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Visual aids can be incredibly useful for a variety of reasons. Melda's comprehensive metering system is extremely flexible and delivers you accurate information when you need it. From classic meters to time-based graphs, you will see important visual feedback including; Input, Output, Stereo width, Loudness, Waveforms, Bands, Gain reduction and Sidechain, and some plugin dependent meters. Melda's flexible multiband system can transparently separate your audio into 6 bands which can then be processed individually.

It also comes with a built-in frequency analyser and sonogram. MXXX provides 16 fully-featured modulators which can control any set of parameters cuckold quotes other modulators. You can make the sound move in time, be less static and more interesting. You can mxxx various parameters depend on the input or the sidechain level or even listen to the input pitch. Check this video tutorial for information about modulators.

Every oscillator in MXXX uses the most versatile oscillator algorithm on the market. It provides mix of predefined oscillator shapes, custom waveforms edited using our MeldaProduction Envelope System MESa step-sequencer and several methods for algorithmic postprocessing.

It also provides a harmonic mode, which lets you mxxx the harmonic content instead of oscillator shape. This is especially useful for high frequency oscillators. Check this video tutorial for information about oscillators. MXXX lets you control multiple parameters using a single so-called multiparameter.

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This may not only come handy for automation for example, but the multiparameters are very smart units and you can use them to smartly morph between banks of settings for example.

All in the name of creativity! Check this video tutorial for information about multiparameters. It is perfect for audio production for music, movies, games Melda's state of the art randomization system gives mxxx complete control.

You can randomize parameters in 3 ways.

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Melda's smart randomization engine learns, using information based on existing presets to offer better values that will result in more successful changes. You can even lock certain parameters that you wish to be excluded from the randomization. This level of control can really help you out when you have a creative block and offer up fresh and inspiring ideas you may have never thought of. Most plugins change loudness of the output audio, which makes browsing presets inconvenient, not mentioning randomization.

MXXX includes automatic gain compensationwhich quickly adapts to current settings and ensures the output sounds as loud as the input. This even protects you from thinking that something sounds better in cases it is just louder. Some plugins can intensely increase gain when exposed to specific audio materials. MXXX provides a safety brickwall limiter, which ensures the output stays below 0dB and prevents your equipment and your ears from potential danger automatically.

Digital audio provides very superior audio quality compared to ancient analog gear, but there are problems too. The main problem is the aliasing, which i would rather go naked be noticeable, when using nonlinear processes such as compression or saturation.

MXXX includes both minimum-phase and high-quality mxxx upsampling algorithms, which avoids the aliasing. Check this video tutorial for information about aliasing. Every oscillator and modulator in the plugin can automatically synchronize to the host. But it can be out-of-sync if you want of course. Check this video tutorial for information about MIDI. MXXX provides the maximum audio quality you can get. It uses bit audio processing and can handle any sampling rate. It does not make much sense to go over kHz, but if you think it is a good idea, the plugin can do that.

Computers are now extremely fast, but the algorithms are more complex and projects bigger, so we mxxx need to use the processing power with care.

MXXX uses mxxx fastest algorithms, takes advantage of the newest processor capabilities, lets your GPU handle the graphics, and shares the resources with other MeldaProduction plugins. The plugin is among the fastest on the market, yet it provides the best possible audio quality. MXXX presets are carefully stored in a system database and you can quickly access them from any project in any host. The plugin can automatically share your presets and download presets of other users from our servers. We are building a community and you can mxxx a part of mxxx A to H Switching: Melda has taken this to the next level.

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