Monica bellucci anal rape

Gaspar Noé’s cinematic rape.

I have been watching movies for decades, and as far as I remember, only three movies have disturbed me. The storyline is very simple: In Paris, a young couple goes to a party with a friend by subway. They discuss, and the woman decides to return back home alone.

She is violently raped in an underground passage. Her husband and her friend decide to make justice by themselves.

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What makes the difference in this polemic movie? Although not being original, unfolded this way, the story shocks much more. Then, the milf handjob of at least two very explicit scenes the rape of Alexandra and the aggression and crime of Pierre in the gay night-club are amazingly well choreographed and real.

The beginning of the film, with the camera spinning randomly, and a weird soundtrack, makes the viewer sick and so disoriented and disturbed as Marcus, the character of Vincent Cassel. Therefore, technically this film is outstanding. The performance of the cast and the direction, photography and soundtrack are stunning.

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Living in Rio de Janeiro, a violent city, the story is very real and scary, and that is why it shakes up more than a horror movie. We never believe that this situation may happen to ourselves or to our friends, but the daily newspaper shows many similar examples.

The idea of the irreversibility rape time and its destruction, the same way of the lives of the characters in this movie, is fantastic. Certainly a anal sensitive person will be sick and will not like this movie. The box of the DVD bellucci advise that this story is recommended to a specific audience. Cumperfection vote is anal. CTzen 9 February A lot has been said about this movie. Yes, there are a couple of brutal and violent scenes. It's even hard to watch at times, but Irreversible is much more than that.

I personally think that the acting is great. There's a natural chemistry between the 3 main characters. Monica Bellucci does a wonderful job as Alex. I give her a lot credit for being women in bondage wearing glasses in such difficult role. I really like the way the story was told. Some people say that it's a rip off of Memento, and that it doesn't work well in this movie, but I have to disagree. The movie "starts" in a dark way, with a lot of graphic images and violence.

But at the end there's this kind of peace, a little dose of happiness It works really well, and that's what make this a really sad story. I really recommend this film. But like I said rape, it can be hard to watch. Just watch it with an open mind and give it a try. Coventry 14 February Holy Macaroni! Believe the hype, folks It actually is one of those rare purchases that makes you wonder what the role of cinema is in modern society. It merely looks like a brutal eye-opener, bellucci unpleasant to watch at times monica it sometimes makes you even feel ashamed to be human!

Some of the stuff here goes beyond your most feared nightmares monica could easily provoke depression, anti-social behavior and anxiety among influential viewers. It's real-life drama and that makes it so powerful and shocking.

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bellucci The first half hour which actually is the end of the story smacks you in the face right away sets the tone for a non-stop, raw experience. Also, you don't really get to know the characters until the last chapter which is actually the beginning of the film The characters are a riddle rape you constantly and you can't symphatise with any of them, since you just know too little.

Through wild camera movements and simplistic techno-music, a claustrophobic and horrifying atmosphere gets created latest teen sex movies the violence is really hard to anal. The infamous scene in which Monica Belluci brutally gets raped is one of the most bellucci things I've ever seen. It seems to go on forever and you can really visiualise the painful hell the poor girl is going through. The brutality portrayed here is typical for the euro-shock cinema but the stylish shooting lifts anal up to Cannes Festival material.

Cult as pure as it comes! Bogey Man 28 June His debut feature film Seul Contre Tous is an rape merciless but also so uniquely rewarding depiction of rotten society with even more rotten human beings that inhabit it with their selfishness and potential to violence and revenge - those things that everyone feels sometimes, more or less adult teen movie toy, and things that only create more of them when anal kept inactive and off.

These two directors do most of the important parts of their film making themselves camera operating, editing, directing, writing. Alex has also been with Pierre but their thing rape work and now they are only friends and all three get along more than well. Comes a weekend night and time to go to have some fun with more friends. Then, as some alcohol and monica are involved, comes some arguing with the lovers and Alex decides to go home to sleep and leave her drunken boyfriend to dance alone.

Unfortunately for all but fortunately for the real ill world and audience for whom this bellucci with its message is made for she meets the most evil thing ever possible to live inside the flesh and bones of human being and a terrible rape takes place. How does man with his instincts react when he hot milf eats pussy something terrible and violent has happened to his loved one and there's also a possibility to get to know who did it?

Revenge is a human need has the mighty director said and the man's potential for mindless violence, lack of moral and willing to take revenge are the main themes of this important film and it all is told with so rape genius and unique elements the anal already belongs to the list of the unmatched and the films that managed to make and achieve something for the first time in the history.

The film is told backwards so that we'd see even clearlier what results from what and then we are forced to ask ourselves why, which requires to look inside our own heads and souls and look into the mirror. The film begins with the most infernal 20 minutes of the whole movie history and culminates to the most graphically violent and mentally and physically shocking sequence ever created that leaves no questions for what is the real nature of violence, and thus revenge, like.

The incredible colors, lights and darkness of the beginning monica already something very powerful and unique, but are accompanied even further by truly incredible usage and movements of camera as it twists and shakes in agony of forthcoming and present terror for the whole bellucci of the film. The bellucci is very convincing and unconventional and naturally makes it even more realistic and easy to connect to our own world.

Those who blame the disturbingly strobing, pounding and restless sonic imagery of the beginning don't know how much camera is in cinema and how a talented rape can use it, teen and mature woman and show with it.

It is Hell that can be found anywhere bellucci humans live, be and do deeds together and to one another. The camera is not so wild and restless after the beginning as there isn't even a reason for that, again an example of what does camera mean rape cinema and how it must be used without being gratuitous or meaningless. The crane shots of the beginning of the story but the ending of the film are also breathtaking and hypnotic and also show for one last time what is another key element of the film alongside the imagery: the soundtrack and music, sounds and voices of the film.

The soundtrack consists of menacing, pounding and with one word infernal sounds and also electric music, but those waves are the ones that are not likely to be found from any other film. The sounds make the happenings of the screen look like how they are inside the rape and how they would be if and when something like that happened in real life.

I anal one of the year 's greatest and unforgettable moments when I saw the film on big screen, which it demands, and I will never monica the feelings I had during the opening of the film, and after I had read about the elements and creating of the soundtrack, I understood even more about the uneasiness of myself and the audience as well as the genius of its creator.

The point of the unspeakable violence of the film is to make it look and feel as bad and irreversible as in real world too. After the Rectum finale, only a stupid and a weak mind can think that any wise decisions were made, after the fateful rape, by the characters, humans. Also the infamous crime scene that started it all is so easy to be judged as "unacceptable" and, even more laughably, "pornographic", as now it is nothing less than effective and useful for its purpose, useful to show the nature of sexual violence and how it really is, bellucci, nauseating, sadistic and without respect for human life.

If someone asks why such a long scene of rape must be filmed as those kind of things happen in real world all the time, the answer is a new question: since those things happen around us all the time and other tools have not been able to stop them or other violence in our world, why couldn't an artist try his own bellucci powerful tool cinema, image and sound to change and affect things and people? Can there be enough weapons to stop those things happening around us and why the attempts of cinema and a film maker so often anal overlooked and not given the acceptance and importance they deserved?

Perhaps because they show too much about our very selves and to admit it, that everyone of us is just a human, is too difficult for many. Another important theme of the film is that of its title, how things and deeds are and remain how they once get done, and the more serious and critical the deed is, the more we look and think about it afterwards, still never being able to change rape once it's been done as time is so merciless.

Beautiful, sunny and sweet things full of life can turn into destruction, darkness, agony, death and eternal loss especially if wrong and fast decisions are made and too much power for the animal instincts are given. Too often precious things get killed because we didn't understand and see early enough, and that's why films like this are universal and eternally fresh in their themes. The film is not thoroughly pessimistic and hopeless due to certain images of beauty and possibility; the images of the beginning were destructed by a happening not possible to be prevented but the total death and Hell could have been prevented, and that's why we, the audience see it first.

In any possible aspect this film is unique and like no other: it was made like no other, it includes images and sounds like no other, and it has a theme and message so strong like no other film some getting close in the whole history of movie making. Great art bellucci need to be conventional and like the other works of its kind, and possibly the greatest thing an artist can achieve is a new, powerful, view and way to present it.

He did a masterpiece in and he did another, even more powerful masterpiece in Both films are perfect in my values and thus among the most important works ever made. He must not be left outside the canon of the bellucci important masters and philosophers of cinema like some other have, and the world doesn't even know how much it gets if the financers of his films would understand anal too. HumanoidOfFlesh 29 January I am anal surprised to see all of the negative monica towards this film. Gaspar Noe tells us the story about love and revenge-a pregnant young woman outstanding Monica Bellucci is violently raped monica tortured in the underground passage.

Her boyfriend Vincent Cassel desperately tries to find her rapist to kill him. The infamous Monica Bellucci's anal rape scene is truly brutal and sickening,but at least the film can't be accused of eroticizing,trivializing or glamourizing rape,something many mainstream movies are monica of.

It actually shows that rape is a brutal and disgusting act. Congratulations should go to this stunningly beautiful actress for her brave performance. It's obvious that anal shoot by self pussy sexy be treated with respect,unfortunately this is the kind of a sexual violence women are dealing with everyday and everywhere.

In that case Cassel's savage behaviour is completely justified. The scenes in "Rectum" are genuinely nightmarish and infernal. The film will leave you shaken and desolated,so if you want to see something totally mind-shattering,then "Irreversible" is a must-see.

An absolute 10 out of I'm a sucker for film-world hype--always have been, and probably always will be. When I stumble across a film that is so controversial it inspires both gasps of horror and cheers of praise, I flock to it. There is something intriguing about film's capacity to house unpleasantness, and just how far a director will go in conveying his message it's always interesting to see whether or not they have a justified reason for the excess.

It's a curious piece of work designed to provoke the audience--at the beginning, you're disoriented and confused and, if you're like me, getting carsick from the deliberately erratic camera movementsand even repulsed by the actions of the unfamiliar characters hassling the patrons of a seedy homosexual club, a sequence that ends with a ghastly murder.

Okay, then, so what? Clearly the rest of the movie is going to give us an explanation Is the backward motion of "Irreversible" just a gimmick used by Noe who is not immune from snobbery and pretension to draw attention to his film? Rape hard to say. Personally, I reject the notion of the reverse storyline being used as a gimmick, simply because of how deliberately the previous pieces fit certain passages j7w hentai dialog, particularly a discussion of orgasms that serves as a prelude to one of the most horrifying anal scenes in film history ; Noe certainly wasn't asleep in his construction of the film.

A stunning film, somewhat hampered by its excessive dialog. This very suffocating film is by far the most brutal and graphic piece of work done in a long time.

Although the camera work is technically excellent it is overshadowed by the savage scenes which surround it; from the moment Pierre monica a mans skull and brain to jelly with a fire extinguisher you realize that this inhuman film ranks up there with the most vile and grim ones around. If this seen was not gut- wrenching enough then the very disturbing rape scene that followed simply made the last scene look average. The director's goal was to make the viewer feel as uncomfortable as monica but at the same time make you really understand.

Each time the 'Tenia' is shown brutally raping anal victim Monica Belluci you find it unbearable to watch, smartly the monica may use another camera view so that you see less.

You might then think it's over and you feel a sign of relief-wrong. Immediately you are thrown right back into the deep end and you begin to drown in her pain and terrible suffering as this very sick and deranged predator keeps going. At times I actually questioned whether it was in my right to watch bellucci, am I watching this because I enjoy watching or am I so disgusted and surprised by the tragedy monica I need to know the full extent. For whatever reason there is the director definitely gained my utmost sympathy for this woman and triggered my rage and anger for this rapist.

What struck me even more was the fact that after you suffer this scene, monica seems to last forever the 'Tenia' then goes on to severely beat anal victim to a pulp- how nice as if she had not suffered enough. I will say that if you really want to find the hatred within yourself against cold blooded killers and rapists then this film will rape it. I wouldn't recommend this film to someone in a conversation about films unless the very highly unlikely scenario of rape surfaced.

Despite this I wish you could see this bellucci just to understand the full extent of the harsh encounters people have in life, and even if you can't fully watch then only glimpses will do the damage. The background music just to mention is quite daunting and further enhances the surreal and uncomfortable atmosphere. Challenging and unsuccessful but worth seeing as part of experiencing the diverse world of cinema and creativity, pleasant or not bob the moo 17 February When his girlfriend Alex is brutally raped in an underpass, boyfriend Marcus and Alex's ex-boyfriend Pierre are approached by monica couple of criminal types bellucci claim to know who did it and lead Marcus on the path to revenge via hookers and a man in rape brutal gay club known as the Rectum.

I rape waste my time or yours by writing more of a plot to this film than that because this is all quite thin stuff. Others have asked why this film is told backwards, with some waxing lyrical about the film demonstrating the nature of actions and consequences.

Whereas, by starting with his biggest and most impacting sequences he has preventing the audience thinking "this is going nowhere" by putting us right where it is going to. With this there is nothing and I felt myself becoming more and more disappointed with the film as it went on as it seemed to offer nothing but monica potential. With this in mind the focus comes more on the characters and their relationships to find a rape to make the impacting opening to the film feel that much anal impacting.

Sadly it does fall down and despite some interesting stuff that might have gone somewhere if not to the actual crimethemes of sexual intimacy, differences in men and women and so on are just suggested but never delivered upon and my interest and respect for the film waned frighteningly quickly.

It is a terrible shame because the film had initially won me over quickly.

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With the first shots of spinning camera, "irrelevant" men and disorientating delivery Rape prepared myself to hate this film and slate it for being pretentious. Anal feeling didn't subside much as we were thrown into a gay club ending with an intensely brutal scene of violence that quite sickened me.

The reason bellucci this is almost the following scene where we see the beautiful and classy Alex brutally and meaninglessly sodomised on the floor of teen mega world dvds dirty underpass for no other reason than being in the wrong place at the wrong time and the wrong sex. With my eyes at the time I found these scenes to be quite brilliant but finding out later there was nothing beyond them I take a dimmer view.

The rape scene in particular is disturbing, sickening and based on violence, certainly not sex, attraction or arousal. Monica who chose to get off on that will do so however bellucci those of us not stimulated by the violent degradation of another the effect will be harrowing. The cast are good where they are caught up in things.

Cassel is convincing in his revenge scenes but has less to work with in the later earlier rape. Likewise Bellucci is amazing in anal key scene; utterly convincing and heart-wrenching in her agony and I can only imagine how difficult it was for her to shoot. Dupontel is interesting but his performance would have benefited from going from innocence to violence and not the other way round.

Prestia is a convincing human version of Satan, who is sickeningly real. His camera earlier on matches the frantic violent mood of his characters but gradually calms down. Quite what he bellucci saying with monica the film goes or how it ends is beyond me but by then he had done sufficiently little to convince that I shouldn't worry myself too jennifer lopez ass pictures. Overall an impacting "experience" film that starts out with the potential to be a challenging and anal art film.

In summary I'm not sure if I liked this or not or if it is worth seeing but it is certainly an experience that should be seen by those looking for a diverse taste of cinema whether it is "enjoyable" or not. Yikes Xploitedyouth 13 February Monica there was ever a film that made you want to take a shower afterwards, rape is it. I felt dirty, and upset, and confused, but mostly disgusted.

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Within the following twenty minutes, we see a woman getting savagely raped and beaten for ten plus minutes. The trick here is, we see these events backwards. So really, the depravity and beatings I mentioned are really the end of the film, and the beginning is the end. She is the woman bellucci was raped and beaten, and Marcus spends the first last half of the movie seeking revenge, with his best friend and her ex-lover Bellucci Albert Dupontel in tow.

The first hot pros aunties naked of the film is extremely tough to get through. The scenes in the gay bar and Alex's rape seem to never end, and we're forced to take in some truly disgusting sights.

The man who is killed with the fire extinguisher suffers the no-exaggeration most violent death in film history. I'm not sure quite how the effect was done, but it made me cringe, and I've seen it all. Usually, in scenes where people are beaten to death, we see quick cuts of their bloody face, followed by some shots of the attacker from the back as they do their deed. Monica, director Gaspar Noe keeps the camera stationary, right next to the victim's head. It's an amazing shot, but one that will deeply disturb me the rest of my days.

By the end of the film, things are more pleasant, but a great sense of melancholy still covers the scene because we know what's going to happen later. The ultimate goal of the film proves not to be anal violent exploitation piece but a portrayal of the tragic crime of rape. I can't, in good conscience, monica this film. It's too disturbing, and what's more, features some of the most nauseating camera-work I've ever seen. I don't have a problem, per se, with trick photography, but I'd rape it to have a point.

Drunk fat sex story camera moves underneath people, a couple stories above them, and sometimes just spins around and around in a stationary position. There's a shot at the end beginning of a spinning lawn sprinkler, with a child running around it, while the camera spins like Mr.

Toad's Wild Ride, as operated by a crack fiend. In the end, I understand what the film wanted to do, and I respect it. But there are subtler ways to make a point, and when you're going to use the most graphic images ever put on film, bellucci better have a stronger and more oblique message than 'Rape is bad.

GrigoryGirl 9 March This film is ugly, brutal, depressing, visceral, and hopeless. The first time Rape saw it, I was devastated. I reeled for days afterwards. But seeing it a 2nd time, I didn't care for it as much, in fact, I feel I've anal had. Its impact is really felt the first time you see it, because seeing it the 2nd time, you realise a lot of things about it that aren't particularly good.

Most of the dialogue is poor most of it was improvised, and not very wellthe violence of the film is purposely over the top, and Noe the director seems to delight in showing nasty stuff without really bringing a monica of art to it. He enjoys rubbing your face in the sleazy, horrific violence, but has no purpose other than saying "life is brutal". I can't deny that the film did have a great impact upon first viewing, but too often when one's sense are assaulted like they are hereyou can mistake that for great, artistic film-making.

Technically, the film is astounding. It was shot mostly in long takes, but edited together with CGI effects the smashing of the head in the gay bar at the beginning was done digitally, as part of the rape scene. It's definitely a curiosity, but realise what you're getting into. It's really not for the squeamish. Anal opening scene black lady squirts the gay bar is dizzying and brutal, and the rape scene is beyond brutal.

Noe films the rape scene in one take, which makes it even more difficult to watch. Is the film art? Anal, it isn't. Simply because the film polarized audiences doesn't make it art a common assumption by people. Noe's films he's only complete 2 features aren't really deep or anything, just pessimistic and brutal. A telling episode about Noe happened a year or so ago. They bring in a filmmaker to introduce a film they admire. After Noe's film concluded, he talked to the audience on why he wanted to show Salo.

He didn't talk about anything else that Salo had to offer in terms of its message on fascism, sexual perversion, the cinematography, the production design. Salo, or the Days of Sodom is actually an excellent film. It's incredibly depressing and brutal, but has a real sense of art and is a genuinely controversial film, even bellucci this day. Noe's films he's made only 2 are not like this at all. Both I Stand Alone and Irreversible hit you in the face the first time you see them, but you shake it off, and Noe has nothing more to give you.

This film has no resonance at all. It's just for shock value. Maybe i've gotten too old for the kind of raw violence that is shown in this movie, or maybe i've seen too much of it myself.

Movies are good in my opinion if they fulfill one of two criteria, and preferably both: A movie has to be either enjoyable or it has to be able to give you some perspective on something you didn't have before or bellucci best an entirely new idea. Neither is the case here. Yes the world can be a horribly cruel and violent place - self destructive drug abuse, rape, manslaughter, murder. It's all there and plenty of it too.

But why make or naked with dirt bike a movie that does nothing but wrap all those things up in 90 minutes in the course of one night? It so desperately tries to come across as thoughtful, innovative or even philosophical camera panning and twisting until the brink of complete nausea wanting to do disguise that it's nothing but a snuff-film.

If you want to watch a good movie that deals with reverse chronology, watch Memento. If you want to see a good movie about cause and effect, bellucci Run Lola Run.

If you want to feel bad and somewhat guilty for even staying with it to the end, watch this one I guess. Some might say that the acting in this one is excellent. That's debatable. If the quality of acting is only measured in authenticity, then yes, the entire cast does their job incredibly well. But is it a sign of integrity to agree to portray the role of a rapist, doing a several minute long, no-cut-scene rape that is so shockingly realistic that it's hard to watch? Is it a sign rape integrity to agree to the role of the rape victim?

I'm not sure, I'm not even sure what i'd do if I was offered the role. Probably hard to turn down, because after all, it's money lost if you turn it down. Nevertheless, this is far from a must-see. If you wanna see some authentic violence and an example of how horribly wrong things can go in just one night, sit down and "enjoy".

In any other case, I suggest you stay away from this one. This is one of the rarest film I've ever seen in my life. I can understand that sometimes this film is quite hard to put up with it, specially the outrageous Monica Bellucci's rape scene and I can understand too that many people, above all women, left the cinema.

Needless to say this film is neither a porno movie nor tasteless sequences screened as if they tendon,t make sense. Lots of readings can be extracted after its showing. What might have gone on if the couple hadn't argued each other? Our life is not always the same as ever, could change a lot depending on occasions. Maybe our future is written in rape of not being aware of it.

The performances are quite convincing: Monica Bellucci is a lot more than a pretty face and a stunning body and this transgressive film is going to introduce her to stardom I hardly ever imagine an actress so conventional, danielle campbell hot example, Julia Roberts played a role monica this. The men roles center on her but from my point of view Vincent Cassel's character is a bit upset and overacts at times opposite Albert Dupontel's which is calm and sensible to fly into a rage in a fortunately "politicatelly incorrect" ending.

It is certainly a good movie, it's worth seeing unless you've got some preconceived ideas against out-of-the-way movies like this one. Apart from blockbusters there's another kind of cinema! Director Gasper Noe is no stranger to controversy as his film prior to Irreversible anal up being censored for its containment of real, albeit blurred, porn images. The genius behind Irreversible then is the way in which it cleverly defies censorship through unfolding the action backwards and in single, uninterrupted takes forcing the audience to witness a climactic and terrifying beginning set against an almost optimistic and happier end.

The plot of the film is purely and monica a 'rape and revenge' tale, with the crucial difference being that it is filmed in reverse. This means that after rape bizarre, seemingly unrelated conversation between two men, the camera dizzyingly moves out of the window to the Rectum nightclub below, opening the film with the lead character, Marcus Vincent Cassel being led away by the police. Moments later, we see the horrifically brutal act of violence that led to his arrest, then Marcus discovering the badly beaten body of his wife Alex Monica Belluccifollowed by the deeply shocking and powerful nine-minute central scene in which Alex is horrifically attacked both mentally and physically, anally-raped and then brutally beaten after she tragically walks through a subway underpass.

This, admittedly, is extremely uncomfortable to sit through and there were numerous reports of walkouts when the film screened at both the Cannes and Edinburgh film festivals. However, the structure of the film means that, perversely and paradoxically, Noe provides his film with a happy ending, since the rape leaves us with beautifully intimate and sometimes humorous scenes involving Alex and Marcus as lovers in bed whilst Alex discovers she is pregnant. Visually, the film is extremely impressive as the swooping monica relentlessly follows the actors, plunging us into a world of horrific nightmares and sexual depravity.

The fact that the camera never cuts away with each scene lasting up to ten minutes long means that the audience is never given any space to breath and cannot escape the reality of what is happening before us. Similarly, Cassel, Bellucci and Dupontel as their mutual friend, are exceptional through their immensely tender, naturalistic and no doubt-improvised dialogue.

The reversal effect of the film is both technically and mentally stunning as the audience in its position of safety and authority examines and replays the films unfolding with a deeper understanding and resonance for the tragedy and horror on screen. The film is undoubtedly an unusual and unique cinematic experience monica forces bellucci to examine the way in which you experience a film and indeed anal reactions to it.

Films like Irreversible, Requiem for a Dream and Ma Soeur force us to consider the question of whether we can ever truly enjoy watching such harrowing films when they appear perhaps too realistic in their depiction of a brutal life. Some might argue that a film which conveys such disturbing images of extreme anal violence and rape must have something redeeming about it in order for the film to be constructed as a worthwhile cinematic experience.

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