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Downs Gunn is a graduate of Samford, a school in Birmingham affiliated for years with the Alabama Baptist Convention. The first Miss America to go to medical school, she went on to become an assistant professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham medical school. She is a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist with subspecialty training in reproductive endocrinology and infertility, including in vitro fertilization and reproductive surgery. She married Andrew Gunn, whom she had met at Samford, after graduating from medical school in The couple later divorced.

Blalock, a Samford graduate, remembers attending the Miss Alabama ceremony on the Samford campus when Deidre was crowned Miss Alabama in I hope they are still proud because she is a phenomenal person. During her time as Miss America, she was campaigning for cancer research.

Now, Deidre can be a role model for lesbians unashamed of their sexuality. Sarah Shelton, pastor of Baptist Church of the Covenant the past 16 years. I am very proud of her.

What the walking wounded need for Christmas

For the newly married couple, their wedding was not a political statement, but an expression of love. Every detail was soft, beautiful and same. Where does America go after Dallas? More tragic police shootings of black men. It's definitely over for Hillary. Guns mounted on drones? Keep your eyes on the road. For what it's worth, a website ranked Michigan as the best state in America. Donald Trump is questioning the religion of others. Contemptable marriage about the Orlando shootings.

Living the consequences of your rhetoric. The Detroit Lions are getting cheerleaders. The aftermath of the Orlando massacre. Hockey legend Gordie Howe passes on. History is made. The GOP leadership is tolerating Trump's racism. Michigan's rebranding campaign. Hillary Clinton's running mate? When we finally end the bickering over fixing mass transit in metro Detroit? Donald Trump is number one.

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President Obama travels to Flint and drinks filtered tap water. Stop it, Lansing, just stop it.

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There's a new name for the new hockey arena in Detroit. Bernie Sanders vows to fight on. More prosecutions in the Flint water debacle?

Justice in Flint means more than just charging people. More auto jobs for Mexico. The worrisome Mackinac oil pipeline. The Detroit Zoo's new penguin miss. The explosive Panama Papers. Twelve Legionnaire's Disease deaths in the Flint area. Donald Trump's tortured logic can be difficult to decipher. Requests for concealed carry petrmits are up in Michigan. Fantastic reasons to vote for Donald Trump.

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Former Miss America weds same-sex partner – Baptist News Global

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Deidre Downs Gunn’s Wedding Photos With Her Wife Are Too Cute To Handle

Looks like Joe Biden is about to cannonball into the pool of presidential candidates. Lansing won't be fixing our roads any time soon. The mayor of Warren, Mich. The Gamrat-Courser sex scandal marriage on. Ciny Gamrat apologizes for her role in the evolving sex scandal.

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