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Oh how far the Dallas Cowboys have come. Where before they rocked poofy, cowboy-esque, long-sleeve tops, the cheerleaders upped the ante when it came to sexuality by the '90s. Tiny booty shorts that dipped suggestively in the front paired with bathing-suit-like bras topped off with billowy boleros.

The sharp contrast kind of makes one wonder why exactly the style evolved in such a way. Then in the mids, the NFL decided to chuck the last of its false modesty and put all its chips on the table.

We began to see sports bra-like tops that flashed toned tummies and full cleavage, paired with wispy skirts with strategic slits that revealed more thigh than the hand towel skirt movies naked bicycle dildo offered. The same trend kept up inwhen cheerleaders seemingly became more about the sex appeal and less about the team spirit.

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I can't help but feel that their looks don't seem to be about the pageantry, mascots, or personality of the team anymore. To see how far the evolution of the cheerleader uniform has come, let's observe the version of the Dallas Cowboys uniform. Here we have Bond Girl underwear cinched with a belt, cleavage highlighted with a bra tied into a bow, and the iconic Dallas bolero jacket. It's almost as though it's the same uniform, just shrunk by a couple of strategic inches.

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The evolution of the cheerleader uniform basically goes like this: Less costume, more bathing suit. Whereas before the cheerleader seemed to be there to pump the crowd up with her cheers and her chants, now it seems like she's there to pump the crowd up in a different way. This isn't to say they're not looking strong and powerful in their modern looks.

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Home About Contact Me. Shakira also came up… Man, I wish I could be that amp for about 47 seconds…. Bengals… Not bad… for Cincinnati! Shit… if we had cheerleaders there would actually be a reason to look at the field!

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Nice little ass there! For Your Family Log in Sign me up. After that, she held other jobs, far from football, but remained in touch with some of her former cheerleaders, who would remind her that she had succeeded in transforming the aspirations of many a young woman. DPReview Digital Photography. The body images that are shown would be tough to accept, and sets standards that are fleeting.

She had created what would become a pop culture phenomenon. And if they need a dour, brittle woman like Laraine Stephens to safeguard the sanctity of the Cheerleaders, so be it.

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders have been famous for over four decades and during that time they have made a lot of memories. So I justified being topless in this photo shoot because I know that there are nude beaches around the world and people are very comfortable going pusy jet com on the beach. These women demand respect yet dance like they're on a stripper pole half naked.

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We have the greatest video quality! Informizely customer feedback surveys. The film posits that the Dallas Cowboys represent everything that is good and wholesome about America.