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Cathedral security eventually dragged the bare-breasted protestors outside as visitors shouted in displeasure.

The Black Sheep

The activists said they were also celebrating a bill to legalize same-sex marriage, which was passed by the lower house of the French parliament Tuesday. In early January, the group rallied in front of Benedict's private apartment in St.

Peter's Square to protest the Roman Catholic Church's opposition to gay adoption. Kaylyn stops the Uber twice to yak twice on an unknown sidewalk. Then she promptly falls asleep.

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Oh hey, listen and subscribe to Talk of Shame :. Following the third consecutive home September football game, Notre Dame Stadium is proud to announce that Connect with us.

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‘No more Pope’: Femen activists get naked in Notre Dame to mark Pope’s resignation — RT World News

More from Notre Dame. A group of young women, all clad in tight, clingy Spandex and short tops, were sitting directly in front of her and her family. How much more difficult for young guys to ignore them.

Begging female students to "think of the mothers of sons the next time you go shopping and consider choosing jeans instead," White explained in her letter that she had hoped that leggings would eventually go out of style, but that hadn't happened yet. Maybe, she proposed, Notre Dame women frersex be the first to start a trend by simply choosing not to wear the wildly popular stretchy pants.

Mom's Notre Dame anti-leggings letter sparks 'naked' debate

Her plea appears to have had the opposite effect: By way of responding to her complaints, more than 1, students at the private Catholic University indicated that they planned on showing up to class in their leggings this week. Debates over whether it's appropriate to wear casual, form-fitting yoga pants outside of the gym have been raging for years.

Numerous high schools have courted controversy by banning leggings in recent years, claiming that they are "distracting" for male students and teachers. But college campuses, for the most part, have remained a safe haven for those who choose to wear comfortable Lycra or Spandex bottoms to class, meals and campus activities. That line of argument didn't go over too well on the South Bend, Indiana, campus. While more than 1, people responded to the group's Facebook event, it's unclear exactly how many took part.

Mom blasts ‘blackly naked’ butts of Notre Dame students in leggings |

Dani Green, a doctoral student in English at Notre Dame and a founding member of the group, told The Washington Post in a Twitter message that it had been "a little difficult to tell what was protest and what was everyday legging-wear," in part because the two aren't necessarily mutually exclusive.

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