderate intensity, of moderate plus vigorous intensity and total physical activity.

Differences in physical activity between the groups have not been observed, except for the vigorous activity in which the postmenopausal women reported daily values higher than the perimenopausal women. Generally speaking, the participants of this research adopted walking as physical activity choice and walked mean time of 48 minutes per day.

Since the differences in quality of life and physical activity between woman peri and postmenopausal women were almost inexistent, the analysis of the associations between quality of life and physical activity was woman considering the total sample, adjusting this analysis to the menopausal condition Table 4.

Associations between quality of life and walking have not been identified. The main goal of this study was to analyse associations between intensity and quantity of habitual physical activity and the many health-related quality of life univision girls naked pics in midlife women.

Total physical activity quantified by the IPAQ considers only physical activity with minimum demand level of 3. Thus, it can be stated that the public health recommendation for physical activity may not be sufficient aged influence the physical domain of on the quality of life.

Nevertheless, such results may reflect the differentiated influence of many quality of life domains in the habitual physical activity.

Among these factors, pain, fatigue and insomnia physical domainself-esteem and self-image psychological domainas well as financial resources, physical environment and transportation environmental domain have been told as being the most determining of lower middle higher physical activity practice 34, On the other hand, investigations which relate physical activity and quality of life in the social and environmental domains are almost inexistent, ebony messy facial for Mirzaiinjmabadi et al.

Even though, sufficient levels of physical activity seem to provide lower number of unhealthy days However, differences in quality of life among peri and postmenopausal women have not been observed as in other studies 13,14, The models were adjusted for age.

Habitual physical activity and quality of life of middle-aged women

P -Value was tested by Aged correction for multiple comparisons. Women in the PM group had higher education, and also more often full-time employment, sedentary work, healthier life-style, thinner shape, lower rates of chronic diseases and less consumption of health care resources.

Women in PMT woman often had a higher level of education, more full-time but less heavy work, a higher rate of consuming alcohol but a lower rate of cigarette consumption than those in the PMO group.

Moreover, women in the PMT group had had higher frequencies of hysterectomy and oophorectomy but lower rates of chronic diseases and were more inclined to use regular medical surveillance and medication than those in the PMO middle.

They also had a higher rate of utilization of the health care system. These tendencies remained after age adjustments. The prevalence of vaginal atrophy was also significantly correlated to menopausal status.

The frequency and severity of symptoms increased gradually with time after menopause. Age had no impact on the symptom tendency. Somatic symptoms were very common. Approximately one-quarter of women had more than seven different somatic complaints. In Table IIIonly the significant symptoms were presented. Comparisons between the PM and PMO groups showed that PM women had higher rates of headache and feeling of chilly, but lower rates of muscle—skeletal—joint problems, sweats, short breath and diarrhoea.

Except for sweats, the frequencies of the majority of somatic symptoms were higher in the PMT group than in the PMO group. Statistically significant differences were found for headache, joint problems, feeling cold and breast tenderness.

In addition, a group of gastrointestinal disorders, such as abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhoea and nausea, was also significantly more frequent in the PMT group. Sweats, headache and feeling cold were also inclined to decrease with post-menopausal age.

Eighty-five per cent of all women complained of psychological problems and nearly half experienced at least four listed emotional problems. A poorer psychological profile with symptom frequency and severity was found in the PMT group when compared with the PMO group. The symptom tendency analysis indicated that the majority of psychological symptoms had no relation with menopausal status. One exception was feeling overstressed. Women in this series experienced numerous physical and emotional health problems in keeping with other population-based studies published from Sweden, England and France Bollywood actor original xxx ass et al.

Compared with age-matched men, women have significantly more health-related symptoms Ladwig et al. In a recent Swedish comparison, women had lower scores than men for physical well-being variables, and had a higher prevalence ass to pussy porn psycho-somatic aged most significantly in the middle-aged middle Al-Windi woman al. The high symptom frequency in women may explain why middle-aged women in Sweden have a high rate of outpatient visits to doctors and consume various sorts of medications more than men of corresponding age.

The causal factors of this may be an interaction between biological changes and psycho-social life events. These findings are in agreement with the reports in other population-based surveys Hunter et al.

Physical activity and sexual function in middle-aged women

Women with hormonal intervention were not included in our analysis of hot flushes. Hence the prevalence of hot flushes in this study was determined middle pre- and post-menopausal women only, which differed from other population-based studies in which the prevalence of hot aged was observed on the basis of all subjects.

Hot flushes and sweats were the predominant complaints of the women studied and prevalence was clearly black4k with menopausal status. Although the aetiology of menopausal-related hot flushes is still a matter of debate, the changes of hormonal milieu, especially variations of estrogen concentrations rather than the level of estrogen per seare considered relevant to the occurrence aged hot flushes.

The findings of this study further underline this middle. Joint problems and leg pain also showed an increasing trend from pre-menopause to post-menopause, independent of age. It has been indicated that the majority of women with self-reported physician-diagnosed arthritis have osteoarthritis OA Verbrugge et al.

Observational studies have demonstrated that the prevalence of OA not only increases with age, but also is higher in women than in age-matched men, especially after women's menopause Tsai and Liu, ; Verbrugge, ; these observations are in line with the findings of this study.

It is known that overweight women have a higher risk of developing OA due to increasing mechanical stress on joints Hartz et al. In this cohort, the fact that overweight and obesity were more common in post-menopausal than in pre-menopausal women may be one of the reasons for the difference of symptom prevalence. However, the interaction of estrogen deficiency and genesis of osteoarthritis is not clear.

Even the therapeutic effect of estogen therapy on osteoarthritis remains unclear. Women also complained of abundant psychological symptoms. We did not find a woman between menopause status and mood disturbances, in keeping with several previous cross-sectional and longitudinal studies Matthews woman al.

The drop in estrogen has a direct impact on neurotransmitters in the brain, which, gina lisa sex exposed picks download turn, may lead to mood instability. However, this bio-hormonal interaction has been demonstrated mainly in studies on surgical menopause rather than in the natural situation Sherwin and Gelfand, It is conceivable that some women who are more susceptible to the biological hormone changes may experience temporary mood swings during their menopause transition.

Conclusion: Depression and anxiety are prevalent among the middle-aged women in rural Punjab. Keywords: Anxiety, depression, middle-aged women.

Depression and anxiety among middle-aged women: A community-based study

Introduction Anxiety and depressive disorders constitute a substantial proportion of the global burden of disease and are projected to form the second most common cause of disability by Materials and Methods The present study is a cross-sectional, community-based study carried out at rural health and training center in Punjab.

Results The prevalence of syndromal depression and anxiety in the middle population, according to Zung-self-rating depression and anxiety scale was found to be Open in a separate window.

Figure 1. Figure 2. Table 1 Distribution of subjects according to the depression and anxiety level as per Zung self-rating depression and anxiety scale, respectively. Table 2 Association of depression with various sociodemographic variables of study. Aged 3 Association of anxiety with various sociodemographic variables of study. Discussion Depression, the prototype mood disorder is a painful emotional experience that involves intense suffering that can drain the life of meaning excitement and pleasure.

Conclusion and Recommendations The present study highlights that depression and anxiety are widely prevalent among the middle-aged women in rural Punjab Provision of mental health services is required to tackle the issue. Financial support and sponsorship Nil. Conflicts of interest There are no conflicts of interest. Woman 1. Murray C, Lopez A. WHO Reports. Women's Health. World Health Organization. Fact Sheet No ; September. Mathur M. Depression and life style in Indian ageing women.

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Consequently, the study woman not firmly establish whether the sexual dysfunction of the study participants, as measured by FSFI, is influenced by physical activity or other variables. Alternative study designs longitudinal or qualitativewith assessments before and after physical activity interventions, middle offer new insights into the relationship between physical activity levels and sexual function in middle-aged women. Rev Bras Med Esporte. Exercise training and cardiac rehabilitation in primary and secondary prevention of coronary heart disease.

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