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Hands's death the other day? Charles Mudede: Yes, I'm actually in Enumclaw, Washington, right now to take photos and see if anything interesting hands going on. The town got rid video the sign on the farm where it happened—that was the only act of erasure that I noticed. No one wants to talk about what happened, though.

Once the law changed, and bestiality was made illegal in Washington, everyone sort of said, "It's over and it will never happen again. And if it does happen again, we'll know what to do. Once the sex came into effect, the whole Washington community of zoophiliacs moved to states where it was legal to do what they wanted to do. They were absolutely terrified of going to jail. When I talked to them, they weren't breaking the law, and they didn't want to.

That's part of the reason this was never a for-profit animal prostitution ring type of thing. After James Michael Tait, the ringleader, was caught, he moved to Tennessee because there are no laws ceylon girl nude picture bestiality there [ Tait was arrested and charged with animal cruelty in Tennessee in ].

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They don't want to be thought of like child pornographers or child molesters. They don't want to be treated like those criminals. Everyone in Enumclaw is very close to horses. It's a quiet, rural suburb with a view of the mountains. Everyone is a horse person, and as you know, the town included all types of horse worship.

It was a place where you could fuck horses, and no one could tell. The line was difficult to differentiate between passion and zoophilia unless you were caught. If Pinyan didn't die, those guys he hung out with would still be fucking horses today and no one would have suspected anything. It was a paradise for a horse fucker. I'm sure they were so angry because they must have thought, We had it so good! While making the documentary Zoodid you look for other real zoo communities, either in Washington or elsewhere?

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We did look for them, but we couldn't find any. The one thing this group had was someone who was a really good organizer. Tait really went out of his way to cultivate the community. He was very selective about who could join and did the whole territorial thing. If you don't have that, it will fall apart. Other zoos are probably more individual.

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They were afraid that if they were outed, they'd lose everything—which is exactly what would happen. So unless you had an extremely organized leader, you likely wouldn't hands sharing this private thing with other people. If you can play it safe, nude topless women groups don't talk. Zoos keep it quiet. How do you think Mr.

Hands's death affected the zoophilia community on a larger scale? It disrupted them—they lost a lot by his death. If you have a video problem with horse fucking, you might not find this to be a cool way to look at things, but I think the truth is that they lost a lot: stability, a weekend vacation getaway place, something to look forward to. They lost a community. When the death happened, they were exposed. They were looked at, they were investigated.

It was a major disruption! The zoophilia community is largely an internet-based thing. There wouldn't be a community without the internet.

If you were a zoo, you couldn't go to something like a gay bar. You had to go to the internet. For the first time in the history of mankind, zoos could get find each other and get together as groups. That was new! That was absolutely unprecedented. When I was talking to the zoos in Washington, I got an impression that they thought Mr. Hands was a bit of a weakling: He was an intellectual, he worked for Vivian hsu sex photo as an engineer.

They could take a horse-fucking and not have to go to the hospital. Hands was effete and new to it. They thought he ruined it. If he wasn't so self-destructive, they'd still be fucking horses on weekends. Dumping him at the hospital sex really dumping him into the media and mainstream, and also ending the thing they had going.

How exactly did they train the horses to fuck them? They would literally bend over and wait for the horse to fuck them. They'd also put some type of scent on themselves—the pheromone people use to get horses to breed. Did video ever fuck the horses? Sex, that wasn't their school. There are all different sorts of flavors of zoos. Their thing was about getting fucked in the ass. There were others who liked that, but that was not their circle. They wanted the studs and the bulls. Never cows.

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There was this element of cocksbig cocks. They never talked about pussies. If my memory stands correct, these men were also fucking each other. After they got fucked by a horse, they'd play games with each other and their stretched assholes. Did they pick specific horses from the farm, or were they down to be fucked by any horse? They had preferences!

They would figure out which horse was too strong, which had the biggest cock, which was the quickest fuck. It was like going to a horse auction. According to Tait's arrest warrant, he had been engaging in sex acts with a stud horse over a span of several months.

Tait and Thomason video to engaging hands sex acts with a horse. Mudede wrote "It was an almost comically easy law to pass. Mudede wrote that reading RCW Because of the provision against videotaping, Mudede stated that the law "points an angry finger directly at James Hands.

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Retrieved April 30, Retrieved February 13, — via NYTimes. Archived from the original on September 26, Retrieved February 13, The Seattle Times. December 30, Retrieved May 11, RCW Retrieved January 17, Retrieved December 29, And the offenses that were in place were stricken from the books in the s, when "Crimes against Nature" laws that had lumped bestiality in with video sexual acts between adults once labeled as illegal—like sodomy—were deleted wholesale.

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