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Lane Tech didn't become co-ed middleand for the first few years, girls at the school swim have to take swimming at all. They did at every other public high school in Chicago, and those girls were required to wear bathing suits. Needless to say, the classes were not co-ed. Though none of us got a straight nude beyond the hygiene thing, I wonder if it wasn't some kind of right of passage. Boys, after all, have gone skinny-dipping for years. But requiring nudity at a public school these days would be lawsuit city. Nude swimming wasn't limited to Chicago schools, and I bet swim class veterans of a certain age are nodding scarlett johansson sexy gif heads across the country.

Here in Minnesota, Mike Rosenzweig ph said in the 60s, he had to swim stark naked in junior high. School the first day, he said, the gym teacher asked the class, who here didn't bring his birthday suit. Mike raised his hand. And though most of the boys were not Jewish, all except a couple were circumcised. He has vivid memories of being in the first class of the day. You could see hair floating.

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Middle class was the 'Ice Breakers' — we stirred up the water for those who followed. Middle of others testified that nude swimming was the norm at various schools and Y's in Northeast Ohio from the s into the s.

Some sounded almost as traumatized as my emailer, although most remember just being uncomfortable. Good point.

It's an age when kids are making often-painful transitions, trying to figure out who they are. And given the fact that some kids reach adolescence much later than others, it's not difficult to understand that swimming nude in front of more mature school could maharashtrian girl sexy and hot adult videos intimidating.

On the other hand, I remember hitting communal showers after gym classes swim sports practices all through school and nobody seemed to think much about it. Swim bunch of us, boys and nude alike, would routinely jump the fence to skinny dip. Midlife crisis. House in the suburbs School recent post: Keep calm because it's the end nude the year. Search this blog About Walter Subscribe by Email. Swimming naked in gym class really happened.

By Walter MichkaAugust 4, at pm. They swam nude at New Trier photo courtesy of newtrier Swimming naked in gym class is another one.

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Filed under: HumorLifestyle Tags: nakedswimming. Leave a comment. Oct 27, 6, Austria. This reminds me of that case I read about I may get most details wrong where some school girls in high school or something went "remember how uncomfortable that health check where we got our boobs touched was?

Now, I'm not saying this happened here, but it sure sounds similar at first glance. Oct 26, 1, My grandpa told stories about this.

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He was born in the late 30s. Sheepinator Member. Jul 25, 7, Yeah I've heard that was a thing. Surely it didn't go as far as the late 60's? I thought it was maybe a 50's or earlier thing. Also just in the US? I haven't heard of this in Europe. And considering all the scandals now about doctors and coaches with young teens, I don't want to think about what it must have been like then.

Sheepinator said:. Siggy-P Avenger. Mar 18, 6, Probably just paedophiles organising a nationwide conspiracy to view young men swimming? The church did something similar, in a way, so its possible. HeySeuss Avenger. Oct 25, 4, Ohio. I'm 43 and have never heard this. Not to day it isn't true though because there was some fucked up shit back in the 40s.

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Oct 31, 5, Eat My Jorts Banned. Oct 26, Oct 25, 2, What year are we even talking about here??? I didn't swim in school, we didn't have a pool. FrenchToastDisciple Member. Had my memory failed?

Had I messed up details of long-ago?

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I did not like swimming nude in the Dwight Rich Junior High School pool, did not like that all the other boys swam nude, too, and did not especially like swimming nude in front of the teachers. Most kids showered with both hands covering themselves.