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He asked for his sheep dude to be enslaved to an orc as his personal masseur. Another painting. This one sure does look nice. Shepherd boy meets Satyr in the fields… and one thing leads to another. I actually drew the second image first… I guess I kinda made their heads too big in Comparisons 1?

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Ahh well. On their own they look fine. But ugh… side by side… Oh, but at least their dicks are nice to look at either way. I improvised the design for this monster milker. The monster is a dasha knox of genetically altered green spunk factory. Unlike a lot of weird milking scenes, they always have to chain the big dudes up.

Oh Looks like this is what the goblins are doing with the monster spunk. Giving bugbears green jizz enemas. Probably to give him mutant strength for rule while. Yup, these Stat Buffs require more than drinking a simple potion. If you want the power, you gotta butt chug. Just an orc sailor working on the dock in minotaur normal work attire, nothing to see here move along.

Farah and the Minotaur | Rule 34 Animated

Other than I enjoyed working on these guys, thy were nice and weird. One of his books perhaps? However I was informed that he is unavailable for romance because of a girlfriend in far off lands? Something to that effect. So this kind of minotaur is probably very normal for him. Nothing too complex here. Just a chubby satyr man frolicking through the bone zone. Hint, everywhere outdoors is the bone zone for Satyrs.

This is actually the commissioners wizard character, transformed into a Satyr. A big project that I want to get rolling. Blonde justice movie comic about some space adventurers who get stranded on an alien planet with rule mysterious fungus. A small five man crew who go totally homo-bananas for each other while trying to get their ship up and running after their mission goes horribly awry.

The core crew are the three fellows in the middle. Taking on two members to their crew, who have specialty skills needed for the mission, who also have their own reasons to join the mission, they set out to the quarantined planet. Which I will be making available. I would like to make a special page here on my site with an easily navigable page system. A proper web comic. Hmmm… still yet work to be done. This blog format will simply not DO for this.

-animated minotaur

Perhaps starting up a patreon for that as well. I really want to put a lot of work into this… maybe sell chapters? Or do a Patreon for colored pages and other material? You know… this whole project started out with a single idea. Originally it was just about two characters, a chubby guy and a lean guy. With a huge disparity in dick size. Originally I had brain stormed up some kind of magic college party where a chunky elf hooks up with a human. But things took a turn for the complex, the space setting came out of no where, and these 3 other fellows were developed.

I really wanted to do something with a story and solid characters. A masterpiece that people can latch rule and get invested in. I used to be very character centric, prior to doing all these one-off porn images. I fell into a rut just doing commissions and nameless throw-away characters. I used to have characters, worlds and adventures playing out in my head. I realize updates to this site have been somewhere in between lacking and totally non-existent this year. Prev Index Next. Friends of Paheal List New to Paheal? Anonymous : This was great!

Kooshmeister3 : Jake is NOT that short. Anonymous : Can u add colors? Anonymous : Anonymous: who said its her bones? I hope you enjoy it! If you have not checked out Rule Zero: Underlingshere is a sample of what you are missing. This group of underlings has a group CR of 5, the drow race template, minotaur the rule template. This not quite what you are looking for? There are over minotaur, different gay shit rimming for you to choose from!

You can pick up Rule Zero: Underlings today from all of the major online retailers! Yes Master! Whatever you want Master! Of course I can go sweep the floors of the fourth level of your glorious dungeon, and yes, I will feed your pet gelatinous cube.

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