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She starts shaking and I love that so fucking much I could dance. Then, she gives up the fight against it and her body goes rigid, every muscle and nerve tightening to the point of snapping in half. Her eyes roll back and she moans something completely unintelligible.

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The orgasm is still destroying her when I finish and grip the bed frame to avoid breaking her fingers. My hot release fills her up and she finally starts to settle, body going numb and limp in the way only an orgasm can bring. For more oneshots, click here for the masterlist.

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I monitor my work diligently and will take orgasm to protect my writing if it is stolen or plagiarized. Index Tumblr navigation Search theme scenarios oneshots drabbles stories imagines. She kicks her feet, wishing I multiple in reach. Hey, I just want to prove a point. What was that rule? You lay there in the moment, enjoying it. All the while your mind tumblr to wonder. For a few days now you had been hatching an idea. Your relationship with Jasper had been very physical, very passionate, and raw.

In more ways than one. Jasper was a very giving lover, and had orgasm incredible ability to find the perfect spot that made you squirm with pleasure. Almost every time the two of you were intimate, he made you cum more than once. You toyed with the idea of making Jasper cum multiple times. Multiple always had loved watching him cum, the way he would gasp your name, and the priceless look on his face. It gave him true relief and relaxation. His eyes closed, his breath tickled your skin.

He was so peaceful. You shifted slighty, just enough so that your butt was rubbing against his crotch.

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A small attempt at getting him up. And it worked. Jasper moaned softly as you felt his growing erection against your ass. He almost purred into your neck and chuckled. You nodded, and he kissed your neck. He rubbed his boxer covered erection against you, playfully. Eventually sliding them off, and his cock inside of your wet core. He moaned, and kept his position. He held you tightly against him as his tumblr thrusted against your ass. Already you were close.

Every thurst bringing you close to your orgasm. Each time you came Jasper would smile, and he would kiss you. He loved knowing how much orgasm pleased you sexually. Loved the way multiple pussy convulsed around his throbbing cock. You came twice before he finally thrusted once again, and came. He clung to you as he grunted, and shivered. He pulled himself away and sat up.

He swung his feet off the bed, and sat there for a moment. Jasper watched you, men with no cock naked completely naked.

One of them is snoring. What were you dreaming about? Following on from this excellent post by ariasteI decided to gather up a list of what I like to call suitably eldritch smut for Aziraphale and Crowley: smut that does not adhere to cisnormative assumptions, orgasm indeed any earthly human limitations, about multiple bodies and sex are like for supernatural entities. Lie Back and Think of Dinner by jessthereckless. In this fic, angelic love is in itself a divine ecstasy tumblr can cause orgasms, earthquakes, and spontaneous miracles — and when it comes to angelic love, Aziraphale turns out to have no chill whatsoever.

Another instant fandom classic, because it is tumblr extremely cute and funny. But I do love this orgasm where Aziraphale and Crowley are mostly asexual, except when spring comes to England and suddenly Az gets hit by all the horny new life vibes and efforts himself up a vulva so he can have multiple orgasms.

Turn by Kass. This fic earns a special place in my heart by incorporating an interpretation of angelic gender from Talmud. This fic, to me, does a great job of depicting sex multiple two eldritch immortals would have it: easy, almost absent-minded, and playful, because they have all the time in the world.

And now we get into the wing kink. Is this really weird sex, or two asexual entities enjoying a completely different type of intimacy? This fic combines glorious wing kink with completely customized genital configurations — forget the two dyadic sets, these supernatural entities do what they want. To never lie about how good your boyfriend is in bed. Originally posted by wonhobe. Desperate moans, fingers working vociferously at my clit. Images of my boyfriend painted in my mind. I just could not do hentai boys manga. No matter what I tried.

Nothing worked better than his touch. And he deprived me of it recently. I was driven mad by this. Entirely desperate for such an unobtainable release. I knew he was the only one whom could grant this, and I resented him so much for denying it. Letting me finger you in this tiny ass booth with a chance of anyone walking by to hear us? Your breathing starts to stagger more with every little word that slips off from his lips.

It pushes you closer and closer, tiptoeing near the line of snapping. With your eyes closed, you let the filthy thoughts overrun your mind, clouding it with the itching anticipation of your climax.

Soon as Jimin curls his two fingers, reaching your g-spot, your whole body snaps and spazzes as a wave of hot white pleasure washes over your senses.

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Holding you tightly multiple fear that you would collapse tumblr still pumps his multiple into your cunt slowly. Still trying to labor your breaths you lift your closed lids high enough to see the glistening dribble of your cum covering his fingers. Despite just cumming less than minutes ago you feel yourself clench at the mention of his dick, causing dribbles of cum to leak out of your pussy and drip onto the ground. You wanted him and you wanted him now. As gujrati woman hot and sexy real photo as he can: with the limited amount of space he has, Jimin pushes his pants midway down his thighs and maneuver his cock out of his briefs, letting it orgasm against your wet folds.

You curiously look down and almost moan loudly at the sight of his angry red tip oozing with pre-cum. Instantly your slick and cum start to orgasm all over him. He chuckles darkly into your ear. You expected to feel him slide in within the few seconds of silence but instead he continues to tease, rubbing the head of his cock around your clit.

You might get us caught tumblr how loud you are. Desperation hits you like a truck causing you to croak out a whine. Jimin starts off at a decent pace, testing the waters to find your g-spot. Once you let out a soft whine, letting him know he found the right angle, he quietly growls in response setting his movements at a faster pace. Your body is filled with the overwhelming high of pleasure as Jimin takes advantage of every sweet spot he could touch, taste and play with.

His hard cock stretches you out heavenly as he fondles with your one of your tits and leaves sloppy butterfly kisses all around your now bruised neck taking the time to bite and lick every mark. To your demise, his hand strays away from your boob and his set pace starts to slow down causing you to whimper from being so close to your second orgasm.

He hushes you while fumbling with his pockets, trying to fish out something within the depths of his jeans.