Miley cyrus belly button piercing

She first showed off her new body bling at the star-studded Disney bash of a sixteenth birthday and has since been rocking the belly button piercing.

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She has 7 piercings on her left ear alone and 4 of them are in her cartilage. Miley is usually seen wearing small white gold loops or diamond studs. Miley has two cartilage piercings in her right ear. Miley Cyrus has two lobe piercings on her right ear.

#3 Britney Spear’s Epic Belly Button Ring

Her piercings received a lot of attention from her fans, especially after she got her new short hair cut. On Tuesday, Gi.

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Miley Cyrus Piercings & Jewelry | Steal Her Style

The remaining two are a nose piercing on her right nostril and a belly button piercing. Despite her recent escapades and fashion risks, it is still a big wonder why she only has 10 piercings.

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