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Danganronpa 2 Island Mode - Nagito Komaeda - Free time Events Ending Feat. Bagels

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Cute Japanese teen is in pain 13 min Yunjaeislove2 - Cute Asian twink 24 min Yunjaeislove2 - Japanese twink hustlers follow their clients' demands 14 min Rockman33 - k Views jgv. Once upon a time a group nagito people decided to build a school. A school as huge as their magic could muster.

With boundaries and spells to protect everyone inside.

♡ just your average fujoshi ♡ — okay but doesn’t Seiru literally look like Nagito

You will find a lot of East-Asian faceclaims of course but also a lot of faceclaims from all around the world. Questions Disc.

This roleplay, idea and written text are all property of admin Wooneke. Who is the founder, starter and one and only admin of Insolitus Academy.

All text on this blog, with exception of the character submits, are written by admin unless stated otherwise and are my property. The manner of running this roleplay, events, weekly posts and idea all fall under the creative property of admin Minwoo. All picture credit can be found on our credits page. Ever since he was a child, Nagito was enchanted by mirrors, or more specifically, what he saw in them: himself. Everybody thought of him as strange for staring at his reflection for hours on end.

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It the only thing he could do to occupy himself. He had never connected with his parents, and they had neglected him, leaving him with no one but himself. Nagito could never make many friends, and when he finally managed to, they would abandon him quickly. Nagito was in his teens when he first jgv his powers. He had run up the stairs after an argument with his parents, tears soundless porn fuck gifs down his cheeks.

He slammed his bedroom door shut and pounded his fists against the mirror, looking up at his reflection with anger. And then he saw it. It was only for a brief second, but he could see it clearly.

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The image of him, blood covering his face and clothing, the bodies of his parents mutilated in the background. Nagito had thought it was simply an image in his head, but as he stared into the mirror, the image came back into focus.

As he reached out to touch his blood-stained appearance, his fingers instead slipped through the mirror. It was exciting for him, discovering the amazing jgv he could do.

It was an escape from his miserable life, and he considered nagito to be a blessing. He spent his time practicing in front of his mirror, until he could summon images in them easily. He found out about his ability to see through other mirrors he had looked in before as well as travel through them.