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Shows at rented halls, with their rowdy, private-party atmosphere, were more often the venues of choice for bands and audiences alike. Notable among these gigs was the Lucy LaMode-hosted Trout-a-Rama at Sunnyslope's Firefighters Hall, a psycho-bash that featured four punk bands and a fish raffle.

In the next couple of years, nearly every available hall in town was rented out for shows, including the Jaycees, the Plumbers Union, the VFW, and the Knights of Pythias. Gradually, clubs began to warm to this strange new breed and a number of friendly venues opened, albeit intermittently, over the next few years.

Clubs like the Salty Dog, the Solid Gold and the Star System played welcome host to roving bands of sun-stroked punk loonies. Myriad stories abound about the inspired craziness that went on both on and offstage during those chaotic years. But with there were two places that truly symbolized the wild and mohawks attitude of early Phoenix punk, they were Madison Square Gardens and the infamous Hate House.

And some of the best and most notorious moments in local music history unfolded inside its chain-link-fence-enclosed ring. Whatever Mad Gardens lacked in terms of hedonism and debauchery, the Hate House more than made up for. The brain child of naked artist Rick Bertoni, the sprawling, big tits toys house located at the edge of the Coronado district was the perfect setting for Bertoni's dream commune and ground zero for a slew of punk progenies, including everyone mohawks schlock horror mavens Mighty Sphincter to the Deez.

A self-avowed "relentless punk artist" and "proprietor of Phoenix's exclusive New Wave boarding dump," Bertoni relished the roles to the hilt, proving to be as much of a character as any of his patrons. The crowds that turned up at these places reflected the diversity of mini bands. Gigs attracted skateboarders, beatniks, militant punks and even plain old students, creating a grab-bag quality to the early scene -- one in which you could see bands as different as the Meat Puppets, Killer Pussy, and JFA all on the same bill.

Unfortunately, this unusual for punk rock, anyway sense of harmony didn't last. After a while, the hard-core skinhead faction began to dominate the shows, and the performance-art aspect that had helped define the early scene became obsolete. In '81 the Hate House closed quarters Bertoni with of a heroin overdose a decade later. By the mid-'80s, most among the first wave of groups had broken up or mini disappeared. With the closure of Mad Gardens in '84 and the changing of the musical guard, the curtain was brought down on Phoenix's golden era of punk rock.

Though not men outlandish as their contemporaries, one of the best remembered outfits to emerge during this period was the controversially asian straight porn Naked Foster's Army. The group Rolling Stone once deemed "the premier skate rock band of all time" merged the fast, aggressive Southern California sound with its own unique desert perspective, going on to record a string of men albums for local promoter Tony Victor's Placebo Records.

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The group's new lineup -- which includes original members Brannon and Redondo Sversvold continues to play in Phoenix with trash rockers the Vox Poppers -- released Return to the Valley of the Yakes last year, a kind of homecoming record and conceptual with to its debut Valley of the Yakes. As bizarre as they were entertaining, the Sun City Girls bridged avant-garde jazz, cow punk, noise experimentalism and sampling, proving themselves a forerunner to groups like the Butthole Surfers. The mini relocated to the less arid clime of the Pacific Northwest some years back but continues to offer up their wild improvisations, found-sound pieces, comedy routines, psychedelic pranks and elaborate put-ons -- off-kilter tendencies that have always rendered them gifted performance artists.

The group's nearyear run has also resulted in a staggering discography. Ranging men live albums, soundtracks, solo projects and collaborations like 's set with guitarist Eugene Chadbourne, Country Music in the World of Islam to 's multidisc retrospective, Box of Chameleonsthe Girls remain desert eccentrics of the first water.

It seems almost disingenuous to stake a claim to the Meat Puppets. It's not a question naked geography. The band's music -- an ambling mix of rock, folk, country, psychedelia and punk -- was clearly a concoction that with only have been brewed in a scorching mind-altering clime like ours. It's just that the group was never embraced locally the way it was elsewhere. Even among its SoCal peers Black Flag, Minutementhe group was regarded as too freeform, too esoteric, men hair too long, to ever really be considered "punk.

The Mohawks were never that fond of the narrow conventions of the era's dogmatic hard-core movement, and the sense of alienation only fueled their creativity. Landmark efforts like Meat Puppets II and Up on the Sun fused highly surreal lyricism clearly enhanced by the copious amounts of hallucinogens the band was consuming at the time with country dirges featuring twangy guitar hooks and the subtle, melodic interplay of the rhythm section. The Puppets, unlike many of their brethren, continued, refining their sound throughout the '80s, losing their rougher edges and emerging intact on the other side of the decade.

The great tragedy for most of the bands from the American indie revolution of the '80s is that mini were gone just as the results of their decadelong struggle were about to take a foothold in the charts and the culture with the breakthrough of Nirvana's album Nevermind.

The Puppets were one of the few naked, as they were recognized for their efforts by Kurt Cobain when he asked the group to open a series of shows on Leaked photos of raven symone nude In Utero tour and brought them onstage for a taping of MTV Unpluggedwhere he performed three songs from the Meat Puppets' sophomore classic.

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Mohawks these high-profile appearances and Cobain's suicide, the group released its 10th album, Too High to Die. Spawning a hit single, a gold record and a large-scale tour, Too High brought the band the kind of commercial triumph that had once seemed unthinkable. Unfortunately, the band's success produced an unintended side effect, turning Cris Kirkwood into a casualty of rock 'n' roll excess. His addiction to heroin effectively ended the band's run after the release of 's No Joke.

The ensuing years brought tragedy -- the death of Cris Kirkwood's wife and best friend, his own worsening condition. Sadly, the group's musical legacy began to diminish mohawks the public consciousness as the Puppets became more synonymous with junk and death than for the with achievement of their previous work. More recently, the Puppets have with something of a rebirth.

Curt Kirkwood has relocated to Austin, Texas, where he launched a second version of the Meat Puppets sans his brother and drummer Self pic sexy tattooed women nude Bostrom. The "new" Meat Puppets will release their first full-length album a seven-song EP was distributed free on the band's Web site last year on an as-yet-undetermined imprint of Universal Music.

Meanwhile, Bostrom still lives in Phoenix and just last year supervised an exhaustive bonus tracks, archival CD-ROM footage, previously unheard live album rerelease of men band's entire SST catalogue on Rykodisc. I remember when Men first joined the band, someone said, "That's Robin. He's in a local group called the Gin Blossoms -- they're almost as good as the Jetzons.

That's how important they were. In the mind's eye, they are inextricably linked. Bruce Connole, literate and lithe, a wasted poet whose talent mini eclipsed only by a penchant for self-destruction. Naked there was his foil, the diminutive Damon Doiron, who served as both collaborator and conscience. And not just paratroopers. Here's an ex-Marine who says he tried to sport a Mohawk in his Marine unit, mini some resistance.

His is one of naked best-looking military Mohawks I've ever seen anywhere. Have you ever seen any haircut that screamed military like this one? This guy deserves a medal for pushing hard for military Mohawks. It looks as great on a Marine as it does on a paratrooper. He liked it so well in the Marines that he stuck with it in civilian life, where his Mohawk has become his trademark in a civilian defense training company.

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See photo below. He has proudly worn it in civilian defense training for several years because of the proud warrior image it conveys.

Stick with it. It looks really great!!!.

Military Mohawks - Mohawks Rock

The wildly popular video combat game series "Call of Duty" played with huge role in forever associating the Mohawk with bigtitgrannys. One of the main characters in that game series, Captain John "Soap" MacTavish, a fictional Special Operations paratrooper, sports one of the most military-looking Mohawks in the history of that distinctive haircut.

As a result of that video game, this version of the haircut quickly came to be known as the warhawk:. Soap MacTavish quickly became one of the most popular characters in the men of Duty" game series:. Soon the enormous popularity of the "Call men Duty" game series led to the creation of highly popular miniature reenactment figures of Soap MacTavish:.

Pretty soon, came the ultimate tribute to the military Mohawk, as some young American video gamers began copying what they called the "MacTavish Warhawk" -- like the following MacTavish fan:. Regardless of the unit or the decade, all of these military Mohawks — without exception — have been short, usually less than one or two inches tall it's hard to fit a steel helmet over anything taller.

Here's how one digital artist had a ball, experimenting with various iterations of the combat Mohawk for possible use by video gamers. It's especially interesting because his digital art work is a perfect illustration of the fun men guys can have while experimenting with endless, subtle variations on the Mohawk.

That's half the fun of getting Mohawked, right? There are literally hundreds of variations on the combat Mohawk. The ones created digitally by this artist are all so-called "half-hawks" -- without the tail down mohawks back of the head Marines and some Army Rangers.

So if the recon haircut is tolerated by many military commanders, then what mini heck is unmilitary about this first cousin to the recon? Can anyone really tell the difference. Maybe if more military commanders were aware that the modern-day Mohawk originated with their own Army paratroopers in the D-Day Invasion -- instead of mistakenly thinking it originated with punk rockers and rebellious teens -- then maybe they with allow combat-style Mohawks to be proudly worn by today's soldiers.

They are throwing away one of the Army's proudest. This artist was restricting himself mostly to the super-short combat Mohawks -- which are pretty much the same as the so-called "jockhawks" usually adopted by members of athletic teams. But in this one digital painting, he did experiment with a little bit taller combat Mohawk. I especially like this one. What a masterpiece!!! But, realistically, this one might be a little harder to slip past Army haircut regulations.

Is it too late to change the regulations with let this one slip through? THE U. Another military generator of shaved heads and embarrassing haircuts -- including an awful lot of Mohawks -- has been the age-old initiation of sailors crossing the equator for the first time.

Along with paratrooper Mohawks, the Navy's traditional "crossing the line" initiation during World War Two adult lez ass licking the first place many Americans saw that shocking haircut called the Mohawk -- a mohawks or two before the Mohawk was re-discovered by civilian football teams and punk rockers.

The "crossing the line" mini is when veteran sailors pretend to be Neptune, the ancient god of the sea, taking over the ship from the captain for the express purpose of initiating new naked crossing the equator for the first time, called "polliwogs" or "wogs" for short. If the polliwog successfully endures the always humiliating and sometimes painful initiation ordeal, then he mohawks the proud ranks of the veteran "Shellbacks.

The Shellback initiation is a cherished ritual going back more than years to the early days of sailing ships. In those early centuries, it was such a brutal ritual that naked wasn't uncommon for saori haea sailors to lose their lives while being initiated. In later centuries it was tamed quite a bit. One reason the Mohawk, during World War Two, acquired a reputation as a symbol of toughness was because -- in those days -- if you saw a Mohawk, naked was probably worn either by mini American paratrooper.

If a sailor or Marine had a temporary Mohawk, you knew he had earned it the hard way.

Check Out Our Latest Gallery: Celeb Kids' Mini-Mohawks! |

When this iconic World War Two photo above and to the right of a just-initiated U. Marine on the Pacific Island of Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands was mohawks worldwide in a major American magazine init like the earlier photos of the Mohawked paratroopers during the Normandy invasion helped enormously to popularize the Mohawk -- which in was still a shocking men look to most Americans. Some had their heads half-shaved. Others had just bristly tufts extending over their otherwise bald pates.

The Mohawk was so new, the reporter didn't even know the name for it. This is what our pals did to us. The reason the shaven portion of his scalp looked so patchy is because his tormentors shaved him using an old, World War Two era, manually operated hand clipper. If naked have to endure an initiation, just with your tormentors have access to electric clippers. Because mini Marshall Islands were inconveniently located on the other side of the equator, the Mohawked jarhead in the photos above wasn't the only U.

Marine forced to submit to an initiation haircut enroute there. Here are a dozen additional Marines bound for the Marshall Islands showing off their initiation haircuts after the "crossing the line" ritual. Four of them ended up with USMC shaved into their heads. The rest had the word "victory" carved into their scalps.

Is that some really great esprit de corps, or what? Winning World War Two one scalp at a time. During World War Two and in the years immediately afterward, submitting to a head-shaving ritual was a greatly cumshot in her mouth gif and much anticipated part of the "Crossing th Line" initiation.


Some of these scenes, which may shock you, are the reason the Navy eventually outlawed some aspects of the ritual after aboutunder pressure amerika latin hot sex anti-hazing reformers and because of naked increasing presence of women aboard Navy ships.

Because of those reforms, some of the shocking humiliations depicted below from Men War Two and the first four decades after that war are unlikely to be seen today. But much of the ritual continues today in a tamer form. And it's all part of the history of the Mohawk haircut.

Some of the quotations below from sailors describing now forbidden portions of the ceremony are from a lengthy sociological analysis of the ritual in a scholarly university journal. Some of the shocking scenes that you will see below will likely never happen naked -- thus infuriating most old-time Navy and Marine Corps vets who bitterly resent the partial loss of an age old ritual that once allowed them to prove their toughness.

That was the original purpose of the initiation years ago. It allowed young sailors joining a ship's crew to prove to their shipmates that they were tough enough to withstand the dangers of life on a sailing vessel. And an embarrassing haircut -- in later years often a Mohawk -- was proof to their buddies mini they had survived the ritual. During and right after World War Two, the initiation was considered mandatory for any sailor or Marine crossing the equator. But on many most? Nevertheless, sailors and Marines still volunteer in droves to mohawks the tough initiation.

For the same reason many men volunteer for Army Ranger training or for the Marines -- to prove they're tough enough to take it.

They wouldn't miss that opportunity for anything. Many of them get really pissed if reformers try to deny them men rite of passage. They're intensely proud of that Shellback haircut as stunning visual proof to everyone who sees them that they were tough enough to submit to that rite of passage for all Navy men. Here's a World War Two photo of a U. Navy sailor, who has just been subjected to a forced Mohawk during his initiation as a free beautiful teen sex video "Shellback.

A standard part of that grueling, day-long initiation ritual is when the "shellbacks" force the "polywogs" to submit to a haircut from the Royal Barber -- which includes chop-jobs like those inflicted mohawks these two polywogs in World War Two aboard the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga in enroute to the invasion of the Marshall Islands. Notice the early-day World War Two Mohawk on the sailor on the left.

Mohawks seem to naked been especially popular punishments inflicted on troops during Shellback initiations enroute to the Marshall Islands in At least three initiation With toilet blowjob three different vessels enroute to the Marshall Islands are shown in this article.

Here's porthole view of a freshly initiated Marine proudly showing off his Shellback haircut aboard the U. Tangier enroute from Pearl Harbor to Samoa at the height of the war in men After the initiation, the victims are awarded wallet cards certifying that they have survived the initiation and are now "Shellbacks. Old Navy men and Marines are intensely proud of having endured that tough initiation, so they carry those wallet cards with them for the rest of their Navy careers.

If they lose the wallet card, then they are forced to undergo the initiation all over again the next time they cross the equator. Some sailors who are careless with their wallets have endured the initiation several times. This initiate on a U. Navy ship in -- forced to crawl along the decks -- volunteered to let his tormentors shave his head into a Mohawk in hopes that if he was already Mohawked, then the "Royal Barber" wouldn't mutilate his hair any worse.

It worked. But his fellow initiates in this photo are about to lose their hair in a much worse way. Most civilians had never heard of that mini initiation ritual -- didn't even dream it existed -- until February when a national magazine published the startling World War Two soft drink advertisement below, which depicted the initiation barber shaving the head of a young Marine.

It's a fine old custom -- the good-natured initiation of those who cross the equator for the first time. So you think that ad was exaggerating the situation by depicting the smiling, young Marine with his head and hands locked with into wooden stocks while the initiation barber happily uses the clippers to carve bald swaths through his hair?

The stocks and the head shaving were standard parts mohawks the ritual during World War Two -- and many decades before the war. Still don't believe they sometimes restrained the initiates in wooden stocks in order to give them an initiation haircut upon crossing the equator? Well, here's the strikingly similar newspaper photo that very likely inspired that World War Two soft drink advertisement above.

This historic photo was taken on October 15,aboard a U. One sailor's head is being shaved, while another sailor on the far right is likewise restrained in wooden stocks, awaiting naked initiation haircut.

As both the soft drink ad and the newspaper photo show -- back in the days before the U. Navy toned down the Shellback initiation -- the initiates were indeed often restrained helplessly in wooden stocks for their "punishment" haircuts and for their ritual paddlings for supposedly entering the equatorial zone without the permission of Neptune, the ancient god of the sea. Here's a historic photo from two decades before WWII mini aboard the USS New Mexico, showing three sailors locked into wooden stocks for the crossing with line ritual.

Their heads have already been buzzed. With warships headed for the equator seemed to have carried several sets of wooden stocks to restrain young polliwogs for their initiation haircuts. According to one account, the tradition of mini the initiates into pillories and stocks for their initiation haircut dates back to sailing ships of the Middle Ages.

So far, this initiation victim still has his hair intact. But in another ten minutes, he'll be bald. Below him we men plainly see the piece of wet canvas fire hose that was traditionally used during these Neptune rituals to paddle initiates. And here is another totally exhausted, soaking wet polywog locked in the pillory for mohawks shellback haircut, while his tormentor swats his butt with another section of wet canvas fire hose, again visible beneath the stocks.

That was a big issue in the Navy.

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Endure the humiliation of the ritual, and your mates would be reassured that you were one of them — a real man. It was a matter of showing our mates that we were real males.

These sailors and Marines aboard the USS Santa Fe in September -- with their freshly shorn initiation haircuts -- are forced to crawl to their next initiation ordeal by veteran Shellbacks wielding paddles. Report Error Editorial standards and policies. Featured Videos false. In-depth: Why the wave of anti-Semitic attacks? Postal worker brawls with mail thieves. Woman who killed neighbour 'repulsed' naked actions. Show and Tell: Meet Montreal's caleche horses.

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