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But at that hour, Naked was desperate. No reservations are allowed and entrance fee is 15 euros RM Kulttuurisauna in Helsinki. A short and finnish Malaysian sticks out like a sore thumb in a room full of tall, fair to the point of translucent Finns. I undress and shower. No hanky-panky is tolerated. Saunas are a leave-your-filthy-thoughts-at-the-door kind of place. Monkey see, monkey do, right? Everyone is respectful.

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Polite smiles are exchanged. I sit next to a huge rectangular window that looks out into the harbour. The worries and stresses melt like dewdrops on a sunny morning. This is the life. Check the sauna rules first, as many public facilities require swimsuits on unisex days.

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It's considered polite to shower before entering. Saunas are considered clean, hygienic places—this is not a public bathhouse. Jump in the snow. It's tradition to take a break from the sauna and roll in the snow or jump into an ice-cold lake yes, really. Embrace the experience if you're game!

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It's not a competition. The Finns consider saunas a way of life and can spend a day talking, drinking, and sweating. There's no pressure to spend hours on end in the sauna—take a break from the heat if you start to feel lightheaded, and re-enter when you're ready. As beads of sweat dripped down my face and chatter rose over the hissing coals, any hesitation about nudity completely disappeared.

After three sessions alternating between sitting in the mariedoll patreon sets sauna and dancing outside in the crisp snow, I felt rejuvenated. I get it— this is why the Finns are obsessed with the tradition.

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It's past midnight when I layer on my thermals, sweater, and coat again. Two local women offer to give me a ride back to the hotel, even though it's out finnish their way, and I leave the sauna feeling like I've spent the evening with a women of close friends.

And that's when I realize the real value of the ritual: It's a chance for women to come together without all the trimmings that cloud our judgment in everyday life. When we let go of constructs like naked and shame, it becomes easier to see that no matter your size, color, age, or the country you come from, we all have something in common.

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